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Mz Overview Copy

  1. 1. apps & process
  2. 2. Table of contentCompany overview Mobilezapp - elevator pitch 00 Choosing the right team 00 Your mobile app value proposition 00 Our mobile rock star team 00 Award winning mobile app graphic design 00 InHouse - vs. OffShore 00 Best practices 00 Employee productivity 00 Porting desktop software apps to mobile devices 00 Mobile cloud 00 Mobile shopping 00 Faster, cheaper and better 00Development process Stakeholder interviews and mobile app 00 strategy recommendations Stakeholder questions 00 Competitive analysis 00 Custom research services 00 Wireframes 00 Prototype of mobile app 00 Technical customer support 00 Continued support 00
  3. 3. Table of contentIndustries Industry experience and expertise 00 Education 00 Financial services 00 Government 00 Healthcare 00 Hospitality 00 Hotels 00 Life science 00 Manufacturing 00 Restaurants 00 Retail 00 Telecommunications 00Code Modules No need to reinvent the wheel 00 Our library of code 00 iPhone apps - Just name it 00 Android apps - Just name it 00 BlackBerry apps - Just name it 00 Windows Mobile apps - Just name it 00 iPad apps - Just name it 00Application samples Been There 00 Crackle 00 Kitchen and bath channel 00 Lufthansa 00
  4. 4. Table of content Mercedes Benz 00 Mileage counter pro 00 Oracle 00 Ornithologist diary 00 PowWow Now 00 Premier guitar 00 QR code implementation 00 Rain alert 00 Sports illustrated - swimsuit editions 00 State Farm 00 Superpages 00 Talent search on iPad 00 Transito 00 Where 00 Your new baby 00 Zombie fighter 00 Zoo kingdom version 2 00Partner program Mobilezapp enablement program 00 Mobilezapp partner program 00Sales help Letting the world know about your apps 00 Sales solutions 00Contact us Let’s get this party started 00
  5. 5. mobile platforms
  6. 6. codemodulesiPhone apps - Just name itIf you are thinking about a team to develop an iPhoneapp - look no further - Just Name It - and Mobilezappwill deliver.When Apple’s Chief Executive Officer Steve Jobs an-nounced the iPhone on January 9, 2007, we were there.The day the product was released - June 29th, 2007, wewere amongst the first to receive the revolutionary newtechnology. We’ve developed hundreds of apps for theiPhone.Unique to MZ is our B2B and B2E focus. Our apps aren’tthe kind to be featured in People Magazine, yet many ofthe largest hospitals, insurance companies, governmentagencies and Fortune 1000 use them each day. Many ofour developers are ex-Apple staff members who helpeddesign many of the features of the device. We haverelationships with individuals in the Apple store who canassist in getting your app approved faster.To say we are experts is an understatement. The same istrue about experience. Because we have created sucha large number of apps, we have a large library of codewe can use to assist the development of your app. Thissaves time and money. Unique to Mobilezapp is our ap-proach to the development process. Prior to writing thefirst line of code, we create a wire-frame mockup and afull working prototype youcan see online.43 |
  7. 7. MOBILEZAPP - iPAD PLATFORMIPad Apps - Just Name ItIf you are thinking about a team to develop an iPad app - lookno further - Just Name It - and Mobilezapp will deliver.The iPad is an incredible platform for a wide variety ofapplications including magazines, newspapers andpublications of all kinds. The large screen of the iPad is alsoan excellent tool for doctors, nurses, architects, plantmanagers or anyone who needs the portability of a mobiledevice and capabilities provided by a larger screen. We have theexperience and expertise to deliver a drop-dead georgous iPadapp that is as beautiful as it is functional.Mobilezapp will meet with each of the stakeholders to discovertheir primary and secondary goals. We provide a detailedquestionnaire to all stakeholders to access their specific needs.This is a fundamental step in beginning work on your Proof ofConcept. After studying their answers to our questions, andcomments provided in face-to-face or telephone interviews, ourteam creates an online protype that can be reviewed andcommented upon by all stakeholders in your organization.We begin the Proof of Concept process by creating a wire-frameto outline the basic functionality of your iPad app. Next, wecreate the graphical user interface and apply it to the wire-frame.Once everyone’s suggestions, comments, changes areimplemented we are ready to provide your organization with adetailed technical specification document.WWW.MOBILEZAPP.COM
  8. 8. codemodulesBlackBerry apps - Just name itIf you are thinking about developing a BlackBerry app- look no further - Just Name It - and Mobilezapp willdeliver.The BlackBerry mobile device has long been a stapleas a corporate mobile phone with many of the largestorganizations in the world. The BlackBerry has a signifi-cant market share within city, state, federal and militaryemployees.We specialize in providing cross-platform mobile ap-plications. If you are looking for a BlackBerry app, wewill also provide the same functionality on the iPhoneand the Android for roughly the same cost. Mobilezappleverages proprietary technology and off the shelftools to build apps faster and cheaper than anyone onthe market today.The first step to developing a BlackBerry app is for usto develop a Proof of Concept. This includes workingwith all of the stakeholders within your organizationto understand their primary and secondary goals andobjectives. We then build a wirefame that outlines allof the functions. Once your team has signed off on thewireframe, our graphic designers add another layer ontop to finish with a full working prototype. This proto-type is made available for review in html format muchlike a traditional website.45 |
  9. 9. codemodulesiPad apps - Just name itIf you are thinking about a team to develop an iPad app -look no further - Just Name It - and Mobilezapp will deliver.The iPad is an incredible platform for a wide variety of appli-cations including magazines, newspapers and publicationsof all kinds. The large screen of the iPad is also an excel-lent tool for doctors, nurses, architects, plant managers oranyone who needs the portability of a mobile device andcapabilities provided by a larger screen. We have the experi-ence and expertise to deliver a drop-dead georgous iPadapp that is as beautiful as it is functional.Mobilezapp will meet with each of the stakeholders todiscover their primary and secondary goals. We provide adetailed questionnaire to all stakeholders to access theirspecific needs. This is a fundamental step in beginningwork on your Proof of Concept. After studying their answersto our questions, and comments provided in face-to-face ortelephone interviews, our team creates an online protypethat can be reviewed and commented upon by all stake-holders in your organization.We begin the Proof of Concept process by creating a wire-frame to outline the basic functionality of your iPad app.Next, we create the graphical user interface and apply it tothe wire-frame. Once everyone’s suggestions, comments,changes are implemented we are ready to provide your or-ganization with a detailed technical specification document.47 |
  10. 10. codemodulesAndroid apps - Just name itIf you are thinking about developing an Android app - lookno further - Just Name It - and Mobilezapp will deliver.Within the first week of Google announcing its plan tointroduce a smartphone, Mobilezapp developers weresigning non-disclosure agreements to gain access to thefeature set and specifications of the new technology. Whenthe Android was first introduced, our team was poised torelease the first of many Android apps. We understand thetechnology, we know the graphical user interface and howto build an Android app faster and cheaper than anyone.The Mobilezapp Android application development processbegins with the distribution of a questionnaire to becompleted by stakeholders within your organization. OurAndroid team will speak via teleconference or face-to-facemeetings with product managers, IT professionals, yourChief Executive Officer, President and other individuals todetermine primary and secondary goals.Based upon our comprehensive discovery process, we willcreate wireframe layouts of your Android app. Next, ourgraphic design team will create a dazzling graphical userinterface to overlay on the wireframes in order to createa fully working prototype. We will make this prototypeavailable online in html format. Each of the buttons willbe clickable, changing the screens to give a realistic viewof what the coded application will look like. Finally, we willprovide a technical specification document, and a reason-able quote for development.44 |
  11. 11. codemodulesWindows Mobile apps - Just name itIf you are thinking about developing a Windows Mo-bile app look further - Just Name It - and Mobilezappwill deliver.Mobilezapp has tremendous experience working withthe Microsoft Windows Mobile devices. We’ve success-fully developed a number of mobile apps on the Mi-crosoft platform. Our team has long-standing relation-ships with the Microsoft teams and works with them toensure the apps we develop are taking advantage of allof the features of their technology.Our process begins with a Proof of Concept. We will workextensively with all of the stakeholders, obtain their inputand lay out a plan for success. Our Windows Mobile appdevelopment team will create a blueprint that showsthe flow of information at each step along the way. Oursuperior graphic design team will create a prototype ofyour app and review same with your team via an htmlmockup. Once you’ve approved the product we will pro-vide you with a detailed technical specifical documentand competitive price for execution.46 |
  12. 12. companyoverview
  13. 13. companyoverviewMobilezapp - elevator pitchWe have the expertise, experience and unbridled en-ergy to deliver a truly phenomenal mobile applicationfor your organization. We focus on delivering robustmobile apps across multiple platforms including theiPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry, Symbian and Win-dows Portable devices. Our apps have won numerousawards for design, ease-of-use and functionality. Ourfull-time development staff is amongst the largest andmost qualified in the world.Unique to Mobilezapp is our approach to the mobiledevelopment process. First, we spend a great deal oftime working with your stakeholders to fully under-stand their objective and goals. Next, we create wire-frames outlining the flow chart for your app. Then, weadd graphics to your wireframe to create a superiorgraphical user interface (GUI) and a prototype of yourfinished mobile app. Your prototype is available onlinevia html code - allowing interested individuals to seeexactly how your application will work when deployed.Finally, we provide a detailed technical specificationdocument and quote for your finished app.6 |
