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Joral Non Contact Encoders Ppt

  1. 1. Ver 1.0 1
  2. 2. Ver 1.0 2 Non Contact Encoders and Position Sensors Joral LLC 5050 S Towne Drive New Berlin, WI 53151
  3. 3. Ver 1.0 3 Joral designs and manufactures Shafted, and Non Shafted magnetic encoders, position sensors, and Tilt Sensors. Joral has been the suppler for CAT timber harvesting computers for 15 years, during a customer visit in 2004, an engineer asked if we could design a better encoder. The current product they were using had a life in the field of several months. Our first shafted encoder product was installed on a harvest head in January of 2005. During 2007 we invented the Non Contact Encoder in the Hockey Puck format, and applied for a patent on the design. We named it that first because of its unique shape, but also because to prove its ruggedness, we played hockey, using the encoder as the puck. Higher pulse rate encoders, the 18mm form factor, and 30 mm form factor followed. Our latest market innovation is the field programmable magnetic encoder requiring only a simple push of a button and turn of the shaft. Our first shafted encoders were (and still are) installed on timber harvesting heads. We have encoders on, or are the OEM supplier for manufactures such as CAT, John Deere, Logmax, TigerCat, Waratah, etc. Our first Hockey Puck encoders were installed on a ship laying undersea cable, watching the spools unreel the cable. Since then Joral non contact encoders have been installed in a myriad of situations were traditional encoders have failed due to environmental conditions. Including such applications as cement trucks, car washes, logging machines, sewer cleaning machines and conveyors on bottling lines. All Joral devices are designed from the end users point of view. Diagnostic LEDs, total encapsulation, wide operating voltage range. While standard products are our main focus, we also design custom and embedded sensors for OEM applications.
  4. 4. Ver 1.0 4 Non Contact Encoders and Rotation Sensors A Bi-Polar (N/S across the face) magnet is mounted an the axis of the rotating shaft. The magnet is referred to as the “Application Magnet”. The Sensor is mounted so that the active end has clear view if the “Application Magnet” Sense distance is dependent on installation variable, Rotation Speed, Application magnet, Shaft Acceleration etc. Sense distance .1 to .5 inches is typical with over 2 inches possible. Sensor and Application magnet may be axially misaligned.
  5. 5. Ver 1.0 5 What’s The Magic? All Sensor based Hall encoders have the same basic design. A sensor chip with multiple Hall elements (4 to 6) has a rare earth magnet precisely located on its center axis. As the magnet spins, the Hall sensors detect the magnetic field impressed upon each element. Since the magnet is diametrically magnetized, each sensor sees a slightly different N/S force. A DSP then compares the strengths and calculates the absolute magnet position. The internal magnet is held within .1 mm of both the sensor center axis, and the Z distance. The Joral difference is that the sensor magnet is contained inside the encoder. In a specially machined cavity, suspended on ceramic bearings. The “application magnet” is used to spin the “sensor magnet” inside the encoder.
  6. 6. Output Waves & Signals Outputs For Different Applications Joral Proxcoders provide a full range of output signals. Both incremental and absolute signals are available. Ver 1.0 6 Quadrature with marker index pulse data channels show motion and direction. Step and Direction – The step wire pulses to indicate shaft motion, the direction wire indicates direction of shaft rotation – Recommended for PLC connection SSI interface reports absolute encoder position as a serial data signal for connection to PLC or microprocessor Analog reports shaft position as a variable voltage. 0 to VDC or 0 to 5VDC are both available. PWM output is perfect for connection to a microprocessor. Each bit is represented by a 1us of on time. Encoder angle is calculated by the ratio of on time to total signal time.
