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JQ Consulting - Spring Show 2012.
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JQ Consulting - Spring Show 2012.


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  • 1. 4 years ago we started our company with one purpose: To provide local expertise to global vendors in order to achieve incremental sales and superb in-country service. Today we represent 9 lines of business with exceptional achievements. We host two events for retail buyers that have created amazing revenues among their categories. Southern Sales at SAMS Club. Gale Pacific at SAMS Club.California Innovations at Costco.
  • 2. The only private show for retail buyers in Mexico.  We analize if your line is a good• Mexico is the fastest fit for this market before you way to become an make any payment. international  We have direct contact with vendor, the more than 500 buyers through our sisters companies.. advantages of our show are endless:  Our team works with you on your line´s development and the rigth strategy to ease the selling process in this country.
  • 3. Source:
  • 4. Source: UK trade and investment council.
  • 5. Show program. Our courses are famous among retail buyers!• March 20 – Set up.• March 21 – Show. – 10:00 a.m. Opening – 10:15 a.m. Retail Mathematics (Training on site for buyers) – 12:00 p.m. Promotional planning (Training on site for buyers) – 2:00 p.m. How to develop small business entrepreneurs (training on site for buyers).• March 22 – Show. – 10:00 a.m. Opening. – 10:15 a.m. Forecasting Decoded (Training on site for buyers). – 12:00 p.m. Negotiation for buyers (Training on site for buyersfor buyers) – 2:00 p.m. Building a healthy ROI (Training on site for buyers) – 5:00 p.m. Tier down.
  • 6. When and were.• Our show will be held in State of the Art Mexico vibrant city Bancomer Center.• Dates: March 21& 22.• This is a private show with selected buyers from retail and food industry, your exposure will be unique with fast and tangible results.
  • 7. And the most important thing……• We know the buyers their directors and their modus operandi.• Images from our fall show 2011.
  • 8. How do we do this? Our results are based on 3 strategies which help the buyers.. • Product innovation, unique products on their floor plan. • Detailed sell-through analysis to make suggestions and report any over or under performance. • Always showing new proposals taking advantage of their new product.
  • 9. 8th & Walton Latin America.http://la.8thandwalton.comOur General Manager is also the co-founder of 8th & Walton Mexico & LatinAmerica, the #1 destination for allWalmart vendors.TodoRetail Website.www.todoretail.comNews and blogs of the most importanttopics in the retail industry from Mexicoto Brazil. This news service andnewsletter are ran by us
  • 10. All the companies that we represent have growth their business more than 400% in less than 1 year.
  • 11. We practically attendand call on all the major big box retailers and wholesaler across Mexico and Central America.
  • 12. Our show will be probably the best investment youhave made in a long time.
  • 13. Investment:• Before December 31. • After December 31 until January 30. 4,800.00 USD 5,600.00 USD This payment includes: Booth and header of 3 x 6 meters. Substancial savings if you book Marketing and PR events for the before December 31. show. USB memories with your content to be delivered after the show to all the attendants. Pre-show analisys to realice if your line is a god fit for this country. We can provide you special rates at nearby hotels. Only 50 vendors – book your place today.
  • 14. Process:• Ask for our submission sheet in order to review your line.• After reviewing your line you will recieve a email with our feedback on your line. – A) Your product has potential anf future in LATAM. – B) Your product is not suitable for the market that we attend.• Procced with the payment and email us your transfer confirmation.• We will start interact with you on how to get the best on our show.
  • 15. More information?PLEASE CONTACT US.México City:Jorge J. Quiroga.jquiroga@jorgequiroga.comKarina Bonilla.kbonilla@jorgequiroga.comGabriel Hidalgo.ghidalgo@jorgequiroga.comNew York:Mark Lebowitzmarkl@jorgequiroga.comLos Angeles:Richard Engler.rengler@jorgequiroga.comUS Phone: 408 315
  • 16. “With this show we were able to achieve the sales that we were trying to achieve for the last 5 years,your team has incredible knowledge across the retail scenario in Mexico and latin america” Comment from one of our vendors at the fall show 2011.