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Social Media 101 For Nonprofits - The Basics
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Social Media 101 For Nonprofits - The Basics

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An overview of social media for nonprofit organizations including social media statics use statitics, the basic tools available and how nonprofits can leverage social media for social good.

An overview of social media for nonprofit organizations including social media statics use statitics, the basic tools available and how nonprofits can leverage social media for social good.

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  • Listen to what people are saying about your:-organizations-constituents-other similar orgs-
  • Find friendsConnect with
  • Picture from the Oxfam campaign to support Ethiopian coffee farmers with a Starbucks Flickr petition
  • Testimonials are one of the most impactful ways to get people involved in a cause that invokes such emotion


  • 1. Social Media 101 for Nonprofits
    Jordan Viator
    Interactive Communications Manager
  • 2. What is social media?
  • 3. “Social media is the use of electronic and Internet tools for the purpose of sharing and discussing information and experiences with other human beings.” - BenParr.com
    Or more simply:
    Online, two-way communications that allows for heightened participation and engagement
  • 4. Web 2.0 and New Media
    Micro Blogs
    Social Networks
    Social Bookmarks
    Video Sharing Sites
    Photo Sharing Sites
    Virtual Worlds
    The possibilities and tools are seemingly endless and grow and change everyday!
  • 5. What’s it all about?
  • 6. Sharing
    Flickr photo credit: OM Careers
  • 7. Listening
    It’s just as important to listen as it is to talk and share.
  • 8. Building Trust
    Social media helps build trust by allowing your supporters and fans to speak on your behalf
  • 9. Goals of Social Media
    Shift in fundamental goals of communication
    Social Media strives to
    Provide transparency and authenticity
    Create an open and honest dialogue
    Illustrate a core understanding of the
    issues, trends and needs of the industry
    Allow influencers and advocates to
    evangelize for you
    Provide a feedback loop
    As much about listening as telling
    Throw out the marketing speak and
    talk with people not to people
    People are already saying things
    about your brand, give them an outlet
    Monologue  Dialogue
  • 10. The bottom line…
  • 11. Welcome to the Future
  • 12. Social Media Tools & Tactics
  • 13. Blogs - Blogger, Wordpress, Typepad
    Provides a human voice
    Real experiences, advice
    and news
    Engages people in issues
    they are interested
    Provides a forum
    for feedback which
    empowers your supporters
    to speak up and be heard
    Transparency is key:
    don’t post press releases
  • 14. Social Networks - Facebook & MySpace
    Friends, acquaintances and
    Sharing of personal
    Opportunity to fundraise
    “Networking” through
  • 15. Communities - Ning, Care2, Change.org
    Bringing supporters and interested people together in a more focused environment
    Allows for groups, discussions, media uploads, feeds of relevant information and more
  • 16. Micro-blogging - Twitter
    140 characters or less
    Sharing of news, information, links
    Collaborative discussions in real time
    Twitter packs help you find
    like-minded people
  • 17. Video Sharing - YouTube
    Compelling multimedia content
    Can be easily shared and embedded
    YouTube Nonprofit Program provides free perks
    Various ways to create powerful, moving
    video to tell your story
  • 18. Photo Sharing - Flickr
    Open, public photos
    Tagging capabilities for search
    Supporters and friends can
    upload and tag on your behalf
    Use in creative ways:
    Tell your story
    Promote your event
    Launch a campaign
    Engage volunteers
  • 19. Considerations to Start
    Start a simple blog with a free service like Blogger, Wordpress or Typepad
    Integrate YouTube further into outreach efforts such as:
    - Testimonials from people you’ve helped
    - Training for volunteers
    Create Facebookpage to allow more diversified content to be shared with “fans”
    Create a private community using Ning or a similar platform to bring together volunteers and constituents together
    Consider integrating Flickr into your photo sharing for “tagging” purposes
    Use all of the above tactics to allow your supporters and people you support to tell your story and the impact your organization makes
  • 20. Resources
    Slideshare: www.slideshare.net
    Connection Café blog: www.connectioncafe.com
    Beth’s Blog: http://beth.typepad.com/beths_blog/
    NTEN site and blog: http://nten.org/
    Alltop: www.nonprofit.alltop.com
    Chris Brogan’s blog: http://www.chrisbrogan.com/
    Technorati: www.technorati.com
    Summize: www.summize.com
    Convio 2010 Resolutions Guide: www.convio.com/resolve2010
    Techsoup: http://techsoup.org/