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For my Senior Capstone Advertising Campaigns class. This was the major project we worked on all semester. This is not only an academic project for the culmination of my college career, but an important piece in my portfolio. As Ad Director, I designed the book and finalized all ads. I was in charge of getting the book printed and ready for the hands of our client, The Wisconsin Humane Society.

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Wisconsin Humane Society 2011 Campaign

  1. 1. Add Some Color To Your Life An Integrated MarketingCommunications PlaN for the Wisconsin Humane Society
  2. 2. Add Some Color To Your Life
  3. 3. We Are... Meet OuR Group! Media - HannaH Bartoszewski researcH - Jenna McgratH Advertising Major and Advertising Major and Marketing Minor Marketing Minor “When the sun comes “Always on the go. And I out, I’m ready to play!” don’t hate it!” I’m Orange! I’m Green! coPywriter - JaMie Murray account exec. - elyse MccaBe digital - evan Berns Advertising Major and Advertising Major and Advertising Major Psychology Minor Psychology Minor “I’m a glass half full kind “Exhaust yourself in the “I love taking naps. of person and inquisitive glorious pursuit of life.” Anytime, anywhere!” by nature.” I’m Green! I’m Purple! I’m Orange! creative dir. - Patrick Briola iii Pr - doMonique Miller art director - Jordyn nevers Psychology Major and Advertising and African Advertising Major and Advertising Minor Studies Major Psychology Minor “I enjoy being in a veg- “Having fun and relaxing etative state. Any day I “I love to lounge on the don’t leave my apartment are my favorite. Laughing couch and watch TV.” is a good day.” gets me through life!” I’m Purple! I’m Purple! I’m Orange!Evan posing in front of five hours of creativeconcepting one Saturday. We were so proud!
  4. 4. Table of Contents Table of Contents Executive Summary 01 - 02 Public Relations - Events (cont.) Situational Analysis 03 - 06 Adoption Week & SWOTT Analysis 07 - 09 Website Packages - 30 - Consumer Profile 10 - 11 T-Shirts Promotion - 31 - Creative 12 - 27 WHS Walk in the Park - 32 - Concepting - 12 - Test Your Dog - 33 - Creative Strategy 13 - 14 Public Relations – Press Releases 34 - 36 Print Ads 15 - 22 Press Release #1 - 34 - Newspaper Ads 15 - 17 Press Release #2 - 35 - News Crosswords 18 - 19 Press Release #3 - 36 - Magazine Ads 20 - 22 PR Objectives, Strategies & Tactics - 37 - Outdoor Ads 23 - 24 Budget 38 - 42 Billboard Ads 23 - 24 Pie Chart - 38 - Online Ads - 25 - Budget Breakdown 39 - 40 Broadcast Ads 26 - 27 Media Flowchart 41 - 42 Radio - 26 - References 43 - 46 Television - 27 - Primary Research 43 - 44 Public Relations - Events 28 - 33 Secondary Research 45 - 46 Statues & Colored Dogs - 28 - WHS Information Fair - 29 -
  5. 5. Executive Summary Executive Summary (Cont.) The Wisconsin Humane Society (WHS) is the largest animal shelter in Wisconsin.Each year, nearly 10,000 animals find homes with their support. They have been help- The creative strategy of this campaign is to show the major benefits of the Wis-ing the Milwaukee community for 130 years. In line with their organization’s goal, the consin Humane Society. Stressing the importance of their color-coding system willWisconsin Humane Society has branched out to assist other shelters in need. For this highlight the fact that the adopter can select a companion animal based on personalityreason, they hope to increase their overall animal adoption rates, so as to save as characteristics.many animals as possible. To consistently improve, the Wisconsin Humane Society will implement a quarterly Through the use of both primary and secondary research, we discovered a key evaluation of current objectives, strategies and tactics. This evaluation will include thetarget audience as empty nesters. Empty nesters are adults whose children no lon- use of a pre-established survey at registration to assess if the specific target’s adop-ger live with them. Our primary audience will be married empty nesters in Milwaukee tion rates are increasing. This will be evaluated by age of adopters and the number ofand Ozaukee Counties. In addition, our secondary audience will be specifically the members living in a household.woman, who is the most influential of the two when it comes to purchases. Within thistarget, the Wisconsin Humane Society will reach out to married empty nesters that In addition, the