Computer People It Monitor April May 2012


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Computer People It Monitor April May 2012

  1. 1. IT Monitor / Computer People Page 1 of 7IT Monitor April/May 2012Your monthly guide to salary and recruitmenttrends in the UK IT marketThis months IT Monitor brings you the most up-to-date and comprehensivesalary information from across the IT industry, complete with this month’s Highlights from Marchvacancy trends and analysis. • Both permanent and contract IT vacancies increased.With announcements in the press this month of a pending spike in demand for • Permanent roles increased in the publicIT professionals in the UK, the market appears to be responding. We have seen sector and in media, new media & creativepositive growth in the demand for IT professionals, as vacancies and salaries only.continued to rise on aggregate across all sectors. • Retail was the only sector to experience any significant increase in contractor rolesMedia, new media and creative vacancy levels increased which in prior years in March.has indicated that an incline in the number of vacancies is likely to be on the • Contractor roles in the telecoms sectorhorizon as this is the sector that tends to staff up first. takes a nose dive. • Developers and project managers areFor the second month running, the public sector focuses on recruiting on a the most in demand professionals for thepermanent basis to hit headcount, this is particularly prevalent in March as it is month of March. Analysts also join the topthe final month of the financial year. of the list. • Interim IT directors and SAP contractAs London keenly awaits the 2012 Olympic Games we have seen an increase professionals come out on top againin the number of jobs advertised. However as projects near end in order to for achieving the months highest pay ready for the July influx, we may see declines in advertised jobs as manydevelopment and project staff contracts would have come to an end.Regards,Niall Cook, Brand DirectorComputer
  2. 2. IT Monitor / Computer People Page 2 of 7IT MonitorPermanent vacancies remain steady as Q1 progresses Permanent Contract Vacancies % Change Vacancies % Change Number of vacancies: all sectors 13,050 0.20% 5,722 0.19%Overall, advertised permanent vacancies increased this month, with a rise of 0.20% compared to this time last year.While the economy seems uncertain, the IT jobs market appears to have a more clearly aligned strategy, one alignedto innovation and development. Encouragingly, these increases in demand for permanent IT professionals means thatshelved projects are being revived.Contractor vacancies increased in March by 0.19%, signalling that the IT contract market is still buoyant, despite manyprojects nearing closure at the end of the year and leading up to the Olympics.Sector breakdown Permanent Contract (per hour) Number of vacancies: major sector Vacancies % Change Vacancies % Change Banking, insurance and finance 1,473 -3.60% 740 -4.15% Retail 678 -1.88% 83 6.41% Telecoms 463 -9.92% 77 -18.95% Media, new media and creative 445 2.25% 175 15.13% Public Sector 176 6.67% 198 2.06%Banking, insurance and financeWith a decrease of 3.60% for permanent roles and 4.15% in contractor vacancies, the banking, insurance and financialsector experienced a slow down in March.This decline was to be expected as we approached the end of the financial year and contracts and projects come to aclose. We are therefore likely to see increased headcount at the beginning of the financial year, as budgets are approvedfor the year ahead.This is a typical recruitment pattern for the banking, insurance and finance sector as these sectors traditionally tend to staffup at the commencement of the financial
  3. 3. IT Monitor / Computer People Page 3 of 7IT MonitorRetailThe retail sector experienced an increase in contractor vacancies — at 6.41% in the month of March, in line with the end ofthe financial year. However, there was a slight dip in permanent vacancies at 1.88% showing a mixed month of activity forthe sector.As London 2012 approaches, it’s hoped that the Games will have a positive impact on the economy longer term, whichcould spell job creation in the IT industry long after the Games.TelecomsThe telecoms industry saw a noticeable slowdown in March in both permanent and contractor vacancies at -9.92% and-18.95% respectively.Over the past few months we saw steep inclines in the recruitment of IT professionals in the telecommunications sector. Thecurrent declines could be attributed to the early completion of projects including upgrades in London to 4G connection from3G, which will leave a lull in vacancy’s compared to previous months.Media, new media and creativeMedia, new media and creative continued to experience a positive month in vacancies with permanent roles increasingby 2.25% and contractor roles increasing by 15.13%. This industry along with the finance industry is the first to hire andtherefore we are hoping that this has a ripple effect on the market as a whole going forward.Public sectorIt continues to be good news for the public sector as March shows an increase in the number of permanent vacancies (up6.67%) and contractor vacancies (up by 2.06%) these increases seen for a two month period seem to be a turning trend.Monthly salary trendsPermanent salaries rose by 0.07% in March this represents a steadying in salaries for IT professionals as we approachthe summer months. Contract salaries increased at a higher margin than permanent this month, with a 0.59% rise.Contractors are in a good position at present as employers are willing to pay higher rates to ensure that projects aredelivered on time in preparation for London 2012. Permanent Contract Vacancies % Change Vacancies % Change % change to salary and contract rates 0.07% 4.19% 0.59% 4.03%Compared to the salaries of 2011, 2012 has been a steady year thus far for IT professionals. We are continuing to seedemand for contractors however we are more likely to see salaries steady as projects come to and end as does thefinancial
