How to make money online even if you're brand new


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How to make money online even if you're brand new

  1. 1. How to make money online even if youre brand new
  2. 2. Do you wanna know how to makemoney online, even if youre brand new?
  3. 3. Then youve come to the right place, because thats exactly what Im going to discuss!
  4. 4. Just 2 days ago, I had the honor and privilege of interview MillionaireMarketer Aaron Rashkin about what it takes to make money, whetheryoure brand new or youre already successful and want to get to the next level.
  5. 5. We discussed a lot of differentthings, but the overall theme andfocus was the 3 stages of making money online and how to get through all of them.
  6. 6. For the sake of this post, were goingto discuss stage 1, because this is for the brand new people just getting started and those who are making less than $5,000 a month with their business.
  7. 7. So lets get into how to make money online even if youre brand new.
  8. 8. First, let me share what I did wrong, so you dont make the same mistake...
  9. 9. When I first started my businessonline, I had read this amazing book about branding myself by building my own system (websites, trainingmodules, capture pages, etc...) and that concept certainly works, but thats stage 2 of making money online. not stage 1.
  10. 10. So I spent the next 5 months building my own system, putting together my own recommended products, services, sales offers, training, etc... (and I didnt evenhave a capture form on my system to generate leads)
  11. 11. I found myself $15,000 in credit card debt and not having made a single penny.
  12. 12. Then I discovered, without knowing about the stages of making money yet, that I was doing things in the reverse order. That it would be much easier for me to leveragesomeone elses system, knowledge, training, tools, etc...
  13. 13. ...share their story of success!
  14. 14. Use their capture pages.
  15. 15. Use their email copy
  16. 16. Use their advertisements
  17. 17. and begin to make money online instage 1 (even though I didnt know about the 3 stages yet)
  18. 18. You see, when youre brand new, or making under $5k per month, its much easier to make money when the only thing you have to worry about is getting traffic.
  19. 19. The reason this is necessary in the beginning is because most brandnew marketers dont understand all of the different facets of gettingsomeone from an interested visitorall the way to buying products and services as well as up-selling to make more money off of every buyer.
  20. 20. Here are the variables tounderstand if you wanna createyour own system and do all the marketing...
  21. 21. - writing good ad copy (this comes into play in every facet) - getting quality traffic- creating capture pages that convert traffic to leads- creating awesome sales videos that make people want to buy stuff now
  22. 22. - creating an up-sell process that makes your buyers spend more money- writing emails that will follow up with your leads for you, so whenthey dont buy right now, they willbe likely to buy in the near future - web-design - custom website coding
  23. 23. - merchant processors (headache)- legal jargon (which you can find at the bottom of this page)- and a whole bunch of other things that Im not going to mention, because theyll just plain scare you
  24. 24. So if youre brand new and you wantto know how to make money online the easier way, then pay close attention right now.
  25. 25. The much easier way is to plugin to a system thats already in place,where in the beginning you simply focus on getting traffic to the capture pages that are there for you...
  26. 26. ...just follow the marketing trainingonce you get inside the system, and as you continue to learn and implement and get results, youllbegin to understand all these other facets of making money online.
  27. 27. Focus on this until youre making atleast $5k a month, then youre readyto move to stage 2 of making money online.
  28. 28. To checkout 1 of the best marketingsystems with the highest converting sales videos that can make you the most money NOW… Visit: