Jordan Wilkinson Landscape Architecture Portfolio


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Landscape Architecture Portfolio of Jordan Wilkinson, graduate of Kansas State University with a Masters in Landscape Architecture.

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Jordan Wilkinson Landscape Architecture Portfolio

  1. 1. Jordan WilkinsonLandscape Architecture Portfolio
  2. 2. Make no little to stir “they have no magic plans; men’s blood...Jordan Wilkinson521 Faith DriveLake St. Louis, MO 63367jordancwilk@gmail.com314.496.5947
  3. 3. 5 Design Philosophy & Process7 Washington Terrace: Chicago, IL 9 Urban Flow: Denver, CO13 Washington Marlatt Memorial Park: Manhattan, KS 15 MKS Futures: Manhattan, KS19 Doane College RAC: Crete, NE 23 Whispering Oaks Country Club: Ocala, FL24 Clements Ranch: Dallas, TX 25 Terrybrook Farms: Overland Park, KS27 Rebuilding Stouffer Place: Lawrence, KS 29 Additional Graphics31 Resumé Table of Contents 3
  4. 4. Design Philosophy:My intent as a designer is always to createspaces that can bring people a higher quality oflife. By combining my environmental ethics anda place-making approach to design, I believethat memorable places can be achieved withminimal impact on the natural environment. Tools: • Adobe Illustrator
  5. 5. R R R e e e v v v i i iD e e e Si w w w ol le Generate Question & Evaluate Refine & adjust Combine um tm ia o n Design Process: My design process illustrates the progression of multiple ideas in reaction to a specific dilemma. These ideas are questioned, evaluated, refined, and adjusted to develop a final design solution that has been reviewed multiple times. 5
  6. 6. Washington Terrace: Chicago, ILAn intense design process was used for thisproject progressing from a line drawing, 3Dextraction, form & space study, to a final modeland planting plan. The underlying spatialorganization was inspired by patterns found inwood grain, bringing an organic rhythm to thisbusiness district terrace in downtown Chicago. Final Planting Model Form & Space Model 3D Extraction Tools: • AutoCAD • Land-FX • Adobe Illustrator • Adobe InDesign Line Drawing Planting Plan
  7. 7. Rendered Planting Plan 7
  8. 8. Urban Flow: Denver, CO Conceptual MassingThe vacated site of the University of Colorado’sHealth & Sciences campus provided thefoundation for this urban redesign project. Amaster plan was developed for the entire site,then an area of detail was designed further. Aflowing river provides inspiration for this mixed-use retail district, and streetscape design. Streets Land Use Open Space Existing Buildings Tools: • AutoCAD Figure • Adobe Illustrator Ground • Adobe InDesign • Adobe Photoshop • Google Sketchup Site Map Design Strategy Diagrams
  9. 9. Parking Structures Adjacent Buildings Street Grid Detail Plan Site Plan Parking Structure DiagramsConceptual Master Plan 9
  10. 10. SketchUp ModelDesign Process Street Section Typology
  11. 11. 10th & Birch Photo MontageDetail Site Plan Urban Flow: Denver, CO 11
  12. 12. Marlatt Park: Manhattan, KSWashington Marlatt Memorial Park is ownedby Kansas State University and primarily usedfor research and analysis. A full inventory ofnatural systems and detailed site analysis wereundertaken to develop a master plan. GISmaps and a written report were produced tocommunicate major site issues. Top of Top of Top of Legend the Wor the Wor the Wor Site Roads Legend ld ld ld Legend Road Centerline Site Roads Site Roads Parcels Road Centerline Road Centerline Slope Percentage Parcels unnamed unnamed unnamed Parcels 0 - 5% Slope Aspect Hill Shade 5 - 10% North High : 254 10 - 15% East 15 - 20% South Low : 0 20 - 25% West d d d on on on wp wp wp lo lo lo Wil Wil Wil Star Star Star Prairie Prairie Prairie Coronado Coronado Coronado Ma Ma Ma rla rla rla tt tt tt Seth Child Seth Child Seth Child ax ax ax rr rr rr Tata Tata Tata Ha Ha Ha rah rah rah ey ey ey ± Hillshade Analysis ± Slope Analysis ± Slope Aspect Analysis
  13. 13. Washington Marlatt Memorial Park, Manhattan, KS Jordan Wilkinson & Lee AdamsLegend LAR 420 Fall 2007 Site Road Top ofSoil Type Legend the World Florence Site Parcel Benfield Dwight-Irwin Parcels unnamed Irwin 1 Irwin eroded Tully 2 Breaks-Alluvial 3 Clay Pan Seth Child Soils Analysis Suitability Analysis Master Plan 13