Wisconsin Humane Society will create a post-adoption survey. Thisseek new experiences. will focus on providing support as well as establish a relationship with the adopter(s). Furthermore, the survey will provide insights on how to better the overall adoptionThe proposed campaign sets out to achieve the following: campaign in the future. This will be done by delving into the motivations of the target • Increase overall adoption rates for the Wisconsin Humane Society as well as the adoption process. • Increase adoptions rates for the empty nester demographic. • Highlight the importance of the WHS’s color-coding system Our media mix for this campaign will include both traditional and non-traditionalmedia, with a main focus on traditional. We will utilize print, out-of-home, broadcast(radio and TV), social and web-based media. A significant emphasis will be placed ontraditional media as a consequence of the lifestyles and habits of the target.01 02
  6. 6. Situational Analysis Milwaukee/Ozaukee Market Situational Analysis (Cont.) The WHS is not just about making profits or supporting its own organization. ItKey Issues reaches out to those individuals that are searching for companions outside of the hu- mane society. The website offers tips on finding healthy companions from both breed- • The Wisconsin Humane Society needs to increase adoption rates in order to ers and pet stores. It wants people to have healthy companions and also support pro- follow through with their mission statement. viders that are respectful of animals. With this, it is obvious that the humane society • Space is limited within the facility. strives to live up to its mission. • Shelters outside of the Wisconsin area euthanize animals that cannot be adopted out. Outstanding numbers also speak to the Wisconsin Humane Society’s position. A • The Wisconsin Humane Society receives no funding from the government or a total of 55% of the Wisconsin Humane Society’s revenue comes from contributions national umbrella organization. and bequests. Also, on opening day of the new Ozaukee Humane Society campus, • Lack of knowledge and coverage about the unethical practices of puppy mills the filled parking lot and car-lined streets illustrate that communities value the humane and pet stores. society and its stance.Key Players What are they Doing Now? • The entire Greater Milwaukee Area • The newest additions to their WOM tactics • Every other Wednesday • Outside shelters that seek support from the WHS include: between 9:00 and 10:00 a.m. • Benefactors > WHS Website > “Pet-of-the-Day” • Anyone who adopts from the WHS > Facebook • WOKY 920 AM Radio > Twitter • Every weekday between 8:30 > Blog and 9:00 a.m.Current Position in the Market • My Community NOW • Jackie Loohauis Bennett’s > “Karen’s Kritters” • WMIL 106.1 FM Radio Animal Magnetism • Mondays between 8:00 and One thing is certain – the Wisconsin Humane Society is an advocate in the com- > The new iPhone App 8:30 a.m.munity for the quality treatment and adoption of animals by individuals willing to make • One of the only animal shelters > “Pet-of-the-Week”commitments to their companions. in the country to have its own app • WMYX 99.1 FM Radio > Weekly e-Newsletter • Tuesdays between 8:30 and The Wisconsin Humane Society is very successful. Roughly 10,000 animals, or • Milwaukee’s 94.5 The Lake 9:00 a.m.28 animals a day, are adopted throughout the year. Most animals find homes within a • Traditional tactics > B93.3 Radioweek. Seeing as how the available animals section on the website receives more hits > Guest appearances on local news • Tuesdays between 7:00 and 7:30than the homepage, this quick turnaround certainly makes sense. segments a.m. • i.e. Fox6, WISN 12, etc. • Other tactics The positive impact our client has in the community is also present in other ways. > “Wake Up News: Pet-of-the-Day” > Speaking engagementsIt offers numerous classes for young and old alike, ranging from having children help • FOX 6 WITI • ”Ken Ramirez” speakingtake care of animals through the People and Animals Learning educational program • Wednesdays between engagement from Chicago’s Sheddand manner classes for adults with companions. 7:45 and 8:00 a.m. Aquarium • Fridays between 11:30 • The Shelter Medicine Lecture a.m. and 12:00 p.m. • Senior Tack & Tour > “Morning Blend” The Morning Show > Spay Day03 04 • NBC 4 WTMJ • February 22, 2011
