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  • AGENDA • Essay Review • Conclusions • Individual student meetings in- class; please have your draft and your questions ready. • In-Class Writing: The Concept Essay
  • ESSAY REVIEW  An attempt to gain readers’ interest could take as little as two or three sentences or as many as four or five paragraphs.  The thesis statement and definition are usually quite brief— sometimes only a few sentences.  A topic illustration may occupy one or several paragraphs, and there can be few or many topics, depending on how the information has been divided up.  A conclusion might summarize the information presented, give advice about how to use or apply the information, or speculate about the future of the concept.
  • SHOULD I END WITH SPECULATION, AS NGO DOES? Members of developed societies in general practice none of these forms of cannibalism, with the occasional exception of survival cannibalism when the only alternative is starvation. It is possible, however, that our distant-past ancestors were cannibals who through the eons turned away from the practice. We are, after all, descended from the same ancestors as the Miyanmin, the Alligator, and the Leopard people, and survival cannibalism shows that people are capable of eating human flesh when they have no other choice. View slide
  • SHOULD I FRAME THE ESSAY BY RELATING THE ENDING TO THE BEGINNING, AS TOUFEXIS DOES? O.K., let’s cut out all this nonsense about romantic love. Let’s bring some scientific precision to the party. Let’s put love under a microscope. When rigorous people with Ph.D.s after their names do that, what they see is not some silly, senseless thing. No, their probe reveals that love rests firmly on the foundations of evolution, biology and chemistry. What seems on the surface to be irrational, intoxicated behavior is in fact part of nature’s master strategy—a vital force that has helped humans survive, thrive and multiply through thousands of years. Says Michael Mills, a psychology professor at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles: “Love is our ancestors whispering in our ears.” O.K., that’s the scientific point of view. Satisfied? Probably not. To most people—with or without Ph.D.s—love will always be more than the sum of its natural parts. It’s a commingling of body and soul, reality and imagination, poetry and phenylethylamine. In our deepest hearts, most of us harbor the hope that love will never fully yield up its secrets, that it will always elude our grasp. View slide
  • HOMEWORK Write: Work on your concept essay Post # 32: Your improved draft Bring two clean, double-spaced copies of your draft to class Study: Vocab (all)