  14. 14. MKS Futures: Manhattan, KSA summer graduate studio addressed many ofthe forthcoming issues for Manhattan, KS. Witha population influx in the near future, thereare many needs and opportunities for change.GIS was used to create a unique alternative forfuture growth in Manhattan. A prototype planwas created to support the strategy. Tools: • AutoCAD • Adobe Illustrator Population Density Legend Growth Strategy • Adobe InDesign • Adobe Photoshop • ArcGIS Boulevard Section Alley Section
  15. 15. Giliad Begin: 2030 Completed By: 2025 Full By: 2040 Waverly Begin: 2025 Completed By: 2030 Full By: 2035 10km Surveillance Zone (or the “Buffer Zone”) 3km Protection Zone Covington Begin: 2012 Completed By: 2020 Full By: 2025 Vinten Completed By: 2012 Begin: 2020 Full By: 2030Regulating Framework Conservation Buffer Phasing Strategy Primary Street Section Secondary Street Section Collaboration with Emily King & Alli Gerth 15
  16. 16. Pedestrian Circulation Trails 6’ Sidewalks 4’ Sidewalks 8’ Sidewalks Walking Distances 1/4 Mile Radius 1/2 Mile RadiusTrail System
  17. 17. Community: 13.5 AcresRetail: 10.6 AcresOffice/Residential: 9.1 AcresRetail/Residential: 19.4 AcresMobile Homes: 17.4 AcresHigh Density Residential: 16.4 AcresMedium Density Residential: 37 AcresLow Density Residential: 63.5 Acres Prototype PlanOpen Space: 126.3 AcresLand Use Summary MKS Futures: Manhattan, KS Collaboration with Emily King & Alli Gerth 17
  18. 18. Doane College RAC: Crete, NELand Construction I & II focused on thedevelopment of a recreational athletic centeron the campus of Doane College in Crete,NE. Construction documents were designedand developed for general development,technical grading, irrigation, and lighting plans.Earthwork estimations were also completed. Tools: • AutoCAD Civil 3D • Adobe InDesign • Adobe Photoshop Technical Grading Plan Contour Area Plan End Area Section Earthwork Estimation
  19. 19. Planting Plan & Irrigation Strategy Irrigation PlanComponent Details Irrigation 19
  20. 20. • Fixture Selection• Illumination Calculations• Wire Gauge Sizing• Circuit Calculations Illumination PlanWiring Plan Lighting
  21. 21. • Vehicular & Modular Paving• Wood Structures• Masonry Screen Walls• Cast in Place Retaining Walls• Entry Signs Construction Details 21
  22. 22. Whispering Oaks: Ocala, FLThis site in Ocala, Florida featured rollingtopography and dramatic views, making it idealfor an 18 hole golf course. Valuable lessonslearned include routing techniques, technicalgrading around tees and greens, and basiccommunity design. Green Complex #9 Grading Plan: Holes 9 & 10
  23. 23. Summary:• 18 Holes of Golf• 194 Single Family Units• 2 Equestrian Centers• Clubhouse/Restaurant• Practice Green• Chipping Green• Double-Ended Driving Range• Riding trailsTools:• AutoCAD• Adobe Photoshop Master Plan Collaboration with Lee Adams 23
  24. 24. Clements Ranch: Dallas, TXClements Ranch is a 3,000 + acre developmentlocated 18 miles east of Dallas, TX. Situatedon Lake Ray Hubbard, this design for a newcommunity will contain a variety of housingtypes as well as a town center with an 18-holegolf course, a marina, conference center and4-star hotel. Aerial View of Town Center Tools: • AutoCAD • Adobe Photoshop • Google Sketchup Plan of Town Center Section of Town Center
  25. 25. Rendered Plan Master Plan Terrybrook Farms: Overland Park, KS Terrybrook Farms was the focus for Land Construction III. A site of 94 acres will house Section of Community Center 204 single family dwelling units. A general development plan has been developed maintaining natural drainage and minimizingTools: grading. A community center and central park• AutoCAD Civil 3D spaces are some of the planned amenities. 25
  26. 26. Rebuilding Stouffer Place:Lawrence, KSFollowing work through an internship with TheUniversity of Kansas, the site of Stouffer PlaceApartments was chosen as the dilemma toframe a master’s project. The project focussedon sustainable redevelopment and studenthousing alternatives by reusing infrastructure. View From Green Roof Tools: • AutoCAD 3D • Adobe Photoshop • Adobe Illustrator • Google Sketchup Building Shell Re-use