  7. 7. Situational Analysis (Cont.) Situational Analysis (cont.)Research Competitors Research has shown that pet owners do benefit physically, socially and mentally The Wisconsin Humane Society has four main competitors: puppy mills, pet stores,from their companion animals. Companion animals are becoming more than just an breeders and outside shelters. More specifically those located in Southeastern Wis-addition to the household; they are now becoming part of the family. Research and consin near the Milwaukee and Ozaukee areas. All of these are available options tosurveys have shown that the empty nester demographic is seeing companion animals those who are looking for, or interested in getting an animal.as their other children and benefit greatly from matching their companion’s personalityto their own. Empty nesters have been shown spoiling their companion animals, just Because the Wisconsin Humane Society’s mission is “to build a community whereas they had with their own children. people value animals and treat them with respect and kindness in order to save lives,” the most important competitors to consider are puppy mills and pet stores. These out- Empty nesters are increasingly depending on companion animals for social support. lets are the most threatening competitors to the Wisconsin Humane Society becauseIn another source, companion animals have been shown to decrease anger, frustra- often times puppy mills and pet stores mistreat their animals and raise them in not idealtion, depression, stress and loneliness. In addition, they also give their owners a sense conditions. This is opposite of the Wisconsin Humane Society’s mission which is toof purpose and satisfaction in life. treat animals fairly and give them proper care and attention. Breeders are also competitors to the Wisconsin Humane Society, offering animalsTarget Audience that may be free from genetic problems. Although these animals are usually more expensive, they are affordable to our target audience with a higher discretionary income to spend. However, for Empty Nesters those interested, the Wisconsin Humane Society does • Milwaukee – 22-24% are Baby Boomers (46-65 years) rescue and have bred animals available for adoption. • Ozaukee – over 30% are Baby Boomers (46-65 years) • Higher discretionary income level Lastly, outside animal shelters pose competition to the Wisconsin Humane Society. Although other shelters share the mission of rescuing animals, there are some shelters that participate in euthanizing animals that do not get adopted or as a solution to overcrowding. The Wisconsin Humane Society however has a strict policy against euthanization, thus differ- entiating them from outside animal shelters. The competitive goal of this campaign is to get people to think of the Wisconsin Humane Society first when looking to get an animal, as opposed to any of the other options, and to then choose to adopt from the Wisconsin Humane Society.05 06
  8. 8. SWOTT Analysis SWOTT Analysis (Cont.)Strengths Threats • Companion animals promote overall health WHS and Imprint’s positioning discovered several threats, ranging from general is- • Clean, top-of-the-line facility sues that the nonprofit must face as a whole to more specific problems pertaining to the • Loyal volunteer base adoption of animals by empty nesters. • Caring and dedicated staff • Very fast turn around rate for adoption Stigma about animal shelters: • Seen as a trustworthy source for information and care Via class discussion, animal shelters are often seen as being dirty and are only able • Various programs to help train companion animals, control Milwaukee’s animal to provide mix breeds. Furthermore, it is thought that animals are improperly trained and population, provide education, and give aid to families with financial needs disobedient. • Website shows animal listings, photos, and videos that are updated continuously Other places companions may come from: • Pet storesWeaknesses • Family and friends • Other local shelters: Wisconsin offers many animal shelters for people to find • No government or national branch funding companions. Also, as was discussed, adopters may travel all over. This means • Limited budget for advertising that our target may be visiting other prominent shelters throughout the area, • Lack of affiliation with national branch including the: Washington County Humane Society (Slinger), Lakeland Animal • Low brand awareness Welfare Society (Elkhorn), Sheboygan County Humane Society (Sheboygan), • Lack