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This slide is describing the basic concept what the ebook looks like. Good for beginners

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Easy to know ebook

  1. 1. EZ to know eBook Jordan Chung Jordan_Chung@hotmail.com
  2. 2. Who I AM ? Microsoft, TrendMicro, Cyberlink, Corel, Kuro …. Kara24H 線上卡拉OK co-founder … MS in Computer Eng., MBA/ 18 years Product development/Management
  3. 3. http://www.linkedin.com/profile/view?id=5911091
  4. 4. https://www.facebook.com/SoftwareABC
  5. 5. Agenda • eBook Life Cycle • Book vs Music • eBook vs Cloud • Major players on the market • eBook Future
  6. 6. Visualization
  7. 7. Workshop •Author •Publisher •Customer
  8. 8. eBook Life Cycle
  9. 9. 印刷 Book Workflow CTP 版PDF 版數位樣校正製作 攝影 Digital Content 企劃 取材 製作 發佈 E P 紙本印刷數位化 紙本印刷電子化
  10. 10. Publishing an eBook Book Authoring Tool Publish & Upload Book Store File server eBook reader Cloud Book Store Book Store Web / Download server
  11. 11. eBook Formats
  12. 12. Comparison Items ePub2 ePub3 Reflowable ePub3 Fixed Layout PDF Reflowable based on screen size Yes Yes No No Ability to change font size Yes Yes No No Clean text and high readability Yes Yes No No Smaller file sizes Yes Yes No No Less graphic intensive for mobile class processors Yes Yes Yes No Fixed Layout No No Yes Yes Multimedia No No Yes No Performance Display time Fast Normal Normal Normal Touch Guest event (Native) Good Normal Normal Good
  13. 13. eBook vs Music
  14. 14. eBook vs Music
  15. 15. eBook vs Music Download by Song Download by Article
  16. 16. Multiple devices  What is your expectation to see eBook, when you buy an ebook on NB device, but login that eBook reader with iPad?  When u read an ebook on NB at home, later, you are going out, and want to read the same ebook on iPad. What is your exception to read this ebook? 書 書 書
  17. 17. Multiple devices  When you buy an ebook on NB device, then you login that eBook reader by iPad. What is your expectation to see eBook?  When u read an ebook on NB at home, later, you are going out, and want to read the same ebook on iPad. What is your exception to read this ebook? 書 書 書 Synchronization
  18. 18. Major Players Hami BookZinio APP store: https://itunes.apple.com/tw/app/hami-book/id330012893?mt=8 Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.she.eReader Web reader: http://bookstore.emome.net/
  19. 19. Hami Book https://itunes.apple.com/tw/app/hami-book/id330012893?mt=8 https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.she.eReader Web reader: http://bookstore.emome.net/
  20. 20. Opportunity
  21. 21. Workshop • What feature/strategy u think ebook reading can be better
  22. 22. Reading with fun  Interactive ebook  Social reading  Lending Library Youtube Local TED talk
  23. 23. More Local UGC
  24. 24. Any feedback Any comment, you can send it to Jordan Chung Jordan_Chung@hotmail.com
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