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  • 1. Traditional food of Minho Papas de sarrabulho are made of corn, chicken and pork’s blood. Rojões à moda do Minho are made with pork, potatoes, pork tripe, pork liver and fried pork blood. 3-Food and Drinks
  • 2. Soups Canja (chicken soup) is made of chicken and pasta . Caldo Verde is made of green cabbage, potatoes and smoked sausage. 3-Food and Drinks
  • 3. Traditional food of Porto Tripas à moda do Porto is made with white beans, pork meat, smoked sausages and tripe. Cozido à Portuguesa is made with potatoes, pork meat, cabbage, carrots and smoked sausages . 3-Food and Drinks
  • 4. Traditional food of Trás os Montes Feijoada transmontana is made with red beans, pork, smoked sausages, carrots and cabbage. Alheira de Mirandela is made with a smoked sausage, a fried egg, potatoes and vegetables . 3-Food and Drinks
  • 5. Traditional fish food Sardines are grilled and served with potatoes and salad. Codfish is baked in the oven and served with baked potatoes and vegetables 3-Food and Drinks
  • 6. Traditional food of Alentejo Açorda alentejana is a soup of bread, a boiled egg and herbs. Carne de porco à alentejana is made of pork, potatoes and sea food. 3-Food and Drinks
  • 7. Traditional food of Algarve Ameijoas na cataplana is a sea food dish. Bife de atum is a tuna fish steak with potatoes and vegetables. 3-Food and Drinks
  • 8. Sweets Clarinhas de Fão is a traditional cake of Minho. Pastel de nata or pastel de Belém is a very traditional cake of Lisbon. Sweets of Algarve made of almonds . 3-Food and Drinks
  • 9. Portuguese Typical Cakes Aveiro’s soft eggs Bolo-rei is the typical Christmas cake Folar is the Easter Cake usually offered to one’s godson or goddaughter. Pão-de -ló is the traditional Easter cake. 3-Food and Drinks
  • 10.
    • Christmas and New Year
    During Christmas we eat codfish and turkey. It’s tasty… Rabanadas, sopa dourada and sonhos are traditional Christmas cakes. 3-Food and Drinks
  • 11. Drinks Port Wine 3-Food and Drinks
  • 12. Wines Portugal is a good wine producer. There are many qualities of wine depending on the region. Some are sweeter than others. 3-Food and Drinks
  • 13. Beer There are two important brands of beer in Portugal: Super Bock and Sagres. 3-Food and Drinks