of knowledge of services Humane Animal Welfare Society (Waukesha), and Countryside Humane Society • Dependent on donations which fluctuate with the economy (Racine). • Breeders: Breeders are able to provide purebred animals, meaning that theyOpportunities may be free from genetic problems and viewed as more notable companions. Companions that come from breeders may be free from genetic problems and • Increase different ways people can volunteer to help the Wisconsin are often more expensive to purchase. Baby boomers are more likely to have a Humane Society college degree and an associated higher salary. Therefore, they are willing to • Start at a younger age chaperoned by an adult, have the youth groups or pay the extra costs. boy scouts help to earn points for their clubs • Continue to expand locations in order to increase brand awareness Lifestyle of empty nesters: • Have monthly events that will help raise money through donations It is hard to pinpoint if adults will change their lifestyles once they become empty • A puppy wash (similar to car wash) where anyone can volunteer to help nesters. Some may want to adopt animals to keep them company in their large homes. wash the animals (also idea for PR) Others will want to move and travel the world. This last possibility of course is a threat • Expand the education and training programs to our position. Companions may lessen the sense of freedom that comes along with • Try to incorporate the Milwaukee and Ozaukee better with the different having a childless house after many years. In addition, sporadic and lengthy travels, speakers and talks they provide along with maybe moving to a smaller location, may restrict the amount of space and attention for companions. Lastly, some may not want to invest in companions due to the fact that as empty nesters age, they will not have as much energy to de-07 vote to their new friends. With all these consequences, our target may not even 08 consider animal adoption.
  9. 9. SWOTT Analysis (Cont.) Consumer Profile Target Audience • Empty nesters are adults whose children no longer live in their house. • Live in Milwaukee and Ozaukee Counties > Milwaukee County – 22-24% are Baby Boomers (46-65 years) > Ozaukee County – over 30% are Baby Boomers (46-65 years) • Between the ages of 46-65 • Have a higher discretionary income level • Typically have much more available time • Have more space within the homeTrends An Optimistic Future: Day in the Life • There are more dogs and cats in homes than ever before. In the past four Hue and Mary have been married for 29 years, now. After spending twenty-four of decades, between 1973 and 2007 specifically, the number of dogs and cats in those years dedicated to their three children, they are now grown and have left the U.S. households has doubled. house. Their Victorian style home was rather empty when their last child left two years • Animal shelters nationwide have been working toward a goal where no healthy, ago, so the couple adopted Maggie, a 4-year-old Border Collie mix. adoptable, animal is euthanized. • With more animals in more homes, animal shelters are beginning to see their At first, they were unsure about adopting a companion. For years they had a very goal become reality. In fact, between 1973 and 2007 euthanasia rates are down active male boxer and everyone in the family loved him, but they were 20 years young- sixty percent. er then. The couple knew they wouldn’t have the same energy for a dog like that. • Another factor that decreases animal euthanasia is the practice of spaying and neutering all animals that enter the animal shelters’ doors. When they began thinking about adoption, the two visited the Wisconsin Humane Society. It was here that Hue and Mary fell in love with Maggie, an orange dog. Through Standardization: the Wisconsin Humane Society’s color-coded system, they were able to get a dog that • Another goal for animal shelters nationwide is the standardization of data fit their personalities exactly. collecting and reporting. By standardizing the process, it will enable shelters and organizations to more accurately track progress. Data collection is important to Both Mary and Hue are early risers by necessity. Although work doesn’t start until the future of animal shelters. With standardized data, shelters can learn from the 9:00 a.m., the two cannot help but begin their day at 5:30 a.m. Hue pushes Maggie off past and plan better for