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Houses   short stories
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Houses short stories


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Custom single Family Homes

Custom single Family Homes

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  • 1. J O R G E E. C A L L E AIA NCARB Congress For The New Urbanism - AH O U S E S S H O R T S T O R I E S
  • 2. HILLSDALE - NY - USA - 3800 s.f. 2011My brother Jose and Fran live in a large, two story house that is100 yrs old in a large lot with a great deal of maintenance in Hillsdale, NY.They are in the process of scaling down to a more manageable place while still remaining in Hillsdale. This house provides an answer to theirneeds in the form of an efficient and simple one story layout. A processional layering from public to private defines the parti while at the sametime, provides an ordering system to the floor plan and its relationship with the site. The project is currently in design development.
  • 3. HILLSDALE 2011
  • 4. HILLSDALE 2011
  • 5. HILLSDALE 2011
  • 6. WEST TEXAS - TX - USA - 2200 s.f. 2011My friend Rob has a friend from his childhood who was interviewing several architects for his new house on his parents farm for his family inWest Texas an referred my name to his list. The project solution first and foremost searches for the spirit of the place and a dialogue with thelandscape. The requirements of a low budget, ease of maintenance, clear functionality and a subdued presence defined the path forstraightforward and simple design decisions.
  • 7. WEST TEXAS 2011
  • 8. WEST TEXAS 2011
  • 9. PARK CITIES - TX - USA - 5000 s.f. 2011I was recently asked by one of my wifes clients to develop a concept for a property the family owns in Park Cities. The owners are babyboomers and the children are out on their own. The solution draws from the need to have a work space directly linked to the street, functionalsimplicity and timeless clues from history. The project is currently on hold.
  • 10. PARK CITIES 2011
  • 11. PARK CITIES 2011
  • 12. DALLAS - TX - USA - 2500 s.f. 2005This house represents an effort on producing an alternative solution to the cookie cutter, market driven houses, typical of the middle classresidential market. My wife and I found a suitable site in Dallas for that purpose and developed a concept until some unforeseen circumstancesdelayed the process and ultimately stopped it indefinitely. The solution revolves around functional flexibility, ease of maintenance and maximumuse of a narrow lot.
  • 13. DALLAS 2005
  • 14. DALLAS 2005
  • 15. CAPECHARLES - VA - USA - 3000 s.f. 2004My cousin Maria asked me in 2004 for help in developing a concept for a beach front property in Capecharles, VA. The house was supposedto be their weekend/holiday retreat from their hectic city life. A solution was found where straightforward functionality, sand dunes restrictionsand fantastic views to the west were merged into a maritime architecture. In the end the project stalled and the property was sold shortly after.-
  • 16. CAPECHARLES 2004
  • 17. CAPECHARLES 2004
  • 18. RUITOQUE - Floridablanca - Colombia - 2500 s.f. 1997This house is located on the rolling hills of Ruitoque, a new suburban development of Floridablanca with wonderful views of the rising Andes tothe east for my lifetime friend German who owned a successful business. The concept takes advantage of the views and the gentle droppingslope to the east with a simple program for a family of five. The project was ended due the economic crisis in 1998.-
  • 19. RUITOQUE 1997
  • 20. RUITOQUE 1997
  • 21. GUAYMARAL - Guaymaral - Colombia - 2500 s.f. 1987This house is located in the beautiful greenery of the Sabana de Bogota in the middle of an eucalyptus forest. The house for my photographerbrother built on a one acre property was a straight exercise of functionality taking advantage of the great characteristics of the site. At the time,a white house was a counter cultural move against the prevailing brick architecture of the region.-
  • 22. GUAYMARAL 1987
  • 23. GUAYMARAL 1987
  • 24. PAN DE AZUCAR - Bucaramanga – Colombia - 4500 s.f. - 1985The house on the Pan de Azucar hill overlooking the city with great panoramic view to the west was designed for my parents . The solutiontakes advantage of the very steep slope and functionally adapts to it. In the end, my parents decided to move to an apartments building andthe property was sold shortly after that.
  • 25. PAN DE AZUCAR 1985-
  • 26. PAN DE AZUCAR 1985