What Are Synthetic Lubricants?Engines, transmissions and other mechanical systems          Purecontain hundreds of moving ...
Why Are AMSOIL Synthetic                   Lubricants the Best?As a jet fighter squadron commander Lieutenant Colonel      ...
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G2335   boost profits with amsoil
G2335   boost profits with amsoil
G2335   boost profits with amsoil
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G2335 boost profits with amsoil


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Engines, transmissions and other mechanical systems
contain hundreds of moving parts. Though the metal
surfaces of these parts look smooth, they are actually
full of microscopic peaks and valleys. When the peak of
one surface touches its mating surface, it causes
damage. Damage may lead to component failure or
wear. Failure prevention and wear reduction are the
primary functions of lubrication.

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G2335 boost profits with amsoil

  1. 1. What Are Synthetic Lubricants?Engines, transmissions and other mechanical systems Purecontain hundreds of moving parts. Though the metal The base stocks from which synthetic lubricants aresurfaces of these parts look smooth, they are actually made contain no sulfur, nitrogen or other elements thatfull of microscopic peaks and valleys. When the peak of invite the formation of sludge and other products ofone surface touches its mating surface, it causes lubricant breakdown. Synthetic lubricants can be useddamage. Damage may lead to component failure or in higher temperatures than refined lubricants withoutwear. Failure prevention and wear reduction are the breaking down. Their resistance to breakdown alsoprimary functions of lubrication. allows them to be used longer than refined lubricantsRefined Oils can be used. Lubricated systems stay cleaner and lastConventional oils – the oils most people are familiar with longer with synthetics.– are refined from crude oil. Refining is a process of Uniformphysically separating light oil components from heavy The base stocks from which synthetic lubricants areones. made feature uniform and smooth molecular struc- Crude oil contains a full range of different kinds of tures, which ensures low friction as lubricant layersmolecules. Many are similar in weight but not in struc- slide across one another. Reduced friction increasesture. The refining process cannot distinguish such energy through-put for greater fuel efficiency and power,molecules, so a wide assortment of molecules is present and reduces heat and wear for longer equipment life.in a finished lubricant made from crude oil stocks. Molecular uniformity also helps synthetics resist thin- Some crude oil molecules are not beneficial to the ning in heat and thickening in cold, which helps themlubrication process. For example, paraffin causes refined protect better than refined oils over a system’s operat-lubricants to thicken and flow poorly in cold tempera- ing temperature range and helps ensure secure sealing.tures. Molecules containing sulfur, nitrogen and otherelements invite the formation of sludge and other prod- Designableucts of lubricant breakdown, especially in high-tem- Many different kinds of base stocks may be used toperature applications. Sludge and breakdown products create synthetic lubricants, allowing a synthetic to besignificantly increase wear rates. designed for virtually any application. Some base stocks The assorted molecules of refined lubricants also are ideal for use in extremely cold environments, othershave different shapes, making lubricant surfaces irreg- are perfect for use in extreme heat. Some are extremelyular at the molecular level. As lubricant layers flow safe in applications in which refined lubricants pose aacross one another during the lubrication process, fire or explosion hazard. Refined oils simply do notthese irregularities create friction, which consumes offer the design flexibility synthetics offer.power, reduces efficiency and increases heat and wear. The designability of synthetics also allows them to be tailored very specifically to the needs of everyday appli-Synthetic Lubricants cations, such as automotive engines, commercial equip-Synthetic lubricants are chemically engineered from ment or industrial machinery. That specificity helps ensurepure chemicals rather than refined from crude oil. That long life and peak power, performance and fuel economygives them significant advantages over refined oils. from the lubricated system, as well as long lubricant life.
  2. 2. Why Are AMSOIL Synthetic Lubricants the Best?As a jet fighter squadron commander Lieutenant Colonel far below zero, allowing dependable engine start-up, fastAlbert J. Amatuzio had ample opportunity to witness syn- lubrication, dependable protection and maximum fuelthetic lubricants in action. These oils are used exclusively economy in severe cold operations.in jet engines because of three extraordinary performancecharacteristics: an ability to reduce friction and wear on Increased Efficiencyengine components, an ability to function dependably at AMSOIL synthetic lubricants are superior to refined oils insevere temperature extremes and an ability to withstand reducing friction, helping lubricated systems use fuelrigorous and lengthy engine operation without chemical energy for work, not for overcoming drag. Superior frictionbreakdown. reduction, as well as lower volatility rates, also helps keep Recognizing that these same benefits would prove exhaust emissions low.invaluable in combustion engines, Amatuzio began con- Longer Engine and Equipment Lifeducting serious research in 1963. By 