the future. the end of their four-poster bed, and the two head out for their morning walk through the park next to their house. As he and Maggie wander through the abandoned park, Social Media: Mary starts her day by watering her plants. She examines her new Japanese maple • Animal shelters nationwide have begun to adopt social media as a viable source tree and notices that Maggie has chewed off many of the leaves. She sighs to herself, to get their word out. Social media giants like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter knowing full well that Maggie will never learn. are common outlets. These social media sites allow consumers to interact with animal shelters on a new level.09 10
  10. 10. Consumer Profile (Cont.) CReative Concepting When she is finally watered her last hibiscus, she heads to the kitchen to cookbreakfast. The water begins to boil for Hue’s oatmeal, while Mary contemplates theday’s schedule. She is so wrapped up in lesson plans and administrative meetings thatshe does not realize Hue and Maggie have returned until she feels a long lick on herdangling hand. As always, Maggie is ready for her breakfast and has no qualms givingMary a friendly reminder. Mary reaches inside the cabinet and scoops one cup of Iams ProActive Health anddrops it in Maggie’s dish. As she watches Maggie scarf down her food, Mary wondersif the five pounds Maggie has lost are helping her injured hip. Earlier that year, Maggiehad surgery for a severe case of hip dysplasia. It was an expensive surgery, but Hueand Mary thought little of cost and more of possibly losing their lovable girl. There wasnever a doubt in their mind that the couple had made the right choice. Although, shestill was not back to normal completely, Mary could see that Maggie was definitely onher way. When Maggie’s finished and Hue is ready to leave, the two get in his Nissan Path-finder and head off to work. Three days a week, Hue brings Maggie to work with him;one of the perks of being the boss of a small business. As they arrive, Maggie jumpsout and greets each employee. She has become quite a loved presence at the com-pany and enjoys every second of the attention. Once she’s said her hellos, she plopsherself down on her doggie bed in Hue’s office. When she finally calms down, Hue rubsher head and the two get ready for the long day ahead. Hue and Mary We had been concepting our creative strategy for such a long time, but hadn’t gotten our “Aha!” moment until this meeting. We spent five hours building our campaign on a white board, setting up our media landscape and working out11 12 the kinks in our copywriting.
  11. 11. Creative Strategy Creative Strategy (cont.)Campaign Theme Creative Concept Add some color to your life. Inspired by the information available on WIhumane.org, we created a col- or palette used consistently throughout our ads that allows the campaign Imprint has decided that with this as our central theme we will be able to maintain consistency and create memorable, lasting impressions. The to show off one of the major benefits that differentiates the Wisconsin Hu- color scheme is based on the three personality colors and were slightly mane Society from other places that people can adopt companion ani- adapted from the colors used on the website. mals: the fact that you can pick a companion animal based on personality characteristics. We will be illustrating that with companion animals from the Wisconsin Humane Society, the person looking to adopt can pick out a #99FFCD #5A49B3 #FFCB99 type of dog that fits his or her needs and personality most perfectly.Promotional Idea Advertising & Media The first promotional idea is to have green, orange, and purple colored We are going to use various types of media to execute our campaign. dog statues around busy areas in Milwaukee and Ozaukee. This will get Although this is subject to change depending on budget, as of now we plan people wondering what these colored dogs represent. Then, we will color on including a variety of print, outdoor, broadcast, and online ads. some dogs from the WHS with dye specially made for animals and have them walked in their designated colored area, the same as the statues. PRINT BROADCAST Newspaper Radio Next, we will have a WHS fair that gets people to learn all of the • Milwaukee Journal Sentinel • WKLH & WZBK services of the WHS. We will also run a website promotion where • Ozaukee Press Television people go online to fill out the personality quiz and get sent a Magazine • WISN, WITI, WDJT, WTMJ, WHS Milwaukee bracelet and booklet. • Community Now WGGV, HGTV, DISC, TLC, • Milwaukee Magazine AEN, FOOD, AMC, OXYG, Our final two promotions will be a dog walk during the OUTDOOR LIFE Prevention of Cruelty to Animals awareness month Bulletins and Test Your Dog, in which people can find out • I-94 & I-43 where their dogs fall in the color-coded system. Bus Kings • Downtown Milwaukee This will be further discussed in the PR section. • Ozaukee County 13 14
