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Who Wants To Work For Tiger?  8 Ways To Recruit Through Disaster And Preserve Your Employer Brand.
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Who Wants To Work For Tiger? 8 Ways To Recruit Through Disaster And Preserve Your Employer Brand.


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8 Ways To Recruit Through Disaster And Preserve Your Employer Brand.

8 Ways To Recruit Through Disaster And Preserve Your Employer Brand.

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. WHO WANTS TO WORK FOR TIGER? Recruiting through Disaster- 7 Ways to Improve Your Employer Brand. Maybe your firm was recently rescued from the abyss by the US government. Perhaps your CEO was photographed having breakfast with Bernie Madoff. Or your boss, one of greatest sports figures who ever lived, the face of your brand, has been caught playing in cars and courses he doesn’t belong in. As your best laid recruiting plans crumble, current employees might linger longer at interview lunches and critical openings go unfilled. The open EXIT door seems to beckon even you. But don’t despair. Though your task may seem impossible, armed with a plan, you can assuage a publicity crisis and accomplish recruiting objectives with a bit of skill, planning and diligence. Here are 7 things you do: 1. Be honest and authentic. The chances are, it was a lack of honesty in the first place that got your organization in the mess, so now it’s time to come clean. Be candid and transparent about your situation and you’ll have a good shot at earning back the trust with current and potential employees. 2. Hold town halls, focus groups and monitor web chatter. The conversation is happening around you so get in on it. Take two Advil and get a firm grasp of exactly what potential and current employees think of your company and see what the damage really is. 3. Dust off your employer value proposition. Get back to the basics of communicating your fundamental differentiator as an employer. Theoretically, your intrinsic value as an 1270 Broadway, New York, NY 10001 T 212 947 1001 F 800 304 4891
  • 2. employer is still intact so take the focus away from ancillary distractions and drive home your core value proposition through recent actions and examples. 4. Fight the battle on your own turf. Ubiquitous social networks mean more opportunities for social humiliation. Armed with insight, mitigate the issue by providing details and counterpoint on your website or vanity landing page and post comments and links to drive traffic to that page. 5. Revisit your workforce plans. One positive to situations like this, is that it gives you carte blanche to rethink certain strategies or processes. Do you still want to hire the type of employees you did 2 months ago? This could be an opportunity to bring in new blood and grow in directions you never before considered. 6. Refresh all your online recruitment messaging. Last week’s job postings won’t help you through yesterday’s disaster. Build brand equity quickly and inexpensively with current messaging that show people you know what they’re thinking, and what you think about it. The opportunity for swift change is the beauty of our digital world. 7. Create and promote an employee recognition program. Recognize and publicize the talent you have, and show the world that human capital still remains your strongest asset. Featured professionals will appreciate the kudos and can become the face of your recruiting efforts, featured in blogs, videos and printed materials. Potential recruits will be reminded of the brain pool they have an opportunity to be part of. While we can’t always plan for future disasters, a properly executed disaster recruiting “plan-in-the-can” when your Tiger tanks is as easy as 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8. Call BRANDEMiX BRANDEMiX ( provides branded communications support for employee initiatives. What truly distinguishes us is our knowledge of both Human Resources and Marketing and we work hard to create, deliver and manage end-to-end programs from strategy through launch. 1270 Broadway, New York, NY 10001 T 212 947 1001 F 800 304 4891
  • 3. Our capabilities span the entire spectrum of Employee Communications: • Employer branding • Recruitment marketing • Benefit communications • Website development (intranet/extranet) • Orientation, onboarding and Best Practice Candidate Care • Employee referral programs • Change management communications • Research and focus groups • Newsletter design, and article submissions (online and print) • Recognition and Reward Programs • Training programs • Promoting HR as a strategic resource to internal partners • Branding engagement and other surveys to encourage participation 1270 Broadway, New York, NY 10001 T 212 947 1001 F 800 304 4891