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  • 20 minutes for QHQ
  • Ewrt 2 class 3

    1. 1. +
    2. 2. + REVIEW  F  R  E  E  C  A  S  H
    3. 3. + FREECASH  F= Freedom, Fairness, Legality, Human Rights, Social Justice  R = Religion, Morality, Ethics  E = Economics, Monetary Issues, Finances, Expenses  E = Environment (types of environments = natural, rural, urban, workplace, home, school, etc.)  C = Convenience, Comfort  A = Appearance, Aesthetics  S = Safety, Security  H = Health, Well Being (types of health = individual, societal, mental, physical, emotional, or spiritual.)
    4. 4. + AGENDAAdd CodesVocabulary Test #2Rhetorical Strategy: using dialogue to explain and describe: persuasion dialogueDiscussion: QHQContest 5: Content (Ten questions)
    5. 5. ADD CODESThese people see me after class:ChangRomero + Huss EllisFalcon ValenzuelaAll others who want to add: It is highly unlikely that I will be ableto add more students. You can stay until Thursday to be sure ifyou would like.
    6. 6. + Vocabulary Test #2  Whileyou are taking the test, I am going to pass out some discussion prompts. Please do not open them! Iwill explain the activity after we finish the test.
    7. 7. +A. barrow J. jape R. seemlyB. battlement K. nonce S. sepulcherC. blithe L. plinth T. solicitudeD. chasten M. portcullis U. squireE. demurred V. statuary N. puissantF. filigreed W. timorous O. quayG. insipid X. tracery P. querulousH. insolent Y. verdant Q. rueI. irascible Z. whit
    8. 8. +
    9. 9. + Rhetorical Strategy: Using dialogue to explain and describe  Get into groups of two or three students, matching colored papers to determine your partners.  We need to do this quickly, so just spin your desks around.  The groups will be joining another as we move through the assignment, so don’t lose hope if you are not in a group with people you know.  Take notes throughout this exercise because the work you do here will likely fuel your homework.
    10. 10. Initial seating arrangement
    11. 11. + Step 1: 15 minutes  Read the statement on your paper and assume that the statement is a true representation of your own beliefs and point of view on that issue.  Everyone in your first group should have the same prompt.  Brainstormwith your partner(s) and write down as many reasons as you can in support of the statement.  Stay in the role as best you can. Remain focused on generating solid support for the proposition you have been assigned.
    12. 12. Please move to this configuration
    13. 13. + Step 2: 10 minutes:  You should now have blended two groups who have the same color paper to make one larger group of four, five, or six. You should still all have the same prompt.  One person from each original group should read aloud the reasons in support of the proposition, idea, or issue.  The new, larger group should compile a new, better list by eliminating weaker evidence and creating a strong list of reasons.
    14. 14. Please join tables this way
    15. 15. + Step 3: 20 minutes  Youshould be in groups of eight/ twelve. You should have people supporting two different aspects of one issue. You should now have two different colored prompts in your group.  PersuasionDialogue: Have a dialogue, working to persuade those on the other side to come to your side. Remember, you should both offer your opinions and counter their suggestions.  You will use the fodder from this exercise to do your homework!
    16. 16. +QHQWhat do youthink?
    17. 17. +  In the prominent Brother/Sister relationship in novel (Jaime & Brothers and Sisters Cersei) how is control imposed  Why is Daenerys so tolerant of and manipulated. her brothers violent tendencies towards her?  How does this contrast with the relationship Daenerys and  Why can’t Daenerys stand up Viserys have? for herself?  Why does Arya have a deeper connection with her half brother  Why would Jamie and Cersei Jon rather than her full blooded want to kill Bran, a small boy, siblings? when he was most likely very confused about what he just  Will Arya or Jon’s differences saw and didn’t understand what ever be accepted by the society he heard? they live in?  Why does Cersei need the status and power as Queen? What is planning to do with it?
    18. 18.  Does Jon enjoy his life under Ned?+ Jon Snow  What would have happened if Catelyn accepted Jon as one of her  Why, after so many years own? does Catelyn insist on  Will Jon ever fight for his place in the being hostile toward Jon? Stark family?  Who is Jon Snow’s mother? Where is  Why does Jon accept this she? Who is she for Ned? from Catelyn instead of trying to gain her trust  Why don’t Eddard or Benjen Stark warned Jon of the type of life he and love? would have to live on the Wall?  More interestingly, I  The Night’s Watch meant no family, and the chance of survival is slim. If wonder how life would Ned really loved Jon, why did he have turned out for Jon if allow him to join? Catelyn did accept him.  Does Jon regret his choice to join the Night Watch ?
    19. 19. +  Arranged marriage: is it Sansa’s Relationships morally right? Are Sansa and Joffrey too young?  Why is it that Sansa and Arya are unable to get along with  But why would the parents each other? want to force their children into a marriage, when they were forced into marriages that they were and still are not happy with?  Why would Sandor Clegane( the Hound) reveal his past to  Why does Sansa lie to Sansa? protect Joffrey?  Why was the Hound so  Why does Sansa not tell the aggressive with Sansa? Why didn’t Sansa threaten she truth knowing that Lady is would tell Septa Mordane? going to die for it?
    20. 20. + Contest #3 Quiz 3 Pass it out!
    21. 21.  + A Game 300Thrones Read through page of Post #4: Write a dialogue between you and an equal, arguing the validity or error of a characters behavior or action. Or write a dialogue between two characters about the validity or error of a third characters behavior or action. Use your in- class exercise as fodder if you wish Homework Post #5: QHQ Game of Class 3 Thrones