  12. 12. Newspaper Ads Newspaper Ads (cont.)15 16
  13. 13. Newspaper Ads (cont.) Newspaper Crosswords17 18
  14. 14. Newspaper Crosswords (cont.) magazine Ads19 20
  15. 15. Magazine Ads (cont.) magazine Ads (Cont.)21 22
  16. 16. Billboard Ads Billboard Ads (cont.)Billboard #1: Billboard #3:Billboard #2: 23 24
  17. 17. Online Ads Broadcast: RadioDigital Media 60 sec. Spot Our research has shown that people within our demographic of empty nesters are When your kids were younger, colorful paintings decorated your refrigerator. Your white not too savvy when it comes to smart phones, and that less people within this demo- sidewalk was filled with chalked flowers, and somehow every color shape found its way graphic own them than others. Because of these findings we are going to stray away on your white walls. from digital mobile advertising and go with more conventional methods. When your kids got older and had chores of their own, all your white work shirts be- This will include website banner ads on the following websites: came pink, your black car came home with a few more colors on the bumper than usual, and your once blonde hair turned white. Well. They’ve finally left the nest. But frankly, you’re not as fond of black and white as you once were. How about adopting a colorful companion. With their unique color coding system, the Wisconsin Humane Society allows you to find a dog that fits perfectly with your person- ality. Every dog is classified as purple, orange or green based on their individual char- acteristics. Go ahead and add some color back into your life, visit WIHUMANE.org.Facebook Ad: OnMilwaukee, JSOnline, AARP: 25 26
  18. 18. Broadcast: Television Public Relations30 sec. Spot Statues & Colored Dogs Downtown Milwaukee, various locations JULY 2 - AUGUST 12, ALL DAY This guerilla marketing includes placing green, orange, and purple colored plastic dogs and walking real colored dogs around downtown Milwaukee. This event will spark the public’s interest on what the dogs stand for and what organization is behind them. This marketing will get the Wisconsin Humane Society to the forefront of people’s mind and to get the buzz start- ed about the WHS. The colored dogs will also show what distinguishes the WHS from their competitors. BUDGET: $11,791.00 Schedule: JULY 2 - 9 Placement of plastic dogs. All colors at the beach doing related color activ- ity. Orange dogs at business work places, grocery stores. Purple at coffee shops, parks, beaches. Green at restaurants, work out centers. JULY 10 - 24 Place signage on the dogs indicating it is a WHS promotion. Cards will be in the dogs’ mouth with one side prompting to go to “www.wihumane.org/ colorme” and the other side informing about the WHS Informational fair. JULY 25 - AUG 12 WHS volunteers will walk color dyed WHS dogs around downtown Mil- waukee. The volunteers will also have the same cards in the statue dogs’ mouth to hand out to people that ask them about the dogs they are walking. 27 28
  19. 19. Public Relations Public RelationsWHS Information Fair Adoption Week & Website Packages Center Street Park, Milwaukee Online at WIhumane.org AUGUST 13, 2011, 11 a.m. - 3 p.m. SEPTEMBER 1 - DECEMBER 31, 2011 The WHS Information fair will consist of different informational tables and This promotion will increase traffic into the WHS itself, building greater activities going on. The point of this event is to inform the public about the brand awareness of the WHS as well as how helpful and beneficial it is WHS and all of the services it has. It will also give the public the opportu- compared to other places to get companions. These specific adoption nity to volunteer at the WHS as well as starting their profile to adopt. weeks differ from similar adoption specials because it will give the people a chance to meet with other first time WHS adopters. They can mingle and BUDGET: $2,140.20 spend more time at the WHS and