5 tips to boost your PPC results on Google


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5 tips to boost your PPC results on Google

  1. 1. 5 tips to boost your PPC results on Google
  2. 2. As costs of PPC campaigns are increasing, internetmarketers are more than even under the pressure to deliver positive results. The performance of PPC campaigns is dependent on following factors:
  3. 3. - The impression rate
  4. 4. - Your ad position
  5. 5. - Click thru rate (CTR)
  6. 6. - Conversion rate
  7. 7. Finding the right balance between impression rate, adposition and clicks is the starting point to successful PPCadvertising. Before exploring tips to help your campaign perform better, lets quickly sum-up the concept how Google displays your ads in its sponsored results:
  8. 8. * Daily budget controls frequency of your ad display
  9. 9. The frequency is expressed by number of impressions. If your daily budget is not high enough, your ad may not show all the time (meaning you dont have enough impressions per day).
  10. 10. * Ad position depends on the Rank Number
  11. 11. The higher the rank number, the higher is your adsposition on the page. The rank number is calculated based on the following formula:
  12. 12. Rank Number = CPC (Cost Per click) x CTR (click through rate) x (Ad quality)
  13. 13. Now were ready to explore what practices are more likely to help us improve PPC campaigns performance:
  14. 14. 1/ Improve Ad Delivery
  15. 15. If your ad does not show up every time when searches areperformed under your keyword, it may be a sign that your daily budget is not high enough. As you now know, how frequent of your ad display is controled by the daily budget. If you would like your ad to be shown more frequently, please consider to increase your daily budget in order to receive a maximum exposure for your ad.
  16. 16. Normally, you have 50% margin for your daily budget. For example, if your desired daily budget is $10.00 per day, you can set your actual daily budget on Google to $15.00 per day, because your actual spending is based on yourclick thru rate, by setting the daily budget higher will allow your ad to get more exposure, but your actual spending may still be in your desired daily budget range.
  17. 17. However, be sure to monitor your daily advertising costsand if they are rising too high, decrease the budget on the safe level.
  18. 18. 2/ Improve Ad Delivery per Keyword
  19. 19. Each campaign can have one or more adroups. AnAdGroup is a group of keywords and ads that will display when those keywords are searched for on Google. You may have experienced a situation when only fewkeywords out of the whole AdGroup trigger your ad. The explanation lies again behind the daily budget that controls a number of impressions for your campaign. These impressions are distributed between individualAdGroups and further between individual keywords. So itmay happen that some keywords in a particular Adgroup have more impressions than the others, meaning some keywords trigger your ad more frequently than others.
  20. 20. If you want to improve the ad delivery for your targetedkeywords, you can consider splitting your keywords and creating a new campaign for keywords with low impressions. This should improve the frequency with which they will trigger your ad.
  21. 21. 3/ Optimize your Adgroups
  22. 22. As mentioned above, each campaign has one or more adroups that all share campaigns impressions. Often, the impressions are not divided evenly between adgroups. Soit may happen that some adgroups have more impressions and show their ad(s) more frequently than others. It is a very similar scenario as with keywords we just described above.
  23. 23. To improve results of your low-performing adgroups, you can consider to create a new campaign for them in orderto increase the frequency with witch they show your ad on Google.
  24. 24. 4/ Analyse your Clicks
  25. 25. Make sure the clicks are made for specific, targeted keywords. If youre getting lots of clicks on non-targeted keywords, consider reducing Max CPC and/or your ad position in order to improve your ROI. Similarly, you canraise bids for targeted keywords that are performing well.
  26. 26. 5/ Optimize your Ads
  27. 27. Make sure you bid on targeted keywords, createcompelling ads and link them to relevant content on yourwebsite. The keywords you chose will segment the market and target your desired audience. If you wont chose wisely, youll finish targeting the wrong market andwasting your advertising budget. The ad you create needs to attract attention of your prospects. It needs tocommunicate your unique selling feature - in other words, what makes your product/service different from others and why a visitor should visit your website. Be specific about your offer and include call to action. Lastly, guide visitors to the content on your website where they can access more information about the offer advertised. The landing page should also clearly state what is the next natural step to make - buy your product, download the
  28. 28. PPC management requires lots of work and testing but if you stick to the basics you can make money instead oflosing them. Remember, the only measure that matters on the Internet is the profit you make.
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