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  • 1. ERIC SAADEThe Music Industry: Task 1
  • 2. IMAGEEric Saade is young and portrays a“clean”, style. His songs are notcontroversial and he sings about howyou should like yourself no matterwhat others think about you. He has anormal kind of look in his musicvideos. He wears clothes you couldgo into the high-street and he wearsclothes that people could imitate.
  • 3. PROFILEFull Name: Eric Khaled SaadeBorn: 29th October 1990 in Kattarp, Sweden (age 21)Years Active: 2005 –Occupation: Singer and Television Presenter.Music Genre: Dance, pop, pop rock, rock and teen pop.He started out in a band called WHAT’S UP when he was 15. In 2009he signed with ROXY RECORDS and his first single was released afew months after, it was called SLEEPLESS.In 2011 he represented Sweden in the Eurovision Song contest andcame third. He then released his first album, MASQUERADE.In 2011 He released another album called Saade vol1.In January 2012 he released another album called Saade vol2Influences: He started singing after seeing Michael Jackson on TV.His other influences were Bryan Adams and The Backstreet Boys.
  • 4. PRODUCTS• He has released 3 cds called, MASQUERADE, SAADE VOL1 and SAADE VOL2.• He has also released Posters, Pictures and clothing.• The clothing includes: T-shirts, Jumpers, Bags and scarfs.
  • 5. THE TARGET AUDIENCE. • The main target audience are teenage girls aged 13 – 16. However there are males who like his music, these are also probably teens 13-16. • As Eric Saade did not come from a rich family I think that his fans are made up category C2 people because he can relate to them and understands where they come from.
  • 6. THE RECORD LABEL – ROXY RECORDSRoxy Record’s are owned by, Universal Musicgroup. Their particular genre is Pop and Rock. Other people who haveHowever some of their singers do other things like been signed by RoxyOpera. records:Their mission statement is “Culturally Sound”. Anges OrupThe company does not like free downloading or Sebastian Karlssonfile sharing because they are not getting anything Patrik Isakassonfor the songs that are downloaded but they are Peter Jobacknot to fussed about it because they know that they Melena Ernmancan’t stop people doing it. The Ark Sarah Dawn Finer Erik Hassle Eric Saade.
  • 8. MUSIC MAGAZINE - NMEThe music magazine I have chosen to write about is NME.The company that produces the magazine is IPC,The Target audience for this text would be male teenagers aged 20-30’s. I say this becausethe magazine focuses more on male bands that males are more interested in. Also the priceplays a big part in determining who the audience are. The price is £2.40 which is quite cheepso people can afford it I would say the audience group is C2 because they would be the typeofpeople who would have a little more time on their hands to listen to music.The magazine content mainly consists of music articles however it also features a doublepage on DVD reviews and general merchandise that men would be into. I.E – Watches andbooks. The style of the text is very much based on the way newspapers write their articles.The font is basic and the size of the text is small. The text is sorted into columns, possiblybecause it’s easier to read.
  • 9. The title of the magazine is important otherwise you The second cover line would not know in a bar helps highlight what you are the story. buying. The main picture takes up Date of virtually the whole cover. This release. is because it is the main article in the magazine. It has the background color orange because the main cover line says, “Welcome to our New Spaceships.Three more coverlines. These tellthe audiencewhat else is Another cover line.happening in the This also tells themagazine. audience what other stories happen in the magazine The main cover line draws the Barcode audience in. This catches the eye of the audience making them buying the magazine.