get further information. During the fol- lowing four weeks perspective adopters will get discounts and the website package. This promotion will also increase website traffic by persuading people to tell their friends and family to visit the site. This will also increase profiles that need to be done before anyone can adopt a companion. Weeks: • September 11-17 • October 16-22 • November 13-19 • December 11-17 Activities: Website Promotion: • Information tables with brochures about different services the WHS offer. • Volunteer Sign Up • People will go on the website and fill out the personality quiz and profile • Personality Quiz to find out which color are, receive bracelet of the same in order to find out what color they are. color • Once they find out, they are given the option to enter their mailing address • Donations to be sent a promotions package as well as to sign up for upcoming events. • Different animals that the WHS has available for adoption • The packages include bracelets correlated with the color s/he is and a • Cartoon artist to draw people/families that come booklet about what kind of companions would best fit him/her. • Self washing for people who bring their dogs, they can wash their dogs • At random, 1000 people will receive “I have a ___ dog” window decals. for $5 or with a donation • Interactive games with prizes BUDGET: $11,658.00 • 50/50 raffle half of the money can go to the Humane Society and the other half to the winner 29 30
  20. 20. Public Relations Public RelationsT-Shirts Promotion WHS Walk in the Park for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month Online at WIhumane.org Washington Park FEBRUARY 1 - MARCH 31, 2012 APRIL 21, 2012, 9 a.m. - 12 p.m. This promotion is to be an addition to the website promotion. After some- This walk will be in support of Prevention of Cruelty to Animals month. one completes the quiz and profile, they will be directed to have the option It will start at the WHS and go to Washington Park and back. This walk is of buying a t-shirt. The t-shirt promotion gives empty nesters the oppor- approximately three miles. When back at the WHS, there will be light snacks tunity to get involved and wear the colored shirt around in turn promoting and information about how the WHS tries to help prevent cruelty to animals WHS. Selling the t-shirts for $10 each will give a profit of $2.23 each shirt. and how important it is to treat companions with love and respect. Activities: Schedule: 1. Front: “I’m an Orange Person” • Check in Back: “Orange: Goofball, Enthusiastic, Strength, Creative” • Sign up and submit personal information if walking a WHS dog. • Water bottles available for walk 2. Front: “I’m a Purple Person” • Walk to and from Washington Park Back: “Purple: Couch Potato, Royalty, Wisdom, Independence” • Information about animal cruelty • Meet and mingle with each other 3. Front: “I’m a Green Person” • Light snacks Back: “Green: Life of the Party, Endurance, Power, Hope” BUDGET: $5,634.93 BUDGET: Budget is included in “Test Your Dog” budgetT-Shirt Mockup I’M A GREEN: Life of the Party, GREEN Endurance, Power, Hope PERSON 31 FRONT BACK 32
  21. 21. Public Relations Public RelationsTest Your Dog press release #1 Wisconsin Humane Society, Milwaukee Contact: Domonique Miller MAY 1 - JUNE 30, 2012, 6 p.m. - 8 p.m. Daily Email: domonique.miller@marquette.edu Phone: 414-283-3726 This promotion is beneficial for those who already have companions be- cause they will have a better understanding on the behavior of their dog. For Release at 6 a.m. CST Aug. 8 They will be given the opportunity to get their companion color-coded. It will also bring out one of the most beneficial aspects the WHS can offer, their color-coding system. People could use the information to help match their Wisconsin Humane Society to Hold Informational Fair personalities with other companions if they are looking to adopt in the future. MILWAUKEE, Wis.- - This Saturday, August 13, the Wisconsin Humane Society Set Up: will be having an informational fair at Center Street Park located at 6420 W. Clarke • Promote this online. Street from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. This informational fair is open to the public and • Use three colored dog statues at the entrance of the WHS and will give everyone the opportunity to learn about what the Wisconsin Human Society along the street leading to the WHS. services are, more about adoption and to have fun. Dogs are welcomed. • Sell ‘I’m a ___ person’ t-shirts. • Sell ‘I’m a ___ dog’ t-shirts. Come to find out what color person you are! Take a brief personality quiz to dis- • People have to call and set up an appointment. cover if you are Orange, Green, or Purple. There will be food, prizes and cartoon art- • Appointments are a short interview with the person and a short ists to draw free pictures. Donation booths will be available, as well as booths to buy assessment of the dog. things your own dogs. A dog wash will also be available. BUDGET: $13,760.80 ### Wisconsin Humane Society 4500 W. Wisconsin Avenue Wisconsin, WI 53208 www.wihumane.org 33 34
