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Hanokstays for Hackers Attending Global Hackerthon Seoul
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Hanokstays for Hackers Attending Global Hackerthon Seoul


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The Hackathon: …

The Hackathon:
Find out new or better solutions for Global Issues
- Anything you can imagine and create to find out solutions for Global Issues
  (social, life, welfare, culture, environment, energy and etc.) with Information Tech
- Expected result
  : ex.) Application (Mobile/Web), Wearable, IoT, IT convergence and/or appropriate tech, etc.

Participants will stay at Hanoks, Korea traditional houses, located in Bukchon Hanok Village in Seoul. Kozaza, a home share company focused on Seoul and Hanokstay, sets up all Hanokstay accommodations for unique experience for them.

Published in: Technology, Travel, Business

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  • 1. Hanokstays in Bukchon For The First Global Hackathon
  • 2. How can Information Technology solve the Global Issues? o Find out new or better solutions for Global Issues
 - Anything you can imagine and create to find out solutions for Global Issues
 (social, life, welfare, culture, environment, energy and etc.) with Information Tech
 - Expected result
 : ex.) Application (Mobile/Web), Wearable, IoT, IT convergence and/or appropriate tech, etc.
 o CONTACT: & Korean)
 o VENUE: DDP(Dongdaemun Design Plaza), Seoul, Korea
 - AppCenter:
 - SBS Foundation:
 - SBS:
 - SDF: (SDF 2014 info will come soon)
  • 4. Stay at Hanok, ! Korean Traditional Houses!
  • 5. □ Mumum Hanokstay During the Chosun Dynasty, the elite aristocratic class resided here in! Bukchon. We are proud to say that the hanok, MuMum is located in the! heart of Bukchon, surrounded by the traditional Korean atmosphere.! Hanoks have been famous for harmonizing nature and simplicity to! create and neat living experience. DaeSung Kim, a master carpenter, has! noted that beauty of this hanok. Stay at MuMum for a cozy, comfortable! experience!! You can book Mumum Hanokstay : * Guidelines and Service
 - Free Breakfast(8:00~10:00): Toast and beverages
 - All rooms with private bathroom toiletries (toothbrush excepted)
 - Free internet and Wi-Fi enabled
 - Equipped with air conditioning/span>! ! * Address: Gye-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul" !
  • 6. □ Hueahn Hanok Guesthouse Hueahn Guesthouse is one of the famous korean traditional houses in! Bukchon, Seoul. You can feel beauty of Korean culture in a central pillar! made of old wood from Mt. Baekdu, doors decorated with mother-of–! pearl, and various lacquer decors. While your stay, the host provides you! with a special opportunity to experience Korean Urushi(vanishing with! traditional lacquer) and hand craft with mother-of-pearl. The host also! provide comfort bedding made of natural material. You can book Hueahn Hanok Guesthouse at * Guidelines and Service" - Free WiFi access! - Provide eco-friendly cotton bedding with natural texture! - Air-conditioner, hair dryer, high quality bath towels(supima cotton)! ! * Address: Gye-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul" !
  • 7. □ Doo Hanok Guesthouse Whether you’re a tourist or traveling on business, Doo Guesthouse is! a great choice for accommodation when visiting Seoul. The city center! is merely 3 km away and the airport can be reached within minutes. Also! within easy reach are Chicken Art Museum, Bukchon Museum, Chang! Duk Goong Palace.! Doo Hanok Guesthouse is committed to ensuring that your stay is as! comfortable as possible. For the comfort and convenience of guests, it! offers tours, room service, Wi-Fi in public areas, laundry service, meeting! facilities. You can book Doo Hanok Guesthouse at * Guidelines and Service" - Free Wi-Fi! - State of the art security! - Free coffee&tea available from garden! ! * Address: Gye-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul!
  • 8. □ Bukchonmaru Hanokstay Bukchon Maru Hanok Guesthouse is located in the heart of the Bukchon! Hanok residential area in Seoul. Bukchon (meaning North Village in! Korean) has the highest concentration of Hanoks, the traditional! tiled-roof Korean buildings. They are a family run guest house, having! owned this property for over 30 years.! Due to its proximity to the local palaces, Bukchon has been home to! high government officials and prestigious families of the late Chosen! Dynasty, who needed to commute to the local palaces often. You can book Bukchonmaru Hanokstay at *Guidelines and Service" - Free Wi-Fi! - Free Breakfast(Korean dish & traditional tea)! - Available Languages: Korean, English, Chinese! ! * Address: Gye-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul! !
  • 9. □ Todaki Hanok Guesthouse Todaki hanok guesthouse is situated next to one of the finest high! schools, Joongang high school, in central Seoul, which was a setting of! a famous Korean drama, ‘Winter Sonata’. Todaki Korean traditional house! is newly decorated. We are proud of the tranquility and comfortable! atmosphere of Todaki. The rooms and bathrooms are clean and neat.! The house has its own beauty and convenience each season, especially! the sunshine that keeps the house bright, and luxurious doors which will! make the rooms warm during the winter. You can book Todaki Hanok Guesthouse at * Guidelines and Service" - Free breakfast and bottled water! - Free internet! ! * Address: Gye-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul" !
