Alternative Housing Pilot Program Expansion Alternatives
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Alternative Housing Pilot Program Expansion Alternatives



Following Hurricane Katrina, the State of Mississippi was awarded a grant from the FEMA-funded Alternative Housing Pilot Program (AHPP) to develop a prototype alternative disaster housing unit. In my ...

Following Hurricane Katrina, the State of Mississippi was awarded a grant from the FEMA-funded Alternative Housing Pilot Program (AHPP) to develop a prototype alternative disaster housing unit. In my role as a Housing Recovery Specialist for FEMA in Mississippi, I designed a number expansion options to those units to allow them to function as permanent housing and promote greater acceptance by the local community. Several of these expansion designs where successfully built by local Habitat for Humanity affiliates. For more information, go to



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  • In order to make a duplex work, it needs a roof over the two joined modules. That would be simpler and more economical to accomplish if you start out with a flat roof and parapet.

Alternative Housing Pilot Program Expansion Alternatives Alternative Housing Pilot Program Expansion Alternatives Presentation Transcript

  • MISSISSIPPI COTTAGE PROGRAMEXPANSION ALTERNATIVES Prepared by Jorge Quintero FEMA Long Term Community Recovery Biloxi, MS Presented at AHPP Conference Mobile, Alabama 02-03-09 1
  • MISSISSIPPI COTTAGE PROGRAMEXPANSION ALTERNATIVESORIGINAL 1BR- 1BA PARK MODEL 387 SF11’- 4” X 40’-0” Overall Dimensions7:12 Roof Pitch ORIGINAL 2BR- 1BA MS COTTAGE 728 SF •14’ X 57’-10” Overall Dimensions •5:12 Roof Pitch ORIGINAL 3BR- 1BA MS COTTAGE 840 SF •14’ X 65’-10” Overall Dimensions •5:12 Roof Pitch 2
  • MISSISSIPPI COTTAGE PROGRAMEXPANSION ALTERNATIVESProject Goals:•Enhance the long-term livability of the cottages•Enhance the curb appeal of the cottages in the context ofthe neighborhoods where they are located 3
  • MISSISSIPPI COTTAGE PROGRAMEXPANSION ALTERNATIVES •Single module: Expands the front living space and widens the façade of the cottages to be more compatible with surrounding homes. •Dual modules: One module expands the front living area and one adds an additional bedroom and bath.•Combinations: Two Park Models or twoMS Cottages combined to create bothsingle family and duplex dwellings 4
  • MISSISSIPPI COTTAGE PROGRAMEXPANSION ALTERNATIVES•2br-1ba, 947 SF Single-Family home(single module addition) •3br-2ba, 1176 SF Single-Family home (dual module additions)•2br-2ba, 880 SF Single-Family homecreated by combining 2 Park Models. Asimilar single family version or a duplexcould be created by combining two MSCottages. 5
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  • FEMA ALTERNATIVE HOUSINGRECOMMENDATIONSFrom the onset of a disaster: •Prepare engineered drawings for expansion options as part of the project budget •Seek public-private partnerships for initial placement of disaster units to facilitate their ultimate permanent placement upon the same property •Build models of expanded permanent cottages to garner community support for permanent placement•Incorporate pre-framed openings and mechanical stub-outs to simplify expansion•Maintain the same roof pitch across modules tofacilitate combining models.•Make Park Model HC adaptable even if not fully UFAScompliant to facilitate use as senior housing. 47
  • FEMA ALTERNATIVE HOUSINGFUTURE MODULE ALTERNATIVES•Consider an alternative Park Model that is less a scaleddown version of a single-wide mobile home and morelike a compact hotel studio suite that will accept fullsized bedroom furniture. This will facilitate utilizing it asan expansion module for a larger module•Consider constructing units with a flat roof and/orwithout a front porch in a manner that a pitched roof andporch could be added later. This would result is initialcost savings, greater flexibility for expansion and agreater variety of porch and roof styles once the unitsbecome permanent.•Consider constructing a portion of the modular unitswith mirror imaged floor plans to facilitate combiningmodules to create permanent duplexes 48
  • FEMA ALTERNATIVE HOUSINGFUTURE DESIGN OPTIONS2 BR 1 BA MODULESpecific recommendations:•Relocate washer/dryer to hall closetinstead of in the open hall•Reconfigure handicapped accessiblebath to allow access directly frommaster bedroom•Relocate rear door to allow potentialfuture use as a duplex (requires mirrorimaged floor plans for a portion of theunits) 49
  • FEMA ALTERNATIVE HOUSINGFUTURE DESIGN OPTIONS2 BR 1 BA DUPLEX758 SF each•More efficient use of land andinfrastructure•Excellent product foraffordable and senior housing 50
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  • FEMA ALTERNATIVE HOUSINGFUTURE MODULE ALTERNATIVESFLAT ROOF MODULE•Lower initial cost•Initial utilitarian designclearly understood to betemporary unless expandedand re-roofed.•Generates less of a falsesense of permanency.•Creates building blocks forfuture long-term housing 53
  • FEMA ALTERNATIVE HOUSINGFUTURE MODULE ALTERNATIVESFLAT ROOF MODULE•Box-like structures with pre-framed door openings facilitatefuture expansion/combination•Parapet designed to supportfuture pitched roof of 7 in 12 orgreater•Modules can be conventionallyframed or built with StructuralInsulated Panels (SIPS) 54
  • FEMA ALTERNATIVE HOUSINGFUTURE MODULE ALTERNATIVESFLAT ROOF MODULEPERMANENTINSTALLATION•Offers potential for muchgreater architectural varietyby constructing thepermanent roof and porch ata later stage.•Pitched roofs can befactory built or built withvolunteer labor. 55
  • FEMA ALTERNATIVE HOUSING FUTURE MODULE ALTERNATIVESFLAT ROOF MODULEAdvantages:•Without the pitched roof initially,modules with higher ceilings andtransom windows can still beeasily transported•Taller facades enhance theexterior building proportions 56
  • FEMA ALTERNATIVE HOUSINGFUTURE MODULE ALTERNATIVESFLAT ROOF MODULEProvides opportunity foraffordable housingorganizations to leveragefederal investment byconverting the modules intopermanent housing that isindistinguishable fromconventional housing. 57
  • FEMA ALTERNATIVE HOUSINGFUTURE MODULE ALTERNATIVESFLAT ROOF MODULEModular approvals would beapplied for predicated on theexpansion and the additionof a pitched roof within aspecified period of time 58
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  • FEMA ALTERNATIVE HOUSINGFUTURE MODULE ALTERNATIVES1 BR 1 BA STUDIO SUITEFLAT ROOF MODULE313 SF Plus Porch14’ X 28’-2.25” O.A.•Larger than a FEMA trailer (240 SF) butsmaller than the current Park Model (387SF).•Open plan similar to extended-stay hotelstudio suites•Standard room dimensions acceptsconventional bedroom furniture. 63
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  • FEMA ALTERNATIVE HOUSINGFUTURE MODULE ALTERNATIVES3 BR 2 BA 1071 SF2BR 1BA COMBINED WITHSTUDIO SUITE28 2 1/2’ X 60’ O.A.•Indistinguishable fromconventional housing.•Fits on typical 50’ x 100’ Lot•Wall height permitsseparate roofs for enclosedarea versus porch or singleroof over the entire structure 68
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