  14. 14. companyoverviewOur mobile rock star teamWe’ve successfully landed some of the brightest mindsin the mobile computing industry to work on theMobilezapp team. Our development team primarilyhails from North America - as you would expect. Afterall, the iPhone was created by Apple developers basedin Cupertino, California. The BlackBerry was inventedby the Research in Motion team from Toronto, Canada.Windows Mobile is a result of the efforts of the Microsoftteam from Washington state.The great majority of our developers are based in theUnited States; however, we do leverage global talentfrom the island of Malta - led by renowned mobilevisionary Duncan Bonnici. Tobias Hartmann leads anexcellent team of developers in Europe through hisNuremberg, Germany office. Dave Micalizzi leads ourlarge Boston based team.We believe the best way to achieve success for our cus-tomers is to leverage the brighest minds in the worldthrough a collaborative global effort.9 |
  15. 15. codemodulesNo need to reinvent the wheelBuilding a mobile app is much like building a customhome. There is no limit to the amount of money youcan spend on either. There are hundreds of differentprimary options and tens of thousands of secondary.We focus on determing the core elements you needwith your mobile app, the secondary features you wish,and then work toward building your “multi-milliondollar” home at at a fraction of the cost you wouldnormally spend.Building a mobile app is also similar to building anautomobile from scratch. While some developers willtout their expertise in building an internal combustionengine - we will find one that is already built. The sameholds true for a transmission - it would cost a fortune tobuild one from scratch very little to purchase one thatis already built.We’ve already built hundreds of mobile apps thushave a large library of code. Much of this can be usedfor your app. We focus on delivering a superb mobileapp at far less cost than you could receive from othersbecause of our primary belief that it is not necessary to“reinvent the wheel.”41 |
  16. 16. codemodulesOur library of codeThere is no need to reinvent the wheel. We have de-veloped hundreds of applications for mobile devices.Mobilezapp can leverage our existing code libraries tobuilt an app much faster and cheaper.Below is a listing of our code library:21 CFR Part 11 Location Based Services3rd Party API Integration Loyalty ProgramsAudio Messaging MapsAugmented Reality Music LibraryBrand Builder MySpace IntegrationCalculator/Cost Estimator Online ReservationsCoupon Delivery PCI ComplianceCRM Connectivity Photo GalleryCustomizer QR Code/Bar CodeFacebook/Twitter RadioForm Builder RatingsFour Square RegistrationGPS Capabilities Surveys/PollsHIPAA Compliance Text MessagingLinkedIn Ticket PurchasingList Builder Web BrowserFor elements of code we will have to write fromscratch, we have two options. If you would allowMobilezapp to add your custom written code to ourlibrary for reuse, the cost is roughly half the investmentrequired should the code only be used for your project.You can provide us with an exemption list of competi-tors, to ensure anything we provide for you would notwind up in the wrong hands.42 |
  17. 17. saleshelpLetting the world know about your appsUnique to Mobilezapp is our ability to proactively promoteyour mobile app throughout the world. We have a sister re-lationship with DayBreak Data Marketing Services, Inc. Theclose relationship provides us access to one of the largestcontact list databases of key decision makes and influenc-ers within corporate, education and government accountsworldwide. These include the Chiefs, Presidents, ExecutiveVice Presidents, Senior Vice Presidents, Vice Presidents, Di-rectors and Managers within all of the Fortune 1000, Global500 and millions of SMB accounts. Cumulatively thesebusiness leaders employ tens of millions of individuals andpurchase over a trillion dollars worth of goods, productsand services each year. We also have press contacts at everynews agency in the world who can help spread the word toover a billion mobile handset carriers.Our program includes an ultra-personalized introduc-tory letter accompanied with a PDF touting the features,advantages and benefits of your mobile app. We canprovide dedicated representatives to follow-up the e-Lettercampaign with telephone calls, download instructions andface-to-face meetings for the most qualified contacts.74 |
  18. 18. companyoverviewFaster, cheaper and betterOur approach toward building an app for your organi-zation is quite unique. It allows us the ability to builda cross-platform app faster, cheaper and better. Mostmobile app developers will ask for a technical specifica-tion document at the beginning of the process. We willwork with you to understand your goals and objectiveswithin the tech spec document. In fact, we will providea tech spec document to you based upon numerousstakeholder interviews.Prior to writing the first line of code, we will provideyour team with a wireframe of the functionality. Oncewe’ve created a wireframe, we will skin it to provideyou with storyboards that are easy to understand byanyone. We provide you with a mock-up prototypeof your mobile app and work with your team to makechanges. This process saves significant time during thecoding process, as well as monies.Because we have developed hundreds of apps, we’veamassed a large library of code that can be used to-ward your mobile apps. This approach is quite unique,for most developers wish to reinvent the wheel, andcharge throughout the entire process. Our goal is toprovide you with a highly functional app - in half thetime and at a fraction of the cost of traditional mobileapp developers.17 |
  19. 19. companyoverviewInHouse - vs. OffShoreWe’ve successfully assembled one of the most creativeteams of graphic designers with specific focus on theAndroid, BlackBerry, iPhone, iPad and Windows Mobiledevices. The same is true for our team responsible forwriting the code.While we prefer to do all of the work in-house, in somecases, it is best to rely upon the development talentoutside of the Mobilezapp walls. For example, some ofthe software code needed for secure mobile bankingtransactions is quite specialized, thus we leveraged theexpertise of a team of five working on Wall Street, NewYork City. When developing a hospital app for the iPad,iPhone and Android, it required we very strictly followHIPPA requirements - thus found three developersfrom Cleveland who work for one of the largest hos-pitals - the Cleveland Clinic - to assist. When workingwith a global pharmaceutical firm we needed to ensurewe would strictly following Safe Balance regulationsfor the internet - and recruited the talent of a pharmaattorney out of New Jersey.Mobilezapp guarantees we will build a mobile app foryour organization that meets your needs. We are expertsat identifying all of the necessary elements and combin-ing our own internal resources with specialists neededthroughout the world. We never “offshore” to savemoney. We will work with London, Paris, Athens, Nurem-berg and Malta for knowledge and expertise regardingspecific complicated functions.11 |
  20. 20. companyoverviewAward winning mobile app graphic designMobilezapp will deliver a mobile application that is notonly functional - but looks great too. We have a secretweapon in our arsenal - our creative team. This teamtreats the Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, iPad, Symbianand Windows mobile devices as their canvas. Each appis treated as a personal work of art. We create drop-dead gorgeous apps that are as functional as they arebeautiful.Throughout the design process, we garner input fromstakeholders within your organization regarding thelook and the feel of the apps. We take their input, makethe changes and tweak the GUI until everyone’s needsare met.We work closely with your organization’s marketingteam to ensure we strictly follow logo and trademarkusage. The mobile app becomes an extension of yourcurrent branding. In many cases, the new design isimplemented by internal marketing departments fortheir website and other collateral materials.10 |
  21. 21. development processStakeholder interviews and mobile appstrategy recommendationsIn order to be able to deliver a solid Proof of Conceptand accompanying recommendation we will workwith numerous stakeholders within your organization.Stakeholders generally consist of business develop-ment executives, product managers, senior level sales,marketing and IT executives. We provide each withdetailed questionnaires to determine each of theirgoals and objectives.Their answers to our questions and our experience inthe mobile application space will allow us to provide acomprehensive Proof of Concept opinion and recom-mendations. We will provide your team with competitiveinformation such as other apps on the marketplace withinyour vertical markets, how the apps are monetized, whenthey were released and their popularity. Our team willdevelop a web based prototype of your mobile app.Ourdesign team will ensure your GUI is elegant yet very func-tional, easy to use, intuitive and packed with features. Wewill provide a go-tomarket strategy guaranteed to makeyour mobile app a success.19 |
  22. 22. development processWireframesBased upon our extensive conversations with yourstakeholders and IT department, we create wireframesof your mobile application. The questionnaires and theanswers we receive further bolster our ability to deliverwireframes that document the flow of information.Our creative team develops User Interface (UI) and UserExperience (UX) concepts and functionality aligningwith your project goals. Based on the agreed uponapplication strategy and roadmap, we will develop adetailed conceptual design of the first version of themobile application. Planning and communication aretwo key elements in the development of any success-ful mobile application. The wireframe process providesan effective way to ensure we will develop an app thatmeets your goals and objectives.The wireframe serves as a blueprint for the develop-ment process. Once finished, we can determine thecode necessary to complete your mobile app. Thefinished wireframe will enable our team to create thetechnical specification document needed to begin thecoding process.23 |
