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Greatdepression Presentation Transcript

  • 1. The GREAT Depression By: Jason Billing, Max Botwinick, Max Kreinces,Evan Patrick, Jake Greenbaum
  • 2.
    • This picture shows people in desperate need for a job.
  • 3. The first week of the Great Depression the stock market lost 30 billion dollars, more than the U.S. government spent in World War 2.By the end of the Depression the stock market fell 89%.
  • 4.  
  • 5.  
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  • 7.
    • This Shows a typical African American school house during the depression. Some children had to leave school to take jobs to help support the family.
  • 8.
    • People were suffering from the loss of jobs. This billboard is saying that without jobs a family can not function properly.
  • 9.
    • This shows all the housing losses during the great depression.
  • 10.
    • Franklin D Roosevelt took office November of 1932 at the depth of the Great Depression.
  • 11.
    • 50% of children did not have adequet food, shelter, and/or medical care
  • 12.
    • Many Businesses and stores were closing down, and going out of business.
  • 13.
    • This shows a bank during the great depression being mobbed by people wanting to take out there money.
  • 14.
    • Farming in the great depression was very tough, there was dust bowls and long, hard droughts.
  • 15.
    • This shows unemployment rates before the great depression.
  • 16.
    • This shows the unemployment rate after the great depression.
  • 17. Fun Facts!!!!!!!
    • Herbert Hoover (1874-1964), a Republican, was president when the Great Depression began.
    • Chicago gangster Al Capone (1899-1947), in one of his sporadic attempts at public relations, opened a soup kitchen during the Great Depression. For millions, soup kitchens provided the only food they would see all day.
    • After the initial crash, there was a wave of suicides in the New York financial district.
    • During the Great Depression, a record 60-80 million Americans went to the movies every week.
    • Discrimination during the Great Depression against women was common, both officially and unofficially, because they were seen as taking away jobs from men
  • 18. The End!!!