Teriyaki stirfry


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Teriyaki stirfry

  1. 1. Teriyaki Stir Fry Cheaper and Tastier than take-out too!
  2. 2. Start with the Rice • Cook up your favorite rice. • White rice is usually takes a shorter amount of time and less water. • Brown rice takes more water and time, but is healthier and usually is cheaper than white rice. • Fun fact, you can get a pound of brown rice for about 89 cents!
  3. 3. Caramelize the Onions • Add a dash of oil to your already hot pan • Throw in your minced onions, at a very low temp • Cook until brown and almost gooey-like, the onions should be very tender • Make sure to use a low heat! The carameliaztion process takes time, if your temperature is too hot the onions will cook to quickly not allow the natural sugars meld
  4. 4. Add the Meat • Next cut up and brown your favorite meat. • I find Steak, Pork or Chicken work the best. • Using thick cubes of meat will stay tender during the cooking process and offer the most flavor • Add to the onions • Cook until you reach a nice golden brown, (this be shorter depending on how you like your steak cooked) • Continue at a low temp to avoid drying it out, as you’ll be cooking the sauce in the pan after the meat is browned, but not cooked through, yet
  5. 5. Start the sauce • • • • • • • While meat is browning you’ll add fresh garlic and ginger Then comes the liquids! Soy sauce, rice vinegar and broth(chicken, beef or vegetable) Add the brown sugar, stir until dissolved Let simmer 2-3 minutes Thicken to desired consistency with cornstarch Careful here a little goes a long way!
  6. 6. Add those Veggies • You’ve got lots of options here, peas, carrots, green beans broccoli, lima beans, water chestnuts, squash, zucchini skies the limit! • Frozen veggies, only need to be heated, not cooked • They will require less time cooking • Raw/fresh veggies, like broccoli or green beans will require a little more time • Add these to the sauce and cook until just tender, they should be bright green
  7. 7. Finish up! • Add crushed red pepper flakes to taste and serve over rice. Enjoy! • For a the full recipe and ingredient list check out my site http://betterrecipesbetterlife.com/201 3/12/09/teriyaki-stir-fry/
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