  23. 23. development processPrototype of mobile appOur prototyping process is unique in the mobile develop-ment space. The great majority of the stakeholders for mo-bile apps aren’t familiar with how to read and understand atechnical specification document. Without a prototype keyplayers within your organization would have to wait untilthe application is finished to provide their feedback. At thatpoint, making changes or even simple modifications to thecode can become quite costly. Our system not only savesmoney, but speeds up the development process.Your prototype begins as a storyboard that displays thevarious screenshots for your mobile app. Once the initialstoryboard is approved, we begin converting the imagesinto html code. Your prototype may be viewed as a tradi-tional website. Each of your stakeholders will be able toview your app online, click on the interface and quickly andeasily move from screen to screen. Your prototype enableskey decision makers within your organization to gain acomprehensive understanding of both the look and feel ofthe application and provide invaluable feedback.We will incorporate your stakeholder changes, sugges-tions and modifications and provide an updated version forreview. Similar to traditional software application number-ing schemes, your app will be labeled with an A extensionin the first renditions - for alpha. Further along we willname the new versions with the B extension for Beta. Whenfinished your application will be version 1.0. All of the ef-forts will be saved, and provided to your organization uponrelease. This information can assist your organization withthe ability to make updates to the mobile apps as well asuse our process as a template for future mobile app devel-opment projects.24 |
  24. 24. companyoverviewChoosing the right teamWhen you’re considering a mobile solution for your busi-ness, the evaluation criteria must include both the tech-nology and the people that you will be working with.Even when using the “best” technology, a poorlyexecuted implementation or deficient end user sup-port will result in a poorly adopted or even unusablesolution. Many vendors tout a rapid deploymenttime frame of “a few days,” but does this quick—oftencookie-cutter--solution suit the specific demands ofyour business and users? With a significant sum in-vested in the technology, it only makes sense to ensurethe maximum ROI by working with a partner with theproven experience and expertise across the entireservices delivery cycle.7 |
  25. 25. companyoverviewYour mobile app value propositionWe understand you are investing in mobile applica-tions to empower your customers, vendors, or employ-ees with additional ways to benefit from your goods,products, services and solutions. No doubt, we arecommitted to ensuring the apps we build for you aredrop-dead gorgeous and highly functional. We believeour most important task is to ensure your mobile appsdeliver a strong return-on-investment. We analyze yourvalue proposition and look at different ways to mon-etize your mobile applications.Should you charge for your app? If so, should youcharge a one-time fee or a monthly or annual subscrip-tion? Do your competitors have a mobile app? If so, arethey receiving monies and if yes - what are they charg-ing? How are you going to promote your mobile app?What investment in marketing and promotional dollarsare required to make your mobile app profitable? Whileit is “cool” these days to have a mobile app - our defini-tion of cool is bottom line profitability.We work with your team to ensure the mobile app webuild provides a strong ROI.8 |
  26. 26. development processCustom research servicesMobilezapp provides full research services to as-sist your efforts toward creating the ultimate mobileapplication app and corresponding strategy. Let usknow the information you are looking for - and we candeliver. Our research services range from general infor-mation regarding the installed base of various mobileapps such as the Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, iPad andWindows Portable devices.We can also provide exhaustive competitive analysis in-cluding identifying all of the individual features withinan app or comparing those to an application you al-ready have or are thinking about building. Our customresearch can include providing information regardingthe number of downloads any app has received fromthe Apple store, the value of the purchases and thevaluation to the organization based upon revenuesand technology. Ultimately, our research services canassist in the success of your mobile app.No job is too large or small for the Mobilezapp re-search team. We can provide detailed analysis regard-ing the advertising budget for any particular mobileapp, analysis of their Facebook or LinkedIn account orthe languages the product is released in. Tell us whatyouare looking for and we can do the rest.22 |
  27. 27. MOBILEZAPP - PORTING APPLICATIONSPorting Desktop Software ApplicationsTo Mobile DevicesIn todays high tech environment, organizations are constantlylooking for the “killer app”—the single application that can tipadoption of a certain technology. Many thought that mobile emailor text messaging was the killer app to drive the widespreadadoption of mobile devices.More people are buying smartphones and smartphone owners usetheir devices more frequently than previous phone owners. The mainreason for these phenomena is the availability of apps. With morepowerful smartphones (sharper screens, faster processors andgreater memory), app user interfaces have never been moreappealing. And with improved input mechanisms on these devices(touch screen, accelerometer, QWERTY key board, and evenspeech-to-text) the user experience of mobile apps has never beenmore intuitive - and enjoyable. Apps on mobile devices also make iteasier to get access to what you need to do quickly and not worryabout loss of wireless connectivity - as opposed to Web browsing onmobile devices which require more navigation and a constantconnection. All these factors are driving the market’s voraciousappetite for apps.The impact on businesses is that apps no longer fall under just thedomain of IT. It’s not only the CIO that has to put together a strategyfor mobile apps; it’s also the COO, CMO, CFO, and even CEO. It’snot just about technology, it’s about people - your employees, yourpartners, and your customers - and empowering them with apps thatmake their experiences with your business more productive, moreenjoyable, and more profitable.WWW.MOBILEZAPP.COM
  28. 28. companyoverviewBest practicesMobilezapp combines proven mobile and wirelesstechnology with industry expertise and best practicesfor high-value business solutions.Global 1000 customers from a variety of demandingindustries rely on Mobilezapp’s mobile solutions to driveemployee productivity, advance their competitive posi-tion and improve profitability. Our unparalleled profes-sional services experience has resulted in a solid trackrecord of successful, ROI-proven customer implementa-tions for Antenna.The accumulation of our best practices has led to thecreation of the Mobilezapp Implementation Meth-odology (MIM), a flexible and adaptable approach tomanaging the implementation of mobile solutionsacross a variety of technical and business environments.Whether it’s for an on-demand solution or on-premiseinstallation, a simple single backend system integrationor a complex multi-host system composite application,MIM is a tried-and-true methodology for managing theimplementation process from beginning to end.12 |
  29. 29. saleshelpSales solutionsWhile there are numerous groups within your organizationthat can benefit from mobile technologies - the sales teamis at the top of our list for immediate return-on-investment.We can arm your sales team with the latest, greatest tech-nology to assist their effort to drive incremental business.At the same time we will empower your sales managersand financial team members with detailed informationregarding their location, the number of sales calls they aremaking each day, and their bottom line sales figures.Imagine an app that can arm your sales team with thecapability to sell more goods, products and services.Imagine an app that will empower your finance team withup-to-theminute information regarding the sales pipeline.Imagine an app that will allow sales managers to keep trackof the whereabouts of all of their sales team members 24/7.We can deliver this and much more.Mobile apps for sales team members are at the top of ourlist for high return-on-investment. The mobile device mightas well be created specifically for increasing sales. There areso many features, advantages and benefits of the mobiledevice and sales teams that there is not enough room onthis page to even begin listing.75 |
  30. 30. companyoverviewEmployee productivityWe have the capability to deliver a wide range of solutionsto increase productivity for your organization’s employees.The Mobilezapp Employee Productivity Team will interviewand work with individual stakeholders from the areas ofyour business you think can benefit most from a mobileapplication. Typically, these include your sales, market-ing, manufacturing, logistics, finance, human resources,cutomer service, investor relations, information technology,security, telecommunications or executive departments.Our strategy is fairly simple - we work toward porting thefunctionality of the software applications your organizationis using on a daily basis to the Android, BlackBerry, iPhone,iPad, Windows mobile and symbian devices.We work quite like industry consulting giant Accenture.We look for innovative and creative ways to save time andmoney for your staff. For example, once we learned the Bel-lagio Hotel in Las Vegas had over 500 housekeepers whomet each morning from 7:00 am to 8:00 am each morningat a cost of $10 per hour per maid - we realized we couldsave the hotel $5,000 per day if each housekeeper wereable to receive her room assignments via mobile device.The system could also inform the front desk whenever aroom was cleaned and ready in seconds, vs. their currentsystem that was running approximately 30 minutes. Theapplication cost $150,000 and the cost for the mobiledevices was $50,000. The break-even time for the solutionwas 50 days at $5,000 a day. Savings for the year is 306 x$5,000 or $1.5 million dollars. This is but one example of theways we can work with you to leverage the mobile device,increase productivity and save money at the same time.13 |
