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Field Study 105 ASSESSMENT

Field Study 105 ASSESSMENT



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Fs105 (b) Document Transcript

  • 1. 1 Name of FS student: Barzanas, Jorge A. Course/Year: BEEN2A. Date of Visit: Time: Resource/Cooperating Teacher: MIDTERM ACTIVITY NO. 1 MY ATM CARD (Available Tests and Measures) OBSERVATION NOTES Teacher’s Learning Objectives: o At the end of the lesson, the 3rd year students will be able to define essay. o At the end of the lesson, the 3rd year students will be able to identify the various parts of an essay. o Given the information about an essay, the 3rd year students will be able to write their own essay. Desired conditions and criterion levels of the learning objectives: o At the end of the lesson the 3rd year students will be able to write their very own essay. Other notes: o ANALYSIS: 1. Do you think the teacher’s learning objectives were appropriately assessed by your test items? Why? Why not? o The teacher’s learning objectives were appropriately assessed by letting the students write their own essay about any topic they want. She facilitated suitable, and an adequate selection of learning activities according to the stated objectives. 2. Why did you have to study the teacher’s learning objectives prior to developing an assessment tool? o It is important to study the teacher’s learning objectives prior to developing an assessment tool to find out if the instructional objectives were realized.
  • 2. 2 REFLECTION: The peace concept on focus involves the use of assessment tools that are appropriate, valid and reliable. In this matter as a teacher I must bear in mind that the validity and reliability of a test is very important not just only teachers attitude towards the students. Learning objectives are important in the teaching-learning process. It facilitates easy selection of learning activities according to the stated objectives and it helps to focus on relevant tasks. And it can’t be determine whether the instructional objectives were realized or not without the help of assessment methods. Assessment methods help the teacher in the evaluation process. It tells the teacher whether his/her stated objectives were met. Also, when it comes to fairness, the teacher develop a caring and cooperative classroom community.
  • 3. 3 MIDTERM ACTIVITY NO.2 MY ASSESSMENT LIST CLASS OBSERVATION SHEET 1 ASSESSMENT METHODS/ TOOLS USED ANALYSIS OF HOW EACH ASSESSMENT METHOD WAS USED? Written Response Instruments/ Paper and Pen Instruments The assessment methods used by the teacher were only. The same methods were always used. After the discussion, the teacher will have her summary of the lesson and this may take place through orally questioning the students what they’ve learned. In this way, the students can review the overall lesson for the day and be ready for the quiz. After this she will announce to the class that they will be having a short quiz in a one half crosswise this is a form of Paper and Pen Method. The assessment method used was very relevant because it assesses the cognitive domain of the child through paper and pen method same with oral questioning this two is a big help in child’s cognitive development and can be easily assess their individual performance. Also with the used of paper and pen and oral questioning, the students have the venue to think analytically and actively participates in class discussion. Oral questioning
  • 4. 4 REFLECTION: For a teacher, appropriate assessment methods in teaching is necessary because it helps to evaluate a student properly. The importance in the use of an appropriate assessment method is that it can help me as a teacher and to learn if the student is absorbing what is being taught in class someday. Also the big help of appropriateness of assessment methods is to know the specific cognitive ability of the child and its competencies as well as his/her weaknesses. As what I’ve observed that a teacher must also be able to assess how a student learns and if the methods the teacher is using is effective. This may help in both teacher and students relationship because it may develop the quality of assessing the students. Assessment is a necessary tool in a classroom that all teachers must master. Performance assessment and grading rubrics are both means of assessing a student’s performance, and they are effective for use in a classroom. As a teacher it is important to be aware of a student's performance in the classroom for many reasons. If a teacher is accurately able to assess a student’s progress the teacher will know if the teaching methods are working, and if and where the students need help. Assessment is a necessary factor in the educational system, and all teachers should be aware of the many means and methods of assessing.