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  1. 1. LearningManagementSystemsEdmodoBy: Jordan Hinkson and JosieHearn
  2. 2. Learning Management Systems A learning management system (LMS) is asoftware application or Web-basedtechnology used to plan, implement, andassess a specific learning process.Typically, a learning management systemprovides an instructor with a way tocreate and deliver content, monitorstudent participation, and assess studentperformance.
  3. 3. Edmodo Edmodo is one of the many learningmanagement systems that are availablefor teachers and students. Edmodo is very similar to the format ofFacebook. Students find this website easy to usebecause they can relate the features toFacebook.
  4. 4. Starting up Edmodo Click Sign Up Now-I’m a Teacher Fill in personal information Push blue sign in button
  5. 5. Setting up an Edmodo page About Me Teacher Badges Shared Student Badges Community Publishers Connections Favorites
  6. 6. About Me Share something about yourself for otherteachers and students to see. Ideas – Your name, Your major, andlicensure area. By sharing this information you can betterconnect with other teachers that areteaching the same subject area.
  7. 7. Teacher Badges Teacher badges are awards for beinghighly involved on Edmodo. Example: The “connected” badge is awardedwhen you connect with at least 10teachers on Edmodo.
  8. 8. Shared Student Badges Shared student badges are a great way togive your students a boost of positivity onEdmodo. Create a badge yourself or select oneprovided by Edmodo. Example Badges:“Star Performer” “ Homework Helper”
  9. 9. Community Join a community to give yourself a betterexperience on Edmodo. The Support Group offers help by askingany questions that you may have. Select a group to communicate and getinput from other educators in yourprogram.
  10. 10. Publishers Follow a publisher to get access to thelatest books, articles, and journals. Students that follow you on Edmodo canalso use these resources.
  11. 11. Connections Connect with other teachers. Share ideas and thoughts for in theclassroom.
  12. 12. Favorites Favorite posts from teachers and students.These posts will stay saved so you can goback and read them later. Favorite something by clicking the favoritebutton under the post your interested insaving.
  13. 13. Home Page The home page is going to be filled withposts from teachers who are in thecommunities you join. Here you can favorite posts, post yourown thoughts, and post assignments andquizzes for students. Use the discover tab to find specific topicsand ideas.
  14. 14. Planner This feature is your own personal planneron Edmodo. Post new tasks or events for yourself andyour students to view.
  15. 15. Progress This tab is for managing and creatingstudents badges.
  16. 16. Library Save and share files, videos, and otherdocuments with anyone you areconnected with on Edmodo.
  17. 17. Apps Go to the Edmodo store and downloadfun apps to your account. Some apps are free others cost. Share apps with your group, findpublishers, and books to share with yourstudents.
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