  31. 31. companyoverviewPorting desktop softwareapplications to mobile devicesMobilezapp hails from the technology sector. We haveextensive experience with both the B2C and B2B mar-ketplace. We are experts at converting existing desktopapplications so they may be used via the web. Our firststep is to create a wire-frame of all of the functional-ity for your desktop application. We will port yourMacintosh or Windows software application over tothe Android, BlackBerry, Symbian or Windows MobileDevice in roughly ninety days.Obviously the reduced screen size for the mobile devic-es may limit the functionality; however, we do our bestto keep the same look and feel - and functionality - ofyour desktop apps. We will work with you to determinewhat the revenue potential is for your application, aswell as proactively promote the product.We will work closely with your product managers,quality assurance engineers, business developmentmanagers and channel partners to ensure your mobileapplication is a success.14 |
  32. 32. companyoverviewMobile cloudMobilezapp gives you the ability to choose how youwant to deploy your mobility solution. You have theflexibility to deploy either as on-demand, on-premise,or a hybrid of both approaches. Your decision is fre-quently dependent upon a number of key variables,such as the resources you have available to supportit, the urgency of the project, budgetary parametersand security policies. There really is no right or wronganswer – it all depends on your unique situation.If you wish to choose to deploy on-demand using theMobilezapp Mobile Cloud, you can offload much of thecomplexity of a mobile deployment to Mobilezapp.The Mobilezapp Gateway, which serves as the broker inmanaging transactions from the backend host systemsto the wireless devices, resides within Mobilezapp’sdata center. Mobile project teams (developers, admin-istrators, managers, etc.) have secure, role-based accessto a Web management dashboard--the MobilezappManagement Center.15 |
  33. 33. MOBILEZAPP - THE APPSAndroid Remote Camera ControlAndroid Remote Camera Control allows user ofCanon/Nikon DSLRs to remotely fire and control basicphotographic settings via an Android phone wirelessly onthe same local network.DSLR Camera Remote for the iPhone and iPod touchallows you to remotely trigger the shutter of a supportedcamera. This seemingly basic feature is very powerfulbecause it now allows you to trigger the camera in a varietyof scenarios that would have been difficult to nearimpossible before.With your supported camera connected via USB or wi-fiand running the app’s remote server application, the DSLRCamera remote app running on your iPhone or iPod touchcan remotely trigger the camera. You can even start andstop the video record function by upgrading via an in apppurchase.WWW.MOBILEZAPP.COM
  34. 34. application samplesQR code implementationWe have the capability to implement QR Code technol-ogy into your mobile app. The new technology allowsyour consumers to quickly and easily find out informa-tion about your goods, products or services. You canplace a QR code on virtually an unlimited number ofspaces. You can put it in a magazine ad to provide ad-ditional information regarding the goods, product orservice featured in the magazine. The same is true for anewspaper, billboard or box.A QR code can be displayed on doors at universities orclassrooms, offices, on signs in a park, or a restaurantmenu. Individuals can redeem coupons by taking aphoto of the discount and redeem the coupon whenat a store simply by displaying the iPhone and hav-ing the clerk scan the mobile device. QR codes can bedisplayed on outdoor signs such as TimesSquare. Pepsirecently added QR codes to cans of soda. QR codes aretraditionally black and white however color QR codesare rapidly being introduced. McDonalds has recentlybegun introducing QR codes on their Cheeseburgerwrappings in Japan.The QR codes offer the consumer a richer brandexperience and helps brands connect even more withpotential brand believers. We offer the ability for yourorganization to unlock the potential and power of QRcodes by adding the QR code functionality to the An-droid, BlackBerry, iPad, Windows Mobile and Symbiandevices.59 |
  35. 35. companyoverviewMobile shoppingWhat if you could be right there when your customeris ready to buy, 24 hours a day 7 days a week? Themost profitable customers are return customers. Theseloyal customers know your products, and you knowtheir purchasing habits. With mobility, you can takethat relationship to the ultimate level by providing aninteractive, personalized shopping experience on theirsmartphone, wherever and whenever they are in themood to shop. You’re deploying more than a mobileshopping app, you’re deploying happiness to yourcustomers and bottom line profits to your CFO.Mobile Shopping powered by Mobilezapp lets yourcustomers take their shopping cart with them wher-ever they go. It is an intelligently designed and user-friendly mobile app that customers can access at theirconvenience to securely browse and buy productsright from their smartphone. With personalized alerts,coupons and other services, Mobile Shopping keepsthe consumer actively engaged and more likely tomake more purchases.16 |
  36. 36. MOBILEZAPP - PARTNER PROGRAMMobilezapp Partner ProgramBy becoming an Mobilezapp Partner, you can dramatically increase thequality of mobile solution offered to your customers. Take advantage of ouraward-winning Mobilezapp™ mobile solution suite and outpace thecompetition by offering customers a faster time-to-solution and rapid ROI.The MPP (Mobilezapp Partner Program) can be tailored to specific businessgoals, driving expansion into new markets, reaching more customers, andincreasing revenues. In addition, the MPP offers a variety of marketing, sales,training and technical support resources to ensure that our partners receivethe maximum benefit from working with us and to help lay the foundation fora lasting, mutually effective, and successful relationship.Benefits include: * Qualified leads from our sales and marketing team * Customized sales presentations and product demos * Co-branded marketing collateral * Discounted product and technical training * Online Partner Resource Center * Joint news releases and publicity opportunities * Tradeshow, seminar and Webinar participation * Reciprocal Web site linking and listing * Partner communications, including newsletters and e-briefs * Early access to new productsBy working closely with the Mobilezapp Alliances team, partners can developa business plan for a successful joint marketing and sales strategy.WWW.MOBILEZAPP.COM
  37. 37. developmentprocess
  38. 38. development processStakeholder questionsSome of the questions are listed below:Who is the primary contact within your organization?Who is the primary sales stakeholder?Who are the creative stakeholders for the project?Who are the technical stakeholders for the project?Who are the marketing stakeholders for the project?What is the timeline to release the product?Is your mobile app for internal or external uses?What languages should we support?Is there a programming language you prefer?What are the primary goals for the app?What are the secondary goals for the app?What are the mandatory features for the app?What are the secondary features for the app?What are the applications you like and why?What is your the target market?What is the demographic target?How are you planning on promoting your app?Do you need an assistance with the promotion?Which countries do you wish to promote the app in?20 |
  39. 39. development processCompetitive analysisWe believe it is important to understand what the com-petition has released for mobile apps prior to releasingyour own application. Mobilezapp provides your orga-nization with the ability to understand the competitivelandscape. With technology products it is important toalways be ahead of the curve. It is critical to the successof your mobile app to have features, advantages andbenefits that were previously unavailable. Mobilezapp’scompetitive analysis provides your organization withan understanding your competitors and a full descrip-tion of their released products.We offer two levels of a competitive analysis. The first isa cursory analysis. At this level we identify the apps thatare on the market and we capture a description of theapp we find online and provide same to you. We also of-fer a much more comprehensive analysis. Our advancedanalysis looks at each of the features provided by thecompetitive apps and compares those against otherapps, as well as your soon to be released app.The costs associated with our competitive analysisservices are much less than those your own organiza-tion would incur.21 |
  40. 40. MOBILEZAPP - SERVICE SOLUTIONSMobilezapp Service SolutionsMobile applications for internal use can improve efficiencies foralmost any department or group. One particular group that canreceive a high return-on-investment is the service and techniciangroup. By arming your service technicians with an Android,BlackBerry, iPhone, iPad, Symbian or Windows Mobile applicationyou can: * Provide scheduling and rescheduling information * Inform technicians about cancelled appointments * Allow service agents to take and send photos * Arm technicians with analyzation tools for systems * Improve efficiency * Reduce downtime * Allow scanning of customer signatures * Provide ability to process credit cards on site * Provide maps for service calls * Give training materials * Offer recurrent training lessons * Provide onsite service manuals in digital format * Update backend systems as technician uses the app * Enable real time communication with dispatch * Trigger activities and workflow based on transactionsWith Mobilezapp mobile service app solutions you can turn yourservice technicians into service magicians!WWW.MOBILEZAPP.COM
  41. 41. development processTechnical customer supportYou have deployed your mobile solution, but inevitablyyour end users will start calling in with questions regardingtheir devices, apps or network coverage. Do you have theinhouse resources and expertise to address these issues toensure user satisfaction and adoption?Mobilezapp aims to achieve the highest level of customersatisfaction by providing expert technical assistance andrapid problem resolutions. Mobilezapp’s customer ser-vice organization provides a single point of contact anddedicated team for all your education, customer support,and consulting needs to enhance utilization, lower cost ofownership, and ensure a superior user experience acrossthe board.Mobilezapp’s Customer Support Services allows you to drivemore value from your mobile implementation. You canleverage our unparalleled expertise in deploying and man-aging enterprise mobile solutions with direct access to ourtechnical support staff for issues that span the entire mobileimplementation - applications, users, devices, and networks.25 |
