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  • 1. Class 49 EWRT 1A
  • 2. Make-up Vocabulary Exam You may make up any one exam (1-5). Let me know which one you want. You have 15 minutes to finish the Exam. May the force be with you!
  • 3. AGENDA Make up Vocab test Revising Essay 2 or 3 ( Due Monday, week 11, Class 53)
  • 4. Oral Presentation Schedule: Schedule presentations: Wednesday(6) Thursday (6) Monday (6) Final Class (Remaining) For each presentation class you you miss, your score will drop one full grade.
  • 5. Revising Essay 2 or 3 (Due Monday Week 12 before class) No Exceptions
  • 6. Before you begin  Read my comments carefully.  You should see both margin and in-text comments.  Address those issues that you can, as you read.  Then, read the slide that follow this one. They will guide you through the steps to revision.  Remember, you must do more than “fix” grammatical errors to get a higher grade.
  • 7. Topic and Thesis: Does your topic address the question?  Is your topic interesting?  Is your thesis clear?  Does your thesis connect to the topic and question?  Is your thesis consistently upheld and supported throughout the essay?
  • 8. Organization, Structure, and Logic:  Are the three essay components (thesis, body, conclusion) intact and clearly distinct?  Are the three components clearly and logically linked so that the body supports the thesis and the conclusion ties them together?  Does your essay seem logical; does it make sense?
  • 9. Paragraphs and Transitions:  Is each paragraph well-structured, with a clear leading idea of its own and supporting body?  Does each paragraph logically follow the preceding one and connect easily to the following one? Sentences:  Are your sentence structures correct?  Is your usage of tense consistent and logical?
  • 10. Words and Phrases:  Are all words spelled correctly?  Do all words and phrases mark proper usage?  Have you used as few words as possible to express your thoughts? Mechanics:  Is your grammar correct?  Is your punctuation correct?
  • 11. Turning in your revision  I will not accept ANY revised essays that are received after your class begins on Monday of week 12.  Submit your essay electronically to  If you have not significantly revised your essay, you will not earn a higher grade. Send, Damn it!
  • 12.  Work on speech presentation extras.  All speeches are due tomorrow.  Bring your final speech hard copy to class to turn in (no electronic copies; MLA format).  Speeches begin Wednesday, week 11, class 50. Everyone should be prepared to go first. HOMEWORK