1966 he had formu- AMSOIL synthetic lubricants’ heat stability and friction-lated a synthetic motor oil and put it to use in vehicles in reducing ability keep wear rates low, which helps increasenorthern Minnesota. Throughout the late ’60s Amatuzio the time to first teardown, increases the interval betweencontinued his research and development and sold com- teardowns and increases overall equipment life.mercially available synthetic oils under a variety of names.In 1970 he incorporated his own name into a commercially Extended Lubricant Drain Intervalssold product called AMMOIL. In 1971 this product name AMSOIL synthetic lubricants offer eight times the servicewas changed to AMZOIL and it continued to be sold com- life offered by refined lubricants, sometimes even more.mercially. The true milestone came in 1972 when AMZOIL The long life of AMSOIL synthetic lubricants reducesbecame the first synthetic motor oil in the world to meet costs, downtime, waste and environmental damage.American Petroleum Institute criteria. The new lubricantperformed like no other before it. When the first can Product Lineappeared on the market in 1972, it signaled the birth of an AMSOIL manufactures synthetic lubricants, advanced fil-entire industry. tration systems, fuel additives and coolant for virtually During the past 35 years, AMSOIL synthetic lubricants every commercial, industrial or automotive application.have expanded the boundaries of lubrication science andredefined the performance possibilities of engines, equip- Quality Controlment and machinery in automotive, commercial and indus- AMSOIL synthetic lubricants are manufactured from top-trial use. Why are AMSOIL synthetic lubricants the best quality synthetic base stocks and performance additiveslubricants available? according to a stringent quality control protocol in com- puter-controlled AMSOIL manufacturing facilities. AMSOILHigh-Temperature Protection and Performance synthetic lubricants may be counted on to deliver theAMSOIL synthetic lubricants are much more stable in same top-quality performance and protection every timehigh temperatures than are refined oils. Their superior they are used, no matter where in the world they areheat stability reduces the rates of oil consumption, lubri- purchased.cant breakdown and lubricant oxidation, which keeps oilconsumption low, equipment clean, protected and running Experienceright, and extends lubricant life. AMSOIL formulated the first API-rated synthetic motor oil in the world and has more experience formulating syntheticCold-Temperature Protection and Performance lubricants than any other manufacturer in the world. AMSOILAMSOIL synthetic lubricants remain fluid in temperatures leads the industry in product quality and innovation.
  3. 3. Quality Consumers Demand High Temperature/High Shear Four Ball Wear (ASTM D-4172) 3.23 (ASTM D-4683) 3.22 40Kg pressure @ 150 degrees C 1800 rpm for 1 hour duration 3.20 1.8 1.80 1.80 3.19 3.18 1.65 HT/HS Viscosity (cP) 3.16 3.14 3.14 1.6 3.15 1.4 Wear Scar Diameter (mm) 3.10 3.09 3.10 1.2 3.05 3.05 1.0 3.05 0.8 0.65 0.65 3.00 0.6 0.55 0.55 0.55 0.60 0.60 0.45 0.4 2.95 ic X d ell e ne ce oil m d M 0.2 en em en GT et inu AT Sh nz an li th vo Bl Bl pr ce n m ic nd m at nd e il ol yn e L M la X ell Ha Pe zo et em lin tic Su inu tic an I Pl for GT str AT Ble Ble SO mu ll S Sh th nn vo he rm he pr lat yn r Ca oil IL on ol Pe Pe Ha tic AM ula ic r Su Fu rfo il P nt SO nt Fo ll S str nz et r he rm Sy ev Sy Pe n ed th zo Ca AM d Fu n ro nt ce n Fo Pe Ch nn nd ed ev Sy ft Sy tic d cra n Pe ce nd Ch te Ar va ft tic an a Ex te or Ar cr Ad p Ex dv ot or Tro p il 1 eA M ot e Tro il 1 at M ob at ob St St M M er er ak June 2005 Test Results ak June 2005 Test Results Qu QuThe superior viscosity retention of AMSOIL synthetic motor oil in AMSOIL synthetic motor oil provides unsurpassed protec-the face of severe temperature and shear conditions allows it to tion against engine wear. Equipment life is extended, andprovide continuous, unsurpassed protection for engine bearings, repairs, downtime and expenses are reduced. The smallerextending equipment life and preventing wear. the scar, the better the protection. NOACK Volatility Thin Film Oxygen Uptake Test TFOUT (ASTM D-4742) (ASTM - D 5800) 500 500 10% 9.50 9.57 469 8.84 9.12 9.13 9.18 450 404 395 375 400 364 8% 7.49 350 6.97 310 Minutes 6.77 277 6.58 300% Weight Loss 6% 5.44 250 172 200 164 153 150 4% 100 50 2% 0 c e il ell m d M e e eti TX lin d zo en em nc inu len AT Sh nth nn G vo Bl ma r lat cB IL ol up Pe Ha ula Sy tic for SO str P nS eti rm the 0% ll oil er Ca AM Fu nth ro Fo dP yn z nn ce ev m e d M ell ne X ed d il ed Sy ft S em zo en en GT e inu AT Ch Pe an Sh li nc et anc nd vo nn tic Bl Bl cra pr at rm va IL xte ol la Ha Ar Pe Su yn Adv tic Pl tic SO str ic Ad rfo tor mu 1E he he p oil Ca n Pe Tro Mo AM ate r th ll S te ro nt nt Fo nz bil Fu Sta ev Sy ed Sy St n Mo Pe Ch nd er tic ft er cra te ak Tested in an independent laboratory in August 2005 Ar ak Ex Qu or Qu p Tro ot il 1 M ob June 2005 Test Results The superior oxidation stability of AMSOIL synthetic motor MThe extremely low volatility of AMSOIL synthetic motor oil allows it oil allows it to effectively resist the formation of engineto maintain its superior protective and performance qualities deposits and sludge, keeping engines running clean andthroughout extended drain intervals, even when faced with severe efficient and extending oil life. It also resists thickening,operating temperatures. In addition, oil consumption and emissions maintaining its superior wear protection and lubricatingare minimized and fuel efficiency is maximized. properties and maximizing fuel efficiency.