  27. 27. Abstract: College and university campuses have the potential to organize buildings, outdoor spaces, pedestrian corridors, roadways, parking lots, and infrastructure all within one cohesive and unified place. Dynamic but unified spaces are typically the result of thoughtful architecture, landscape architecture, and years of planning. Recognizable design styles, material use, and plant palettes work together to create something bigger than simply a collection of buildings, transportation corridors, and outdoor spaces. Each building, group of buildings, series of spaces, transportation feature, and infrastructural component needs to be designed and implemented with the entire campus in mind to be truly successful. When planned correctly, a unified campus can harbor innovation, provide inspiration, and initiate interaction. Stouffer Place Apartments has evolved into a secluded housing development within the midst of the busy University of Kansas (KU) campus. Apartments are only available to graduate students, international students, students with families, non-traditional students, and post-doctoral researchers. Stouffer Place has maintained a quiet and peaceful atmosphere at the corner of 19th and Iowa in Lawrence, Kansas since 1957. Like so many of the university housing developments built after World War II, Stouffer Place is full of agingPlan of Housing Cluster infrastructure, providing the basis for a discussion of a new or renovated development on the site (Casey-Powell 1999, 86). Not only are the aging Stouffer Place buildings an eyesore to many people in the community, but Pho their existing arrangement limits community interaction and shared space. tov Additionally, many of the Stouffer Place apartment buildings are near the end olta of their lifetime, but they can they be recycled, reused, and deconstructed Gre ic p to create dynamic spaces for the residents. In short, Stouffer Place can be en ane redeveloped to create a new model of affordable, sustainable, and self- roo ls sufficient on-campus apartments that attract and retain students as well as f s create a higher quality of life. Sha ded With the growing trend of sustainable building practices, KU’s Department of ent Student Housing (DSH) has an immense opportunity to transform this student ries community into a model for other universities nationwide. By implementing a design strategy that successfully reuses and phases out the existing built infrastructure of the site, a place that facilitates sustainable living and community interaction will be created. Through this project, the culture and identity of Stouffer Place is revealed and catalyzed, using the missions of KU and DSH to create a plan that supports, sustains, and creates. Building Section 27
  28. 28. Sketches:Hand graphics include pen & ink, graphite,watercolor, markers, and colored pencils.
  29. 29. 29
  30. 30. ...Make big plans, aim high in hope and work.” - Daniel Burnham
  31. 31. JordanWilkinson | 314.496.5947 | 521 Faith Drive. Lake St. Louis, MO 63367 Objective To obtain entry-level employment in the professional field of landscape architecture. Education Kansas State University | Manhattan, KS Master of Landscape Architecture | May 2011 Experience University of Kansas, Office of Design & Construction Management | Lawrence, KS Landscape Architecture Intern | January 2010 - August 2010 Prepared design concepts, cost estimates, and construction documents for various projects on the University of Kansas campuses. Contributed to the campus master plan process Kansas State University | Manhattan, KS Student Grader | Fall semesters 2009, 2010 Evaluated, and red-lined construction documents including general development, technical grading, road alignment, and storm drainage Strathalbyn Farms Country Club| St. Charles, MO Grounds Worker | August 2002 - July 2007 Maintained the grounds and clubhouse facilities, assisted and guided members Activities Student Chapter of ASLA | Kansas State University President | 2010 - 2011 - Planned and executed meetings, events, and fund-raisers Vice President | 2009 - organized group communications and events 2nd & 3rd Year Class Representative | 2007 - 2009 National Society of Collegiate Scholars | 2007 - Present Skills Experienced in Current Computer Software AutoCAD Civil 3D, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Bridge, SketchUp, ArcGIS, Land FX, Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Excel Hand Rendering & Drawing Pen and Ink, Marker, Watercolor, Colored Pencil, Graphite Construction Documentation General Site Plans, Lighting, Irrigation, Planting, Dimensioning, Technical Grading, Details & Specs Honors TBG Scholarship | 2010 Golf Course Builders Association of America Scholarships | 2008 & 2009 Clark Condon & Scott Slagle Scholarship | 2008 Jerry Loomis Memorial ASLA Scholarship | 2008 Resumé |References available upon request| 31
  32. 32. Jordan Wilkinson 521 Faith DriveLake St. Louis, MO 63367 314.496.5947