  42. 42. development processContinued supportThe Mobilezapp Enablement Program has been developedto provide the in-depth product and developer level knowl-edge necessary for customers and partners to successfullyimplement and deploy mobile projects on their own. Theprogram also provides ongoing support and access to adeveloper community that promotes best practices forservices delivery and solution innovation.Mobilezapp Enablement Program objectives are:• Provide guidance and insight into the construction of the project team to assure the right skills are available• Provide the necessary product and process knowledge• Provide the development team with tools and techniques that will guide them in defining, designing and delivering mobile solutions on the Mobilezapp platform• Provide developers access to Mobilezapp resources that are leveraged during the project lifecycle help26 |
  43. 43. industries
  44. 44. industriesIndustry experience and expertiseThe Mobilezapp team has tremendous experience andexpertise in a wide variety of industries. We’ve developedmobile apps for hundreds of different organizations rang-ing from Airlines to Zoos. With each of our developmentefforts we have learned a great deal about each respectiveindustry, rules and regulations, proprietary their revenuemodels, their customers and channel partners.With each of our development efforts we have learneda great deal about the industry segments, their revenuemodels, their customer profiles and the concerns they havearound security of proprietary and personal information.Our industry experience includes:Agriculture & MiningBusiness ServicesComputers & ElectronicsConsumer ServicesEducationEnergy & UtilitiesFinancial ServicesGovernmentHealthcare, Parmaceuticals and BiotechManufacturingMedia & EntertainmentReal Estate & ConstructionRetailSortware & InternetTelecommunicationsTransportation & StorageTravel, Recreation and LeisureWholesale & Distribution28 |
  45. 45. industriesEducationVirtually all students, professors and leaders at collegesand universities throughout the world are carryingsmartphones. The higher education institutions areamongst the first to embrace new technologies. If yourcollege or university is contemplating ways to takeadvantage of the Android, iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry orWindows Mobile device - look no further - Mobilezappcan build a mobile app that will dazzle students andfaculty alike.Some of the features we can implement include:• Use a campus map to find your way around the college• Accessing photos to set as your phone’s wallpaper• Facts about your college and university• Ability to register for classes• Purchase tickets to athletic events• Pay tuition via your smartphone• Check into classes via mobile device• Watch school specific YouTube videos• Play school specific trivia with your classmatesMobilezapp can craft a program to allow participationfrom students, provide internships to the most qualifiedindividuals and provide credits to all students participat-ing in the building of your mobile app.29 |
  46. 46. industriesGovernmentWe have a solid understanding of ways to leverage thepower of the mobile devices for city, parrish, state andfederal government agencies and their respective depart-ments. We welcome the opportunity to speak with you orother members of your team. In addition to demonstrat-ing the applications our team has created for organiza-tions such as yours, we can show you what we consider tobe “the best of the best.”Some of the features we can provide include:• Marriage license information• County clerk office hours• Ability to post bail for inmates via a mobile device• Finding towed vehicles and paying parking tickets• Applying for jobs online via mobile phones• City park information• Paying for city utility and water• Ability to find voting registration centers• Renewing your drivers license• Providing proof of social security number• Appying for unemployment benefits• Finding political officials telephone and addresses• Detailed bio information and photos of public officials• Polling of citizensGive us a telephone call. We can show you the very bestways to leverage mobile technologies for your organiza-tion’s benefit.31 |
  47. 47. MOBILEZAPPMerchandising IndustryWhat if you could turn your merchandisers into mobilemavens?Empowered with intuitive mobile apps from Antenna, yourmerchandising team will find it easier than ever tostreamline and optimize inventory planning and otherprocesses that create business value. Mobility drives real-time actionable information; and having timely informationoptimizes the product mix to increase customersatisfaction and maximize sales. You’re deploying morethan a mobile merchandising app, you’re deployinghappiness to your organization and customers.AMP Merchandiser maximizes sales opportunities at thecustomer level by providing instant access to key productand account information, up-to-date promotions, updatedroute books, and DEX in real-time. It offers customizableworkflows that encompass the daily activities of themerchandising process. AMP Merchandiser optimizesactivities such as: * Call scheduling and routing * Messaging * Distribution checking * Brand audits * Surveys * Compliance checks * Damaged goods handling * Point-of-sale merchandisingWWW.MOBILEZAPP.COM
  48. 48. industriesFinancial servicesMobile banking is evolving into mobile commerce - amore global term that includes the ability to conductnumerous financial transactions in real time.This represents the key to achieving strategic growth inthe financial services sector, to establishing significantnew levels of customer loyalty, and to opening newchannels of direct, immediate, hands-on, smartphone-driven transactional capabilities.These capabilities manifest themselves in many ways– from real-time streaming quotes, to fully managingaccounts in real time, to conducting real-time stockexecution deals (including real time research, pricealerts/quotes and actual buy/sell execution), to makingretail purchases directly through a mobile device - thelist of capabilities is as long as one’s imagination allows.With Mobilezapp mobile financial solutions, you’re notjust deploying apps - you’re deploying performance toemployees and customers.30 |
  49. 49. industriesLife scienceMobility can literally transform the way life sciences com-panies provide service to customers.Service and sales representatives with a mobile applica-tion in hand are empowered to think and act differently- their actions are more immediate and more directly tiedto their customers’ needs. These entirely mobile-drivenchannels of awareness represent exciting new increasesin both productivity and revenue generation and lead todirect strategic advantage.Today’s life sciences organizations are stepping up anddelivering mobile apps that will deliver powerful, per-sonalized, easy to use role-based tools that will captivateemployees. But that isn’t enough – apps must not onlybe delightful to use, they must be highly effective in thefield, helping to drive measurable strategic productivityimprovements. With Mobilezapp Life Science solutions,you’re not just deploying apps - you’re deploying innova-tion to employees and customers - and bettering lives atthe same time.35 |
  50. 50. industriesRetailWe have tremendous experience leveraging the powerof the Android, iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile andSymbian technologies for retail establishments. Over thepast four years we have worked with many of the largest(and smallest) retailers in the world. The Mobilezapp RetailTeam specializes in leveraging the features, advantagesand benefits of mobile apps for kiosks, boutiques, depart-ment stores, wholesalers and the malls themselves.We are focused on innovative and creative ways to lever-age the power of the mobile applications for your organi-zation. Some of these methods include:• Providing directions to your stores• Delivering SMS text messages to consumers• Inform customers of special discounts and offers• Update buyers with pertinent and relevant information• Display photos of products to purchase• Provide QR code recognition capabilities• Deliver directions to items on the shelf in your store• Allow redeem capabilities for coupons in newspapers• Empower customers with personal shopping list favorites• Provide joint marketing opportunitiesMobilezapp has a solid understanding of the retail indus-try. We have a solid understanding for the technology ofthe mobile apps. If your organization is looking to expandyour market share and profits - give us a call - we will puttogether a strategy to meet your needs.38 |
  51. 51. industriesManufacturingWe are excited to work with companies who specializein manufacturing. The mobile platforms provided by theAndroid, BlackBerry, iPhone, iPad, Symbian and Windowsmobile devices empower manufacturing facilities witha whole new way to do business. Mobilezapp brings thepower of the desktop PC and server to the pocket withinnovative and creative manufacturing applications.Our development team will work with you to increaseproductivity and streamline processes. Mobile devicesprovide plant managers and supervisors with the abilityto take pictures of gauges, parts, assembly lines anddelivery systems and upload the information to othersquickly and easily.With intelligently designed mobile apps, manufacturingorganizations can fully eliminate paper-based systems,enable data capture and entry directly into back-endsystems, reduce unnecessary costs with geo-fencingand other location-based tools, and automate complexworkflows. With Mobilezapp manufacturing mobile app solu-tions, you’re not just deploying apps -- you’re deployingproductivity to employees, partners, suppliers and evencustomers.36 |
  52. 52. industriesRestaurantsSmart phones provide a number of fantastic ways to improve arestaurant’s bottom-line profitability and customer satisfaction.We welcome the opportunity to show you a complete list of thebest apps in the world for restaurants. At the same meeting - wecan show you some of the worst. The Mobilezapp team under-stands the restaurant industry. Most importantly, we know howto leverage the power of the Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, iPad,Symbian and Windows Mobile devices to assist restaurants.Some of the abilities we can build into your mobile app include:• Directions to your restaurant• Ability to “like” your restaurant via Facebook• Twitter integration to empower customers the ability to “tweet”• Ability to make, confirm or cancel reservations• Establish seating preference• Discover history about your restaurant• Meet the chefs and team• Adding augmented reality to your restaurant• Receiving SMS text messages, emails and newsletter type info• Ordering take out food, determining length of time to pick-up• Reviewing daily specials and full menu• Ability to make preferences for waitstaff• Quickly and easily post commentsIf your organization is thinking about developing a mobile app foryour restaurant - give us a shout. Our Proof of Concept program is anexcellent way you, other owners, senior level staff members and staffcan participate in the mobile app experience. Everyone’s input workstoward the development process.37 |