  7. 7. Ver 1.0 7 Specifications Total Encapsulation – Automotive Grade Material stable when exposed to UV, Temperature, and Hydrocarbons. IP69 Encoder Rating - +50 PSI operation +500 PSI survival 6-30 VDC operating range LED’s on PWR, AB and Mkr for diagnostics Mil Spec Vibration rating - 40 to +80 C 6000 RPM operation HP58 Food Grade Plastic
  8. 8. Ver 1.0 8 PEHP18 18 mm ProxEncoder Form factor of 18 mm Prox Switch – 6 Conductor 6 foot cable. Incremental 16,32,24,128,256,512 PPR Rates Pulse per Revolution Quadrature A,B,Mkr Pulse per Step and Direction Absolute Position PWM 0 - Applied Voltage PWM @ 1024 hz 0-5 VDC PWM @ 1024 hz Absolute Position Analog Voltage 0 - Applied Voltage Analog (External Filter) 0-5 VDC Analog (External Filter)
  9. 9. Ver 1.0 9 HP58 58 mm Hockey Puck Encoder Form factor of 58 mm Encoder 4 pin M8, 5 or 8 pin M12 Rear Exit, 5 pin M12 Side Exit - 5 pin Phoenix - Cable Incremental 256 Pulse per Revolution Quadrature A,B,Mkr 8, 16, 32, 64, 80, 128 512 Pulses per Revolution Step and Direction 16, 32, 64, 80, 128, 256 2048 Pulse per Revolution Quadrature A,B,Mkr 8, 10, 16, 20, 32, 40, 50, 64, 80, 100, 125, 128, 200, 250, 256, 400, 500, 512, 1024, 2048 – FIXED OR FIELD PROGRAMMABLE Absolute SSI - 13 bit (8192 position) 2 Channels – Clock - Data Absolute J1939 Canbus - 13 bit (8192 position) Absolute PWM (1024 position) 0 - Applied Voltage PWM @ 1024 hz ( optional External Filter) 0-5 VDC PWM @ 1024 hz ( optional External Filter) Absolute Analog (1024 steps) 0 - Applied Voltage Analog 0-5 VDC Analog
  10. 10. Ver 1.0 10 PEHP30 30 mm ProxEncoder Form factor of 30 mm Prox Switch 4 pin M8 - 5 or 8 pin M12 – Cable Full Differential Outputs Available ABZ-A’B’Z’ Incremental 8, 10, 16, 20, 32, 40, 50, 64, 80, 100, 125, 128, 200, 250, 256, 400, 500, 512, 1024, 2048 Pulse per Revolution Quadrature A,B,Z Pulse per Step and Direction Absolute Position PWM 0 - Applied Voltage PWM @ 1024 hz 0-5 VDC PWM @ 1024 hz Absolute Position Analog Voltage 0 - Applied Voltage Analog (External Filter) 0-5 VDC Analog (External Filter) Absolute SSI - 13 bit (8192 position) 2 Channels – Clock - Data Absolute J1939 Canbus - 13 bit (8192 position) Addressable – Position, RPM. Degs.
  11. 11. Ver 1.0 11 J1939 for Mobile Markets Developed by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) J1939 is the preferred CAN communication method for equipment used in a wide range of industries. Forestry , agriculture, construction, and fire/rescue use J1939 to communicate vital machine parameters to the controlling computer. J1939 protocol that defines the format of the message “nodes” devices on the machine. - The JORAL J1939 encoders transmit instantaneous position information, and average RPM in the standard communication message. An external programming resistor may be used to set the device address so multiple encoders may reside on a single bus. Connects to Parker IQAN, IFM Eefector, Danfoss Plus One and a host of other J1939 platforms. 8192 Absolute Position Position and RPM Output Cable or M12 Connector 30mm or 58mm shell Sealed with LED’s Addressable
  12. 12. Ver 1.0 12 Absolute SSI Interface SSI “Synchronous Serial Interface is an industry stand for serial communication interface between encoders and host computers of PLC’s. The encoders absolute position number is transmitted in time as a series of on/off pulses. The timing is controlled by the clock pulse. The SSI interface uses a CLOCK and DATA (optionally an ENCODER SELECT). SSI interface for PLC or Microprocessor connection A 13 bit encoder would require 14 wires to send the position information to a host computer if the connection were in parallel. The serial SSI connection only requires 4 wires, and may be transmitted thousands of feet.
