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    Git Git Presentation Transcript

    • Git An intro to Git Source Control Management
    • Say what? Source Control Management like SVN, CVS,.. but better! Linus Throvalds (april 2005) Linux Kernel Junio Hamano (july 2005) a stupid person!
    • Ok, but why? Offline Distributed Branching Because it’s fucking fast, that’s why!
    • How git works Offline world local
    • How git works Distributed server local local local
    • How git works Branching feature commit master commit merge commit commit feature commit commit
    • Repository unstaged git add <files> local remote staged repository repository git commit git push
    • Our Workflow git checkout -b cool_feature do some fun code stuff, drink a mojito git fetch master git rebase origin/master git checkout master git merge cool_feature
    • Useful commands and files ‣ repository setup git init ‣ add files to queue for next commit git add ‣ commit queued files git commit ‣ push commit(s) to remote repository git push ‣ fetch changes from remote repository git pull ‣ clone repository into a local directory git clone ‣ ignore specific files by adding them here .gitignore
    • Cool features Uhm.. Okay...
    • Cool features stash do some cool stuff git stash fix an irritating bug git commit -a -m “Farewell, you bug!” git stash apply do some more cool stuff
    • Cool features rebase fetch changes from another branch feature commit 3 master commit 1 commit 2 commit 4
    • Cool features rebase fetch changes from another branch 1234 commit 3 feature master commit 1 commit 2 commit 4 124
    • Cool features bisect Find the code change that introduced a bug ‣ start bisect session git bisect start ‣ mark current revision as bad git bisect bad ‣ search a working revision git log ‣ mark the working one as good git bisect good revision ‣ bisect until you find the bug git bisect good/bad
    • Cool features cherry-pick Apply a change from another commit into current branch ‣ search the right commit git log ‣ checkout the branch you want git checkout branch ‣ apply commit into branch git cherry-pick revision
    • GitNub
    • Git vs SVN Git SVN Distributed Single Repository Branches partial checkout Performance Access Control Repository size Shorter revision numbers Powerful, more GUI tools little more complicated
    • git-svn using git local if you have a remote svn repository use git on your local machine staging seperate commits branches push your commits to your svn repository
    • Q&A
    • Useful resources
    • About us Jeroen Jacobs & Jan De Poorter @jeroen_j & @defv Openminds