  53. 53. industriesHealthcareMobilezapp understands the Healthcare marketplace.There are a number of innovative and creative apps wecan deliver in order to assist Clinics, Hospitals, Doctors,Nurse Practitioners, Registered Nurses, Administratorsand many others within the healthcare category. Weunderstand the requirements that must be met to ensurean app is HIPPA compliant.Let us know what you are looking for and we can do it.We could build an app that provides immediate noti-fication to the triage desk whenever a new room at ahospital is available. We can provide a mobile app thatinforms doctors regarding the amount of medicine thathas been provided to each patient via an IV. We can linkany of the medical devices scattered throughout a clinicor a hospital directly to a mobile device to empower thephysician with immediate information.Our Proof of Concept program is perfectly suited forthose within the Healthcare industry. It provides an op-portunity for each of the stakeholders most interested inthe development and successful deployment of a mobileapp to participate in the development process. Weprovide individual screenshots for each function muchin the same way a website works. Our account managerswill work with your stakeholdes to ensure their input isreceived and requests implemented. We are specialistsat demonstrating the value of innovative technologiesto those used to working with a paper and pen vs. aportable device.32 |
  54. 54. industriesHospitalityWe understand the hospitality industry. We have workedwith some of the largest (and smallest) hotels, motels,restaurants, diners, casinos, country clubs, night clubs,theme parks, cruise lines, resorts, airlines, travel agents,amphitheaters, theaters, stadiums, concert halls, conven-tion centers and bureaus. We are amongst an elite groupof mobile app developers with significant experience forvirtually all aspects of the hospitality industry.We’ve pioneered the ability to use mobile devices fora wide range of capabilities specific to the hospitalityindustry:• Rapid check in and check out for a hotel• Using an iphone to board a flight on an airline• Finding rides, restaurants and hotels at a theme park• The ability to pay for a hotdog at a game• Choosing a seat on an airplane or in a stadium• Booking tickets to a broadway play• Obtain additional information via qr codes• Registering for newsletter updates via email• Receiving time sensitive information with sms text• Redeeming coupons or vouchers• Booking transportation to and from events or airports• Locating a missing purse with phone in it• Redeeming frequent flier miles• And much, much moreThere are millions of different ways to leverage the power ofthe Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, iPad and Windows MobileDevices. Tell us your ideas, and we can make it happen.33 |
  55. 55. industriesHotelsMobile apps provide a fantastic vehicle for hotels to betterserve their guests, increase occupancy and satisfaction.The Mobilezapp Hospitality Team welcomes an opportu-nity to discuss how we can build an application to meet allof your expectations. We specialize in developing cross-platform apps for the Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, iPad,Symbian and Windows Mobile devices. The Mobilezappteam would like to sit down with you and demonstratea number of other hotel apps, go through their features,advantages, benefits and weaknesses.Some of the abilities we can build into your mobileapp include:• Checking in and checking out functions• Access to roomservice via a mobile device• Ability to make a reservation at any location worldwide• Providing management with superior reporting• Allow guests to pay for their stay• Using smart phones vs. keys to enter rooms• Accessing frequent guest program information• Notifying the valets when a vehicle needs to be picked up• Displaying images of rooms, suites and conference facilities• Receive notices via SMS text regarding special offers• And much more34 |
  56. 56. industriesTelecommunicationsThe telco industry has a number of unique opportunities toleverage mobile apps. Mobilezapp will work with your IT/ISdepartment as well as various stakeholders to create a mo-bile app that will increase productivity, lower downtime,reduce errors and ultimately drive bottom line profits.Our teleco mobile apps can improve delivery, installation,repair service, sales support or any other service within theend-to-end supply and services chain. The apps we can cre-ate for your organization can lower operational costs andimprove customer satisfaction.These mobile application benefits greatly decrease time tomarket for all services – whether in the field or in the backoffice, delivering strategic benefits that will greatly increasetop line revenue. Mobiledriven cost reductions and newrevenue growth in turn combine to deliver new levels ofprofitability.With intelligently designed mobile apps you can fully elimi-nate paper-based systems, enable data capture and entrydirectly into back-end systems, reduce unnecessary costswith geo-fencing and other location-based tools, and au-tomate complex workflows. As a result, your organizationbenefits from a highly accurate flow of data at every levelin the business process chain – a constant, mobiledrivenview of your entire business operation in real time.39 |
  57. 57. codemodules
  58. 58. applicationsamples
  59. 59. application samplesMercedes BenzThe Mercedes Benz iPhone app allows drivers to custom-ize their in-vehicle experiences to fit their daily needs. Itbegins with an introduction of a whole new generation ofinnovative and personalized services that fit into a driversmobile lifestyle, keeping them connected to people, plac-es and services that are important to them and offeringthem enhanced safety, security and navigation options.The flexibility of the architecture allows Mercedes Benzto continually add new features and innovations to keepMercedes Benz on the forefront of the in-vehicle services.53 |
  60. 60. application samplesLufthansaThe Lufthansa Launcher makes planning your trip evenmore convenient. As a registered Lufthansa customeryouneed only save your access data once onto youriPhone or IPod touch and you can call up Lufthansa’smobile services with just one click. You will go straightto your summary and can easily check in for forth-coming flights whilst on the move. Book great valueflights on your mobile device without first having tocomplete the login data. Direct acess to your Miles &More account summary whenever and wherever youwant. With the Launcher you also have access to otherLufthansa mobile services.Mobilezapp has libraries that can connect to back-end reservation systems. We are experts at designinga graphical user interface that is sleek, elegant andhighly functional. Our code can be interchanged froman aircraft, to a concert hall or restaurant - the conceptis basically the same. Our technology allows users topay for tickets on airplanes, Broadway shows, concertperformances or restaurants.52 |
  61. 61. MOBILEZAPP - THE APPSBank of AmericaUse the ATM and banking center locator to find the nearestlocation with a simple touch of a button, no address inputrequired. This location aware feature is only availablethrough the iPhone application and not on the B of A mobileweb site. You can access the Mobile Banking web sitedirectly with the application. One destination on youriPhone/iPod touch to check available balances 24/7, paybills and transfer funds.Features * Mobile Banking applications are custom designed for your phone’s unique features * ATM and banking center locator, using geo-locator – easily find the nearest location without entering your address or ZIP code * On-the-go management of your accounts to check balances, transfer funds and pay bills with optional Bill Pay service.Security * Protection against fraudulent activity with our Learn about the $0 Liability Online Banking Guarantee * SiteKey® for verification of your identity and an extra layer of security * Advanced encryption technology to prevent unauthorized access * Privacy protection of your financial informationWWW.MOBILEZAPP.COM
  62. 62. application samplesBeen ThereBEEN THERE is an iPhone application for individualsto keep track of their travels. They can keep track ofthe hotels they stayed at, who they met, places theyvisited throughout their trip, as well as upload photosof friends, family and scenic vistas There are no limitsto the number of entries or number of photos. BEENTHERE allows users to share their traveling experiencewith their friends worldwide. Rate hotels, parks, restau-rants and other places of interest with one to five stars,make comments and much more.The BEEN THERE app uses a number of modulesMobilezapp can leverage for your mobile app. It usesGPS location abilities, storage of photos and videos,password capabilities, email recovery of passwords, theability to input links from websites and much more.49 |
  63. 63. MOBILEZAPP - THE APPSCar and Driver MagazineCar and Driver Mobile for Android is updated daily withnew content and photos, and includes many features fromthe regular site and some exclusive content. Car andDriver Mobile for Android is your instant connection to dailycar news, photo galleries, reviews, and the rest of yourfavorite features. It features top stories,search, auto shows, and buying guide.WWW.MOBILEZAPP.COM
  64. 64. application samplesSports illustrated - swimsuit editionsOur Sports Illustrated Swimsuit mobile app is releasedfor the Android, BlackBerry, iPhone and iPad. It has beenan immediate success since launched. The applicationprovides users the ability to browse through all of theimages available through the SI magazine, as well ashas a number of new features such as the ability to ratethe models, share the photos with friends, post them onFacebook, and tweet about the images.Our approach to the app was to provide the contentthat was available via the Sports Illustrated magazine, aswell as add new features and enhancements because ofthe mobile device capabilities. The ability to rank each ofthe photos and post to Facebook is the most commonlyused feature. We are thinking of new ways to enhancethe 2011 functions. The primary goal of the app is toengage the consumer and their friends while ultimatelyincreasing magazine subscriptions.The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit mobile app wasreleased on the iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and iPadsimultaneously. The app was an immediate success.We added a number of cutting edge technologies andsuperior graphics to add a viral-component to the app.61 |