  • 10. □ Bukchon Hanok Guesthouse Bukchon Guesthouse is designed for travelers who want to have an! experience of Korean Traditional-style house.! When you enter through the main gate, you will find a small yard and! the guest units, which are situated in a square around the yard. There is! a narrow wooden hallway in front of the rooms, so one can easily move! between the rooms. The traditional doors are covered with hanji, or! Korean paper, and the nature-friendly interior of the rooms features red! clay walls and heated floors. Guest rooms are located on all sides of the! rectangular-shaped courtyard. The low-lying stone wall allows guests! privacy while maintaining the traditional flavor of the hanok. You can book Bukchon Hanok Guesthouse at * Guidelines and Service" - Free breakfast! - Available Languages: Korean, English, Japanese! ! * Address: Gye-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul" !
  • 11. □ Hanok Guesthouse 210 This traditional hanok sits close to the starting point of the path along! the Eight Scenic Views of the village, and serves the various needs of its! visitors, providing them with assistance with travel, corporate workshops! and seminars.! The host, who traveled around the world for many years, is dedicated to! providing a place for the exchange of information and assistance for! visitors to Seoul. The house offers foreign visitors a chance to try! patbingsu (shaved ice with sweetened red beans and other toppings)! during the summer or to make kimchi jeon (kimchi pancake) and enjoy it! with a few glasses of makgeolli (rice wine) during the spring and autumn. You can book Hanok Guesthouse 210 at * Guidelines and Service" - Free breakfast(self): Bread, Jam, Butter, Coffee&Tea! - Available Languages: Korean, English, Chinese, Japanese! - Free use of a washing machine! ! * Address: Gahoe-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul" !
  • 12. □ Tteuranchae Hanokstay The accommodation is located at the center of the neighborhood and! the view is fantastic, including the view of the mountain. Woods in! Jung-dok Library can be seen through the window, and it is perfect place! for relaxation. You can book Tteranchae Hanokstay at * Guidelines and Service" - Parking Included (one car)! - Family/Kids friendly and suitable for events! ! * Address: Gahoe-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul" !
  • 13. □ Irang Hanokstay Irang Guesthouse is a newly-renovated, Korean traditional house used as! an accommodation. Single building with garden on the side, the place is! a bit small but very cozy and homey. The guesthouse is located in the! northeast part of Bukchon, making it look like less convenient for! transportation at first glance, but with the town bus, it is quite convenient! to get to the subway station, only about 5 minutes. The neighborhood is! very quiet and pleasant, since Changdeokgung is just beside with a! number of cafes and galleries. You can book Irang Hanokstay at * Guidelines and Service" - Family/Kids friendly and suitable for events! - Free Wi-Fi! ! * Address: Wonseo-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul" !
  • 14. □ WWOOF Korea Hanok Guesthouse It is located in Seoul and run both WWOOF Korea office and this! guesthouse. This house is what we call Hanok, Korean traditional house! with a small green garden. It is located in Bukchon, nestled among! Gyeongbok Palace, Changdeok Palace(UNESCO World Heritage site), and! Jongmyo Royal Shrine. Bukchon has the largest area of Hanok houses! in Seoul and, is one of the most beautiful residential districts in Korea.! There are lots of historical spots and cultural heritage sites, galleries and! cafes along the small alleys that meander like a maze. Excellent access! to both traditional area and downtown Seoul. You can book WWOOF Korea at * Guidelines and Service" - Free breakfast(organic): bread, jam, milk, tea! - Green eco: garden, shampoo, soap, detergent, toilet paper! ! * Address: Gye-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul" !
  • 15. □ Gaonjae Hanokstay Gaonjae is located up in the hills with a clear view of Bukchon. The name! Gaonjae means ‘The center of Bukchon. The guesthouse is also! conveniently located and close to Anguk subway station. Each room has! unique Korean name, Jignyeo, Narae, Gyenwoo, Mir, and Busi. Up to! 30 guests can be accommodated at the same time, allowing various! programs to be held. The Garden is paved with stones, and thus less! dust rise up compared to guesthouses with soil-ground gardens. The! spacious courtyard can also be used for outdoor gatherings or seminars. You can book Gaonjae Hanokstay at *Guidelines and Service" - Free breakfast: Toast, juice, egg, etc! - Free Wi-Fi! ! * Address: Gahoe-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul" !
  • 16. □ Pine Suites Hanokstay There is true healing of “space heling through Hanok” and quiet and! peaceful garden of Changdeok Palace in the Pine suite. The pine suites! which is the pine tree house where you can experience Hanok and! overlooks Changdeok Palace in Bukchon, Seoul has been built by a space! designer, Gyeong Soo Kim for Hanok experience. Since the appearance! of Hanok is combined with antique furniture and vintage furniture, this is! the cozy and beautiful hanok where you can feel the beauty and! modernity of Hanok. You can book Pine Suites Hanokstay at *Guidelines and Service" - Povide All toiletries(except disposable razor and toothbrushes)! - Free breakfast: simple toast or instant noodle! - Free water, coffee and tea! ! * Address: Wonseo-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul" !
  • 17. □ Hyosundang Hanokstay Hyosundang is the birthplace of Yun Bosum. The main house is a newly! renovated, very relaxing and quiets. Although renovated with the! comforts of modern technology, the hanok still retains it’s traditional! feeling and is very well preserved. All guests have access to a small! comfortable yard.! Hyoseondang is a comfortable resting place for all the travelers who visit! Bukchon and the visitors may experience spatial affordability of its tidy! ground to the full. You can book Hyosundang Hanokstay at * Guidelines and service" - Free breakfast! - Free Wi-Fi! ! * Address: Anguk-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul" !
  • 18. Hanokstays in Bukchon For the First Global Hackathon You can see all list of the accommodations at kozaza: !! You may view all Hanokstays at our blog:!!