  4. 4. IT Monitor / Computer People Page 4 of 7IT MonitorOracle experienced the greatest increase in permanent salaries this month with a 0.09% rise, while the biggest decline wasrecorded at 0.10% in Java.Contractor rates continue to increase for interim IT directors (up 3.80%) which are a clear nod to the number of changemanagement projects going live. There are also a large number of interim CIO roles requiring CIOs to make quick turnaround in efficiency and effectiveness savings within organisation, this added pressure and short-term target settingjustifies the increase month-on-month. Oracle, .Net/C# and SAP contractor roles continue to see increases in salaries,largely due to the number of integration projects that are currently underway. Permanent (per annum) Contract (per hour) % Average % Average % Average change % Average change Job title Average change (Year-on- Average change (Year-on- salary (Monthly) year) salary (Monthly) year) .Net/C# £39,374 -0.03% 7.16% £38 1.02% 3.29% Java £47,781 -0.10% 0.22% £47 0.40% 5.00% Oracle £52,377 0.09% 8.56% £49 1.60% 0.10% SQL Server £38,244 -0.05% 4.86% £39 -1.23% 7.29% Business Intelligence £53,112 -0.04% 9.18% £50 -0.30% 0.61% Web Developer £32,670 0.03% 3.50% £35 -0.45% 10.80% Project Manager £51,995 -0.02% 5.51% £51 0.30% 7.90% SAP £67,286 0.03% 4.68% £63 2.43% 5.45% Testing £46,937 0.07% 7.00% £41 -1.10% 1.38% Database £40,831 0.01% 0.61% £45 -1.20% 7.20% IT Director £76,525 -0.05% 4.01% £96 3.80% 
  5. 5. IT Monitor / Computer People Page 5 of 7IT MonitorJobs in demandMany organisations are hot on demonstrating their innovative capabilities at present, which is largely why we arecontinuing to see the trend of developers and project managers being the most in-demand professionals at present.We are also seeing demand for architects and business analysts. Permanent Contract Jobs in demand Overall Developer Developer Project Manager Analyst Architect Business Analyst Business Analyst Project Manager Web Developer Software Engineer Senior Developer Consultant Software Engineer Architect Administrator Designer Java Developer Administrator Designer Java Developer Support Analyst Test Analyst Banking, Insurance Developer Analyst and Finance Analyst Business Analyst Business Analyst Developer Project Manager Project Manager Consultant Java Developer Java Developer Test Analyst Senior Developer Architect Support Analyst Engineer C# Developer Consultant Senior Analyst Senior Analyst Media, New Media Developer Developer and Creative Web Developer Analyst Project Manager Project Manager Designer
  6. 6. IT Monitor / Computer People Page 6 of 7IT Monitor Permanent Contract Jobs in demand PHP Developer Designer Consultant Business Analyst Architect Web Developer Business Analyst Architect Senior Developer PHP Developer Administrator Flash Developer Telecommunications Developer Engineer Consultant Analyst Project Manager Developer Architect Project Manager Project Manager Consultant Software Engineer Architect Development Manager Business Analyst Engineering and Engineer Engineer Manufactoring Developer Consultant Consultant Analyst Analyst Project Manager Software Engineer Developer Support Engineer Business Analyst Senior Engineer Software Engineer Business Analyst Support Engineer Public Sector Manager Analyst Analyst Developer Developer Manager Consultant Engineer Engineer Consultant Architect Project Manager Project Manager Business
  7. 7. IT Monitor / Computer People Page 7 of 7IT MonitorWrap upAs vacancies continue to rise month-on-month, permanent salaries steady, and contractor pay increases the IT recruitmentsector continues to gain momentum.With the close of the financial year – all eyes are set on what the market reaction will be to the 2012 Olympic Games.More importantly what pressures the economy slipping into a technical recession and the threat of the Eurozone collapsewill have on IT recruitment.All signs are pointing to an uncertain few months. While the Olympics will bring short-term excitement to the market, theincreased holiday days for the Queens Jubilee, the interruption on work patterns caused by the Olympics and the rockyeconomy could mean businesses act more cautiously when recruiting in the latter part of the year.Watch this space. IT Monitor is developed using market intelligence from major job boards, data from all brands within the Adecco Group UK & my salary checker .com Ireland, company websites, social networking sites, SalaryTrack, the market’s leading earnings information service and ( 5119 CP