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Essay K - JM


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Essay K

Essay K

Published in: Travel, Technology
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  • 1. Chile Chile’s geography has been a critical factor for its isolation
  • 2. Chile The Andes mountains
  • 3. Chile The Pacific ocean
  • 4. Chile The Atacama desert
  • 5. Chile and the Antartic
  • 6. Chile Talca, 2010 Throughout our history, we have suffered numerous earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanic eruptions Chaitén, 2008 Concepción, 2010
  • 7. Chile Antofagasta, 1991 Floods Talcahuano, 2010 Earthquake 8.8° and Tsunami Valdivia, 1960 Earthquake 9.5° and Tsunami Atacama Desert, 2005 and 2007 Earthquakes 7.8° and 7.7° Santiago, 1985 Earthquake 7.8° Chillán, 1939 Earthquake 8,5° Chaitén, 2008 Volcanic Eruption
  • 8. Chile But as our history has taught us, the only way to overcome natural disasters is by joining together. As many times as necessary Talcahuano, 2010
  • 9. Chile Rebuilding homes with our own hands Santa Teresa, 2010 Pumanque, 2010 Sharing the joys and sorrows of life and death
  • 10. Chile Santiago, 2010 We have risen up numerous times becasue of our people. We learned to work together without thinking about our deep political polarization or in our dramatic income inequality
  • 11. Chile Chile needed to be reconstructed so many times throughout its history. And we have succeeded every single time. Making Chileans proud and happy with a sense of empathy and humanity Earthaquake 2010 “Chile helps Chile” fundraiser campaign Talcahuano, 2010 Earthaquake 1985 “Chile helps Chile” fundraiser campaign
  • 12. Chile The cultural heritage of my country is not a physical legacy…
  • 13. Chile Pumanque, 2010 Solidarity during difficult and challenging times, is the cultural heritage that I would like to include as Chile’s contribution to a better world . I firmly believe that every action that a Chilean does to assist its peers, will have a multiplying effect in the rest of humanity
  • 14. “Ay canta guitarra del Sur en la lluvia, en el sol lancinante que lame los robles quemados pintándoles alas, ay canta, racimo de selvas, la tierra empapada, los rápidos ríos, el inabarcable silencio de la primavera mojada, y que tu canción me devuelva la patria en peligro: que corran las cuerdas del canto en el viento extranjero porque mi sangre circula en mi canto si cantas, si cantas, oh patria terrible, en el centro de los terremotos porque así necesitas de mí, resurrecta, porque canta tu boca en mi boca y sólo el amor resucita.” Extract of the poem “Terremoto en Chile, La Barcarola” by Pablo Neruda. He wrote these words in response to the Valdivia earthquake in 1960.