  13. 13. Ver 1.0 13 Explosion Proof HP58 Proxcoder senses shaft magnetic field though explosion proof housing CLASS 1 Div 1, ATEX, Hockey Puck Proxcoder senses Application Magnet mounted on rotating shaft though the explosion proof housing. Housing carries all the ratings, encoder assumes ratings because it is mounted inside the housing.
  14. 14. Ver 1.0 14 Part Number Breakdown The Part Number Describes the Encoder Code1: Housing Style Code 3: Resolution Code 4: Connection Code 5:Special J130 (30mm) A 0008 0050 0250 5TRM (5 pin terminal) -- J140 (40mm) 0010 0064 0256 5M12 (5 pin M12) 5 Volt Output J150 (50mm) 0016 0080 0400 5M2P (5 pin M12 on 18” pigtail J15F (50mm Flange mount) 0020 0100 500 5C72 (5 pin Flying lead cable 72”) J158 (58mm) 0025 0125 0512 8M12 (8 pin M12) 0032 0128 1024 8M2P (8 pin M12 on 18” pigtail) 0040 0200 2048 8C72 (8 pin Flying lead cable 72”) DT04 (4 pin Deutsch) B 0032 0064 0128 0256 C 0064 0128 0256 0512 D 180 90 E 960 1920 3840 7680 15360 30720 61440 122880 Connection Options Housing Option Code A 13 Bit Quadrature X 1939 (J1939 CAN Bus) 8M12 / DT04 / 5C72 Code B 10 Bit Quadrature X APWM (Absolute position PWM) 5TRM / 5C72 Code C 10 Bit Step and Direction X ASSI (Absolute position SSI) 8M12 / DT04 Code D 10 Bit Commutation X 5VDC (Absolute position 0-5 vdc) 5TRM J150 / J15F / J158 Code E RPM Tach Encoder X SMTENC 1 (Code Set A) 5M12 / 5C72 J150 / J15F / J158 Code X Intelligent Encoder X SMTENC 2 (Code Set B/C/D) 5M12 / 5C72 J150 / J15F / J158
  15. 15. Ver 1.0 15 Part Number Breakdown The Part Number Describes the Encoder  Application Magnets  Cables  Brackets
  16. 16. Ver 1.0 16 Installation Instructions As Simple as 1-2-3 1 Mount Magnet on rotation axis of shaft 2 Position encoder over magnet – with active area of encoder centered over magnet. Magnet to encoder spacing of approximately .250 inches 3 Connect encoder power and signal wires
  17. 17. Ver 1.0 17 Magnets, Cables & Hardware A full range of accessories are available to speed the installation process. Joral engineers can assist in the design and specification of custom magnet assembles.
  18. 18. Ver 1.0 18 Application Notes Installation  Application Magnets ¼- 20 Ring APJ-004 Shaft Collar APJ-005  Sensing though a barrier Explosion Proof APJ-001 Hyd Motor APJ-002 Gearbox APJ-003  Interfacing Output Types Quadrature APJ-006 Step & Direction APJ-007 SSI Absolute Output APJ-008 PWM Digital APJ-009 Analog APJ-010
  19. 19. Ver 1.0 19 Designer Kit Limited only by your Imagination  Application Magnets  Analog Meter  Counter
  20. 20. Ver 1.0 20 Web Site  Quick and Easy Name Recognition  Customer Entry Point for Information  Web Order with Distributor Credit  Demo Point for Sales Personal  Link to Joral LLC full web site
  21. 21. Ver 1.0 21 Contact Info  Carl D Schrubbe - Engineering / Sales Manager 262-853-7615 Cell  Dave Engsberg - Business / Sales Manager  Jeff Warzalla – Inside Sales 262-901-1021  Ross Blank - Engineer  Jordan Schrubbe - Sales