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NMDL Final Presentation

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TARGET Digital Marketing Final Presentation

  1. 1. TARGET Digital Marketing StrategyLiz Jorgensen
  2. 2. Company History & Overview:-1902, the Dayton Dry Goods Company, today known as TARGET wasfounded.-1960, The company takes first steps towards a new mass-marketeddiscount store targeting value-oriented shoppers.-1975, First Target Ad appears in Sunday PaperHigh Quality  On-Trend  Affordable PricesTarget Market: Women Age 18-35 College Students Trendy Shoppers Young families with children
  3. 3. Goals: Increase consumer engagement & establish an engaging and approachable voice tobuild ads and create a culture of consumers around. Develop a mobile application for shopping thatincorporates likes an interest from various layers of social media. Competitors: Wal-mart & Meijer
  4. 4. Digital Marketing & Social Media Campaign for TARGET Corporation .Promote conversation and curiosity around Target retail stores through a multi layer social media and digitalcampaign to establish and promote the culture of high quality and latest trends at low prices.
  5. 5. PinterestEngage with consumers.Follow fans pins and offerpins related to new TARGETproduct releases, fashion,DIY crafts and home décor ideas.
  6. 6. YouTube Channel: Keep weekly Video Blogs featuring Health & Beauty and DIY tutorials.Social Media Monitoring: use to follow conversation about TARGETbrand, recognize audience and to identify time of day most users areutilizing each platform to produce content at peak times.
  7. 7. Invest in a long term Google Adwords Campaign to maximize Search Engine Rankings.Mobile Applications-Retail Locator-Scan to Check-In feature-Social Shopping GuideUses multiple social media content from public likes and interest to pins onPinterest, Google Trends , +1 on Google friends and circles to compile interest lists, whichoffer ideas for products to buy for yourself, friends and family members. Suggested Items From
  8. 8. Budget Proposal Amount $Facebook Social Media $200,000YouTube/ V-Blog Social Media $500,000Blog Social Media $100,000Web Applications $900,000Google Adwords Campaign $250,000Future Development $50,000Google Analytics Free Service Metrics of Success $0 Total: 2Million Increase consumer engagement through developing Social Media, community relations and enacting a Google Adwords campaign. A portion of the budget will be saved for future opportunities or the modification and further development of current campaigns.
  9. 9. Jan-March April-June July-Sept Oct - DecGoogleAdwordsSocial MediaMobileApplicationsShoppingGuide App
  10. 10. Measure Succes by tracking:-Mobile App Traffic-Pins on Pinterst-Shared Facebook Content-Twitter Followers-Use Google Anayltics to monitor andgenerate monthly reports of all socialmedia account traffic.