  22. 22. Public Relations Public Relationspress release #2 press release #3 Contact: Domonique Miller Contact: Domonique Miller Email: domonique.miller@marquette.edu Email: domonique.miller@marquette.edu Phone: 414-283-3726 Phone: 414-283-3726 For Release at 6 a.m. CST Aug. 16 For Release at 6 a.m. CST Aug. 30 Wisconsin Humane Society Walks for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Test Your Dogs Compatibility to You MILWAUKEE, Wis.- - This Saturday, April 21, the Wisconsin Humane Society MILWAUKEE, Wis.- - Starting May 1 to June 30, the Wisconsin Humane Society will be hosting a walk in support of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month. will allow people the opportunity to bring their dogs to the WHS to get their personality The walk will begin at the Wisconsin Human Society at 9 a.m., walk to Wash- coded. This service will be available 6:00 - 8:00 p.m. daily. This gives the opportunity ington Park, return to the WHS for refreshments and information and conclude to know if your dog is compatible to you by personality using an effective color-coded at 12 p.m. People are welcomed to bring their own dogs, walk a Wisconsin system. Humane Society dog, or just walk in support. The walk is approximately 2.4-3 miles. Testing will last approximately 30 minutes. Sessions will be best if you set up an appointment. Walk-ins are an option, but appointments are recommended. Available “With the walk, we at the Wisconsin Humane Society hope to get more in- for sell will be dog t-shirts that say: “I’m a(n) Green/Orange/Purple Dog.” If it is already volved in the Milwaukee community and get awareness out there of how effec- known, available t-shirts for sale are: “I’m a(n) Green/Orange/Purple Person.” tive our color-coded personality system can be for future adopters,” said Jane Smith, volunteer at WHS. ### ### Wisconsin Humane Society Wisconsin Humane Society 4500 W. Wisconsin Avenue 4500 W. Wisconsin Avenue Wisconsin, WI 53208 Wisconsin, WI 53208 www.wihumane.org www.wihumane.org 35 36
  23. 23. Public Relations BudgetObjectives Budget Breakdown 1. Increase awareness of the color-coding system within Wisconsin Humane Society 2. Increase adoption rates by 20% within the next two yearsStrategies 1. Stress the importance of the color-coding system and the success of matching the two personalities of the companion and the adopter. 2. Appealing to the empty nester audience by highlighting the benefits of the color-coding system. By focusing on empty nesters we hope to increase companion adoption rates.Tactics 1. Advertisements will be placed in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and the Ozaukee Press newspapers 2. Advertisements will run in Community Now and Milwaukee Magazine 3. Bulletin ads will be placed outdoor as well as on 4. WKLH and WZBK will run radio advertisements 5. Television advertisements will play on WISN, WITI, WDJT, WTMJ, WGGV, HGTV, DISC, TLC, AEN, FOOD, AMC, OXYG, LIFE channels 6. Banner ads will digitally run on OnMilwaukee.com, Facebook, JSOnline.com, AARP.com Evaluation: We will be able to evaluate the success of our campaign by tracking the Wisconsin Humane Society’s website traffic. We will also closely look at the profiles of the adopt- ers in order to see if their age falls between the ages of our target audience. After the campaign is over we will conduct surveys focusing on the brand awareness and WHS recognition. Collecting all of this data will help us find out if targeting our new demographic, empty nesters, was accomplished. 37 38
  24. 24. Budget Budget (cont.)Budget Breakdown 39 40
  25. 25. Budget Budget Wisconsin Humane Society 2011 - 2012 Media Flowchart Wisconsin Humane Society 2011 - 2012 Media Flowchart (cont.)41 42
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