  65. 65. application samplesOracleThe Oracle iPhone app leverages the power of OracleBusiness Intelligence Enterprise Edition Plus (OBIEE)and Oracle Business Intelligence Applications, FusionEdition to provide access to key metrics and analyticaldata for mobile executives.These native applicationsfor the Apple iPhone also leverage the Serviced-Oriented Architecture (SOA) capabilities of OBIEE andthe powerful set of Oracle Business Intelligence WebServices. They also have support of SSL encryptionprotocol enabling superior and secure mobile flexibil-ity and performance.55 |
  66. 66. MOBILEZAPP - THE APPS Entrepreneur Magazine Entrepeneur Magazine is one of the top magazines in the United States where individuals interested in starting their own business can learn from others who have done so previously. There are many tips about starting a business including banking information, venture capital information, ways to incorporate, and many others. WWW.MOBILEZAPP.COM
  67. 67. MOBILEZAPP - THE APPSGEICOPay your GEICO auto insurance bill andaccess your current insurance ID cards fromyour phone. Accident Helper lets you takeadvantage of our Accident Helper which helpsput you in contact with emergency services,gives you a place to organize photos and muchmore. Roadside Service – Locator featuresallow you to find nearby tow services and gasstations...anywhere, anytime. Use yourphone’s GPS or enter a location manually, it’sup to you!Taxi/Rental Car – Need a taxi to get home fromthe repair shop or maybe even after a night offun? Want to rent a car? Our locator will helpfind what you need in momentsWWW.MOBILEZAPP.COM
  68. 68. MOBILEZAPP - THE APPSCelebrity Apps - Peter FacinelliWe’ve created approximately 25 celebrity mobileapplications. Our mobile celebrity apps provide the celebritywith a vehicle to communicate to his or her fans. He, or she,can post photos directly to the app and have thempropagated through twitter via tweet-pic as well as throughfacebook. It gives the celebrity the capability to enter diarypages to share their life with their fans in a way that thecelebrity feels most comfortable with.Our celebrity apps also provide users with the capability tocommunicate directly with their favorite movie star, televisionstar, rock star or whatever personality chooses to leverageour platform.WWW.MOBILEZAPP.COM
  69. 69. application samplesCrackleCrackle is the place to experience pure entertainment:fulllength movies, TV shows, and original series fromgenres that embody cool — all uncut, uncensored, andunbelievably free. We’ve had enough of “disposable en-tertainment” that is as relevant as a laughing/dancingbaby — we are here to watch and talk about the videosthat really matter.Crackle is one of the fastest growing entertainmentdestinations today, featuring only the genres youlove — comedy, action, drama, sci-fi, horror — any-where you are. We know the Internet is a big place, soCrackle’s vast distribution network ensures that youhave access to Crackle everywhere: on your favoritevideo site, your television and your mobile device.Learn more about where you can find Crackle on thedistribution page.Crackle was created in the summer of 2007, basing ouroperations out of Sony Pictures Entertainment’s studiolot in Los Angeles, CA.50 |
  70. 70. MOBILEZAPP - APPSCourse ProCoursePro is an easy to use homework application forstudents to keep track of courses, assignments, and grades.We are excited to announce the arrival of CoursePro forGoogle’s Android platform. You can get CoursePro byopening the Market from your phone. If you are not viewingthis page from your phone, you can see the Market here.With CoursePro, you can keep track of your homeworkassignments using a simple to-do style list that has beenspecifically designed for students. Define AssignmentTypes—such as quiz, homework, project, or lab—to keeptrack of your weighted grades the way your professor does.CoursePro automatically keeps a current report card, so youcan see exactly what your grades are at any time.You get a full grades break down by assignment type.CoursePro even allows you to specify which AssignmentTypes have ‘drops’. Coursepro will then automatically dropthe lowest graded assignments for that type.WWW.MOBILEZAPP.COM
  71. 71. MOBILEZAPP - APPSDairy QueenThe Dairy Queen app empowers iPhone users with iPhoneusers with the ability to locate any of 4,600 Dairy Queenlocations throughout the United States based upon theirGPS coordinates. “DQ Craze” involves quickly filling ordersfor “customers” clamoring for Blizzards and Dilly Bars andoher Dairy Queen specialties. To get points, you have toarrange matching rows of different Dairy Queen menuitems that correlate to what the customer wants.WWW.MOBILEZAPP.COM
  72. 72. application samplesState FarmThe Pocket Agent™ is an extension of the exceptionalcustomer service offered in State Farm Agents offices,and shows State Farm is committed to being there forour customers in more ways than ever before. Hittingthe store with four key features, this app will help cus-tomers recover from the unexpected even more quickly.With the Pocket Agent™, customers with an auto policyregistered on can:• Begin the claims submission process.• Locate Select Service repair facilities.• Contact their State Farm agent62 |
  73. 73. MOBILEZAPP - THE APPSSprintYour business can’t wait and Sprint has the mobileapplications you need to get work done now. Be it a homeoffice or an entire enterprise, Sprint offers a full portfolio ofmobile and GPS applications to instantly meet the uniquemanagement and automation needs of your business.GPS - Locate.View and monitor worker location, online and in real-time,with Sprint Mobile Locator.Get instant driving directions and family location updates viayour GPS-enabled phone or the Web.Quickly optimize fleet operations, manage mobile resources,and track data and assets in real-time.Get best-of-breed, Web-based applications for your industryWWW.MOBILEZAPP.COM
  74. 74. application samplesSuperpagesFinding the right person for the job can be a job itself.Especially when you’re on the go. With SuperpagesMobile, you can find local businesses quickly. Search bykeywords or popular categories such as “automotive”and “repair.” Choose a business backed by the award-winning SuperGuarantee and you’ll get the job doneright, or we’ll make it right.Add a review and photo. Let others know what youthought by creating a business review on the spot.Simply rate your experience “thumbs up” or “thumbsdown.”Get directions. Never get lost again. With SuperpagesMobile, you can get step-by-step, interactive drivingdirections with an option to add multiple stops alongthe way.Find movie and theater listings. Superpages Mobilemakes it easy to find your favorite movies playing at atheater near you. Browse films by name for show times,reviews and trailers.63 |
  75. 75. MOBILEZAPP - THE APPSGear PatrolIt’s an elegant, top-tier method of reading Gear Patrol siteon the iPad. The all-native experience delivers GP contentin a full-screen, magazine like interface with heavyemphasis on speed/stability, large imagery andtypographical layout.WWW.MOBILEZAPP.COM
  76. 76. MOBILEZAPP - THE APPSiSeedSpit - GameHow far can you spit a watermelon seed? From the creatorsof the Wumbler series comes the coolest simulated seedspitting game, iSeed Spit. Realistic watermelons seed spit,flip and bounce across the screen once you blow into themicrophone.Take a drink of water, a bite of watermelon and blow into thephone to spit a watermelon seed across the screen. Get theright angle, the right amount of water, the right bite ofwatermelon and blow and you can compete for the longestdistance.Share your score on Facebook and compete with the othertop scores. See if you can match or beat the real worldrecord of 68’ 9 1/8”.WWW.MOBILEZAPP.COM
  77. 77. MOBILEZAPP - THE APPSJobulatorJobulator is a mobile application that utilizes web servicesto request potential jobs available to substitute teacherswho are using Frontline’s Aesop system. Jobulator“refreshes” (pulls) at a rate controlled by the user. Theposition can also be accepted or rejected via Jobulator. Inwhich case, Jobulator passes information back to Aesopand receives confirmation of the accepted Job.• Yahoo! Widgets® no longer required• Half day and full day icons appear on the Jobs screen• Absence notes from the teacher• Links to lesson plan attachments• Aesop web alerts and notifications inbox• District name shown on the Jobs screen• Ability to reject jobs on the Jobs screen• Online / offline connection indicator• More user-friendly access to Help content• New sleek blue lookWWW.MOBILEZAPP.COM
  78. 78. application samplesKitchen and bath channelBuilding or remodeling your kitchen or bath is a com-plex endeavor, something many of us are not preparedto do without a professional at the helm. This free appconnects homeowners with all types of professionalsassociated with your new kitchen or bathroom. With adatabase of over 15,000 designers, builders, remodel-ers, woodworkers, retailers and more coupled witha variety of searching options, you can find the rightprofessional for your project and in many cases viewexamples of their work.Features Include:• One touch dialing• One touch email• One touch website visits• One touch “Add to Contacts”• One touch map locator without leaving the app• Geo location• Projectphotos and videosSearch By:• Location• Certified professionals and professional designation• Room preference• Accreditation• Product category for purchasing• City• State• Professional’s name• Business name51 |
  79. 79. application samplesMileage counter proTask: Create an application that would help corporatedrivers track their mileage, create, export and sendreports with all necessary information right from mobilephones to their managers’ phones to eventually helptheir company keep better track of trip expenses and savemoney.To count mileage we used robust custom built algorithmsused in conjunction with Google services that return veryaccurate results. The reports can be viewed, exported andsent in several formats. They are easy to customize, editand store.Features include:• Mileage tracking• Reports viewing, exporting and emailing• Trips Calendar with schedule• Notifications• Voice recognition54 |
