Ao1 2 3 el and tennyson titles


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Ao1 2 3 el and tennyson titles

  1. 1. • Should – these tasks are mandatory. You must do them.• Could – these are initial extension tasks, that are recommended.• Might – these are further extension tasks which help stretch you in your preparation for the exam.
  2. 2. Today we will:• analyse and evaluate: – using critical vocabulary (AO1) – including language, structure, form (AO2) – using textual detail (AO3) – suggesting different interpretations and making connections (AO3)
  3. 3. The difference between analyse andevaluate• Analysis- breaking complex things • picking out key points which into parts to better understand relate to the question them • providing examples and – Identifying and commenting on identifying narrative techniques different aspects to better • suggesting reasons why the understand the narrative and how writer has done things. it is created/interpreted.• Evaluation- determining • suggesting the effect/s and somethings merit, worth, or showing you are aware of the significance strengths/ weaknesses with – Concluding the analysis by ideas and reasons suggesting how • selecting the most important, significant or useful the significant/important and giving different aspects are in your opinion. understanding the narrative
  4. 4. For those of you who need a diagram: Evaluation – weighing up, own opinions language, structure, form strengths themes and ideas narrative features weaknesses Analysis leading to interpretations
  5. 5. Writers often choose their titles carefully to allow for differentpotential meanings.Write about some potential meanings of titles in Enduring Love andTennyson’s poems.ShouldWrite down the first potential meaning you thinkof for the title of Enduring Love. Enduring Love: ………………………Choose two Tennyson poems – write down thefirst potential meanings you think of for theirtitles. Tennyson 1: ………………………………CouldChoose a third Tennyson poem and write down Tennyson 2: ………………………………..the first potential meaning of the title.Might Tennyson 3: …………………………………Suggest connections between these initialpotential meanings.
  6. 6. ShouldRank the 8 statements about titles into anorder of significance for narrative.Place the statement that you believe to bemost true/significant at the top.CouldComplete the 9th card with a statementabout the importance of titles. Where doesthis fit in your diamond?MightReduce the statements on the cards tosingle words: write these on the cards.
  7. 7. Select the first 3 statements from your diamondShould • •• Analyse: for each of the top three • statements: – list at least 3 examples (refer to language, structure, form) from Enduring Love and 2 of the Tennyson Titles are used to poems (these can be references or encapsulate the quotations). underlying themes of the narrative.Could• Use 3 Tennyson poems. ThemesMight• For each text, rank the examples you have given – 1 = most important. • • • • • •Label any narrative methods used in your examples.
  8. 8. Socratic Dialogue• Discussion about the titles: their potential meanings and how these are created. Discussion material: • your statements from Writers often choose their titles the diamond – top 3; • your evidence from carefully to allow for different the texts (possibly in potential meanings. ranked order); • build on what others say – challenge their Discuss some potential opinions, or support meanings of titles in Enduring them and extend what Love and Tennyson’s poems. they have said further.
  9. 9. Discussion: the potential meanings of titles AO1 AO2 AO3 Band 5 • Confident expression • Analysis of • Analysis of the ways the potential of ideas narrative meanings of the titles are used • Generally fluent ideas methods (L,S,F) in across the texts • Critical vocabulary relation to titles • Analysis of the significance of the titles – different interpretations • Analysis of well chosen supportive evidence Band 6 • Sophisticated • Evaluation of • Evaluation of the ways the expression of ideas narrative potential meanings of the titles are • Fluent ideas methods (L,S,F) in used across the texts • Sophisticated use of relation to titles • Evaluation of the significance of critical vocabulary the titles – different interpretations • Evaluation of well chosen supportive evidence Listeners: choose someone from the discussion to focus on. Which band are they in and why? They can be in different bands for different AOs.
  10. 10. Feedback:• Key potential meanings for the titles.• Connections between the texts.• Conclusions about the importance of titles.• Anything we’ve missed?
  11. 11. Titles are used to Titles are used inencapsulate the ironic ways tounderlying themes reinforceof the narrative. alternative interpretations of the narrative.Titles provide Titles highlight the Well chosen titlesdescriptive details key characters/ can engage theabout the protagonists. reader before theynarrative. read the narrative.Titles give an Titles sum up the Titles suggest theindication of the whole story. destination of thegenre of the narrative andnarrative. where the story will end.