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The Story of Life is Language
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The Story of Life is Language



The story that led to life 
started with the chemical language contained in the DNA molecule. Languages interpret life
, and life interprets languages.

The story that led to life 
started with the chemical language contained in the DNA molecule. Languages interpret life
, and life interprets languages.



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  • The DNA molecule gives rise to the phenomenon we call “life”, \nand humans refer to life by making use of spoken or written language \n– such as this symbol that was invented in Egypt\n
  • The story that led to the symbol of life \nstarted with the chemical language contained in the DNA molecule\nThroughout this story, follow the links to obtain a deeper understanding\n
  • When we talk about language – or code, \nwe mean a set of conventions that govern behaviour of a system\n
  • Or we mean a system of symbols used for \nidentification or classification in the sense of grouping\nof elements within a system\n
  • Or we mean a system of signals to send messages within a system\nIt is the interpretation of messages that leads to communication\n
  • The genetic code is a highly compact chemical code that emerged around 3 billion years ago\nIt is the language that unites all forms of life\n
  • Even the smallest single-celled life forms have developed languages, \nto communicate – not only within their species, but even across species\n\n\n
  • All codes and languages can be described with the mathematics of model theory,\nstarting with the simple concept of a set\n
  • The cell contains a sophisticated bio-logic processor that interprets chemical codes\nEach cell is capable of reading and writing the genetic code \n
  • Chemical and visual codes have been in use for millions of years\nLanguage does not require any “human-level” intelligence\n
  • Humans now have the tools to translate bio-logical code into digital code and back; \nThe difference between biology and digital computers is simply one of representation\n
  • All sensory input received by the human brain is subject to interpretation, \nand our own perception of reality is limited to an interpretation\n
  • I am concerned about the semantic value of the digital artefacts that are now being produced at a mind-boggling rate;\nI am coming to think of it as digital waste\n
  • The ability to create digital artefacts is not enough, we need the ability to create semantic artefacts in order to share meaningful information\nAnd let me just add that the Semantic Web does not provide a solution \n
  • How many millions of languages are we still completely unaware of? \nAnd what is the impact of disrupting chemical communication channels?\n
  • An individual’s understanding of a concept can be defined as \nthe set of usage scenarios that the individual associates with the concept \n(consciously and subconsciously)\n
  • The words and symbols of a jargon signal shared understanding\nTo increase the level of shared understanding, \nwe must encourage people to share use cases and stories\n
  • Emerging technologies, such as the Gmodel Semantic Database, have the potential to reshape communication and collaboration, \nin particular in terms of creating a shared understanding within a community\n
  • Life shapes us, and we attempt to shape life, it’s a dynamic system\nLife interprets languages, and languages interpret life\n\n
  • Language and life are inseparable, one recursively gives rise to the other.\nThank you, and if you would like to learn more about Gmodel,let's talk!\n

The Story of Life is Language The Story of Life is Language Presentation Transcript

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  • http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Elephant_mating_ritual_4.jpghttp://www.slideshare.net/jornbettin/ software-from-code-into-the-clouds Code 2 a system of symbols used for • identification • classification in the sense of grouping
  • http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Elephant_mating_ritual_4.jpghttp://www.slideshare.net/jornbettin/ software-from-code-into-the-clouds Code3 a system of signals used to send messages
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  • The Challenge of Semantics Unanticipated interpretation is not only a challenge in communication between living organisims, it is as much a challenge in communication between humans and software systems. http://jornbettin.com/2011/04/24/the-impossibility-of-communicating-desired-intent/
  • Relevance ...http://jornbettin.com/2011/06/15/sharpening-your-collaborative-edge/ http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Administrative_burden.JPG
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  • http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Elephant_mating_ritual_4.jpgShared Rituals http://jornbettin.com/2011/05/24/software-evolves-like-culture-like-language-like-genes/ = Culture = Shared Understanding
  • Perspective Jargon df D F View PointJargons (words + symbols) signal Shared Understanding http://jornbettin.com/2011/06/15/sharpening-your-collaborative-edge/
  • Clarity of Visual Languages : : Gmodel – The Semantic Database Golfhttp://jornbettin.com/systems/gmodel/ Natural (spoken/written) language is no longer good enough, the risks of misunderstandings are too high
  • BiosemioticsLife and languages continuously evolve,whether we like it or notLife shapes usand we attempt to shape lifeA dynamic systemwith increasingly fast feedback loopsLife interprets languages, and languages interpret life http://www.biosemiotics.org/
  • language is life G life is languageJornBettin.com +61 424 758 540 jorn.bettin@simplyneatsolutions.com