  80. 80. application samplesOrnithologist diaryIn order to meet all the goals and build a fully functionaland handy application, we used:• SOAP web-services for interconnecting with server• Core data for persistent data storage• Expanded functions for sharing and finding bird spots• Core location based on GPS data• Coregraphics for custom defined graphics.Features:• User database• User database shared with social groups• New spots upload• Upload/download photos from server• New spots search• User search• User information can be uploaded to shared DB• Complex spot lists managed by users• Spots sharing• Different complex filters• Assign image/video to spots• Image region selection• Adding notes to spots• View spots on Google map within selected regionWe built high performance mobile application whichallows professional ornithologists and even amateur birdwatchers discover, store, share and manage their own orpublic spots.56 |
  81. 81. application samplesPowWow NowSocial “Meet & Greet” App. PowWow allows you requestfriends, view profiles, share stories, group decision, postpictures, rate pictures, personal interests, nightlife rec-ommendations, etc. The app allows you to recommendfriends to join, fill out a personal profile, accept or rejectpotential friends who have viewed your profile, vote onlikes or dislikes, wills and thrills, won’t and don’t, sexy picpage and make group decisions. It also allows users tocreate blog discussion topics.57 |
  82. 82. application samplesPremier guitarPremier Guitar, the guitar multimedia network withthe largest monthly audience, has launched its newestplatform with the free app for Android users. The Androidapp joins the print magazine, digital magazine, website,mobileoptimized website, and iPad/iPhone apps as thelatest portal by which readers can access PG’s content. Allof PG’s magazine and digitally-exclusive content is freelyaccessible across all of its digital platforms.“We’re excited to introduce the latest member of the Pre-mier Guitar multimedia family with our Android app,” saysPremier Guitar marketing manager. “This new platformlaunch remains in lock-step with our multimedia model,allowing the reader to choose how he/she would like toread PG’s great content. The response thus far to the exist-ing iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch app has been overwhelm-ingly positive with over 200,000 reader sessions sincetheir respective launches and I would anticipate that ourDroid users will enjoy a similar experience.”58 |
  83. 83. application samplesRain alertWe merged standard iPhone geolocation data withweather radar overlays, wind speed and weather forecastsfrom 3 most recently updated weather web sites (every 3hour updates). We gave user ability to manually set dateand time to figure out if it’s going to rain.Features:• GPS geolocation• SMS messaging• Email notifications• Manual settingsWe created Weather notifying application with high ac-curacy and manual mode.60 |
  84. 84. application samplesTalent search on iPadTask: Develop application that allows users to search andtrack talents using their mobile phones. Since there is alot of content in the application we made it really easy foruser to add talents, songs and videos to favorites and getback to them whenever he/she wishes. High performanceaudio and video streaming lets you find and follow tal-ented artists. Audio and video streaming allows checkingout and uploading new songs and movies from user’sdevice as well as uploading user’s own music and videosfor audition. To make our search work in a smooth andeasy manner, accessing a huge amount of data, we built aprogram using a robust designed algorithm that includesfeatures like:• Entire application search• Audio streaming• Video streaming• Audio and video audition• Favorites• E-mail notificationsWe built an app that is very easy to use, works fast withmillions of records and users.64 |
  85. 85. application samplesTransitoTransito allows iPhone app users to quickly and easilysee the traffic throughout the city. There are over onehundred cameras thus providing Transito iPhone appusers with the ability to see in real-time the trafficsituation at any time of the day or night. The app es-sentially provides an “eye in the sky” to zoom into thetraffic lights you are approaching and allow you to seethe traffic up ahead. Based upon what you see, you canchange your route to avoid the traffic.65 |
  86. 86. application samplesWhereWHERE, Inc. is North America’s leading location mediacompany. Based in Boston, Massachusetts, WHEREdevelops a range of location-based services, includingmobile advertising as well as search and recommenda-tion services.The award-winning, wildly popular WHERE local discov-ery service boasts a rapidly growing active user base ofover 4 million. WHERE Ads™, the company’s widely suc-cessful hyper-local search & display mobile ad network,reaches over 50 million consumers in real-time withrelevant content and advertising.WHERE helps you discover, save and share your favoriteplaces by putting the best local information at your fin-gertips and offering great deals from nearby businesses.As you use WHERE, our recommendation engine learnsabout your preferences and recommends great placesfor you to check out. We make it easy to create lists ofyour favorites and places you’d like to go and share themwith friends. With WHERE, you’ll never be bored again.66 |
  87. 87. MOBILEZAPP - APPSWorldVoice RadioThe WorldVoice Radio brings the “retro” concept of thehandheld shortwave into the 21st Century. Users can scanthe netwaves old-style via buttons or use the built-indirectory to find and search all of the stations. WithWorldVoice, you don’t just listen to the radio on the web . . .you create it. WorldVoice allows users to upload pre-produced uCasts from their computer produced with toolssuch as Garageband, CoolEdit, Audacity and others. It letsyou make “uCasts” - short podcasts on the go - with asimple interface.WWW.MOBILEZAPP.COM
  88. 88. application samplesYour new babyYour new baby is an application designed for anyone witha new baby. It provides the ability to upload photos of thebaby as well as provide detailed information regardingthe parents, grandparents, delivery, doctors and nurses,and all of the many fun details regarding the parentalexperience.Your New Baby mobile application is a mobile version of ascrapbook. It provides a wonderful vehicle for your entirefamily to maintain a detailed log of all of the importantaspects of your new child. There is an unlimited amountof space for photos, the ability to annotate photos withtext, the ability to forward images to friends and familymembers most interested in keeping abreast of the firstyear of your baby’s life.The technology also provides an excellent vehicle forproviding information to pediatricians, nurses or otherindividuals responsible for ensuring the health of yournew child is up to par.67 |
  89. 89. application samplesZombie fighterThe Zombie Fighter is an iPhone (iPad compatible)game application with 8 zombie characters whichfight with each other and multiplayer mode - via Applegame center (connect with other devices (iPhone/iPad)via Bluetooth).68 |
  90. 90. application samplesZoo kingdomZoo Kingdom is a fun game for the iPhone and Androidplatforms. It allows users to play against others through-out the world leveraging the mobile device as the vehicle.Scores can be pushed to individuals as well as challenges.There are a number of different levels to the game toalways keep it interesting.69 |
  91. 91. partnerprogram
  92. 92. partnerprogramMobilezapp enablement programThe Mobilezapp Enablement Program has been developed toprovide the in-depth product and developer level knowledgenecessary for customers and partners to successfully imple-ment and deploy mobile projects on their own. The programalso provides ongoing support and access to a developercommunity that promotes best practices for services deliveryand solution innovation. We work with your creative team todemonstrate the most effective way to create prototypes ofmobile applications. Our creative team provides your orga-nization numerous widget libraries consisting of artworkneeded to create Android, BlackBerry, iPhone and iPad mobileapp mockups, prototypes and wireframes.The objectives of the Mobilezapp Enablement Program are to:• Provide guidance and insight into the construction of the project team to assure the right skills are available.• Provide the necessary product and process knowledge.• Arm your team with necessary mobile design artwork.• Empower your design team with development tips.• Provide iPhone store, BlackBerry Market & Android Store suggestions for rapid approval methods. Provide list of mo- bile middleware solutions. Provide security solution mobile app software info.• Provide the development team with tools and techniques that will guide them in defining, designing and delivering mobile solutions on the Mobilezapp platform.• Provide developers access to Mobilezapp resources.71 |
  93. 93. partnerprogramMobilezapp partner programMobilezapp’s partner community is comprised of market-leading Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), networkcarriers and System Integrators (SIs) who have one thing incommon – a passion for mobility and a drive to create game-changing mobile apps for business.With the Mobilezapp Partner Program (MPP), the companyarms qualified resellers and OEMs with the resources neededto generate new sales opportunities, market more effectivelyand bring innovative enterprise mobility apps and technolo-gies to market faster.Resellers in the program qualify for comprehensive sales andproduct training on Mobilezapp’s packaged applications, whileOEMs have the unique ability to build apps on Mobilezapp’saward-winning MMP platform and can earn MMP CertifiedDeveloper certifications. Companies looking to extend theMMP platform to customers or build on the platform to createbest-in-class apps can benefit from product knowledge training,developer support and assigned technical resources.Exposure to Mobilezapp’s strong partner ecosystem and theopportunity to build and deploy enterprise-class mobile appson the industry-leading platform is a major benefit to partnercompanies. By combining their own subject-matter expertisewith Mobilezapp’s proven technology used by the Fortune 500for business mobility, partners are empowered to create newproducts and services that can be certified by Mobilezapp, lever-aged and sold throughout the Mobilezapp channel.Interested in learning more? We’d love to hear from you. to team up with Mobilezapp.72 |
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  96. 96. contactusLet’s get this party startedGive me a telephone call, send me an email, text me,hit me up on Facebook, tweet me, connect with me onLinkedIn, send me a smoke signal - but let’s hook up.Mike WickhamExecutive Vice President of Business DevelopmentHouston, Texasmike.wickham@mobilezapp.com281.716.5606skype - gauche2936Linked in - |