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When it comes to equipment utilized, many
similarities exist within the following commercial
account vocations:
• Golf Courses
• Country Clubs
• Landscape Maintenance Operations
• Highway / Roadway Landscape Control
• Federal / State Parks
• City Parks
• Cemeteries
All these business prospects have one thing
in common: they work in some of the dirtiest,
muddiest, wettest and consistently brutal
conditions that rolling stock equipment can
be subjected to.

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landscape maintenance AMSOIL

  1. 1. Field Sales Tools Series Landscape Maintenance Table of ContentsTarget Market Synopsis . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Page 2Industry Concerns . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Page 3Target Market Business Plan . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Page 3 The Sales Approach . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Page 4 A Checklist For Success . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Page 6Lubricants and Their Applications . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Page 6Filter Products . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Page 8Convenience Products . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Page 9Looking For Leads . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Page 9Testimonial . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Page 10The Sales Cycle and Closing the Sale . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Page 11Conclusion . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Page 11Landscape/Golf Course Maintenance Questionnaire . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Page 12
  2. 2. Notes TARGET MARKET SYNOPSIS Overview nies. Keep in mind, however, that theThe popularity of the sport When it comes to equipment utilized, many demonstrated and discussed AMSOIL lubri-of golf has grown tremen- similarities exist within the following commer- cant benefits are generally applicable for alldously within the last few cial account vocations: markets. In addition, recognize that the list-years. The one drawback ed market vocations range in size from theto golfs popularity is how • Golf Courses small owner-operator to large multi-millionadditional players affect the • Country Clubs dollar operations.condition of a golf course. • Landscape Maintenance OperationsIf the condition of the golf • Highway / Roadway Landscape Control Equipment in these vocations must be in topcourse does not meet • Federal / State Parks performing condition at all times for the job toexpectations, the golf • City Parks be finished in a timely manner. The operat-course superintendent will • Cemeteries ing environments are also very similar, mean-hear complaints. In fact, ing they all have equipment that operates inthe golf course superinten- All these business prospects have one thing rain, cold, mud, extremely hot conditions, ariddent’s job is very much likein common: they work in some of the dirtiest, conditions and under heavy loads.that of a professional golfer. muddiest, wettest and consistently brutalThey either get the job conditions that rolling stock equipment can The landscape maintenance industry is verydone or they dont make be subjected to. Based on the vocation, the competitive, especially on the larger scale.the cut, which means they equipment can range from small lawn mow- Companies bid on providing governmentare out of a job. ers to multiple-decked, hydraulically actuated agencies with landscape services for main- mowers attached to large tractors. Although taining highway and park systems. ••• the equipment may be different in size, the Apartment complexes are continually looking work they perform is similar, and AMSOIL for companies to provide cost effective land-Because they can often get offers the service reliability and performance scape services. If the company presentlymore equipment for the the operators and owners of this type of providing these services lacks the resourcesmoney, both public and pri- equipment need. In short, there is not a bet- to do an effective job, or the services comevate golf courses are now ter or more cost effective lubricant program with a high price, they are usually replaced.leasing more equipment available anywhere. The opportunities for AMSOIL Dealers tothan ever, meaning they make an impact are endless.can use higher-grade Because the equipment found in these vari-equipment than possible ous vocations is so similar, this Field Sales This document outlines tried and provenunder a purchase plan. Tool has a primary focus on golf course and strategies and examples for approaching andThis not only helps their country club operations. Not only can they selling to professionals in these challengingcash flow, but allows the be found just about everywhere, but they are market course to stay current not lavishly pursued by the large oil compa-with technology. MARKET CHALLENGES Golf course superintendents operate under a cause major problems if it results in an equal great deal of pressure and are faced with number of different mix ratios. AMSOIL several challenges. Not only do they gener- Saber Professional Synthetic 100:1 Pre-Mix ally operate under strict budgets with small 2-Cycle Oil offers a clear benefit for land- staffs, they have no control over one of the scape maintenance professionals, allowing most important factors when it comes to the all fuel to be mixed at a 100:1 ratio, regard- condition of the golf course: weather. less of the mix ratio called for by the equip- ment. Almost all maintenance equipment is now equipped with four-stroke engines. In fact, Lawn mowers are the backbone of any land- the only two-stroke engines at many golf scape operation. Oil should be changed courses are trimmers and blowers. The once a week in lawn mowers used for every- largest challenge with two-stroke engines is day service in commercial applications. Due the oil/fuel mixture. Depending on the size of to the harsh operating environment of land- the operation, many landscape businesses scape equipment, effective filtration is also have three or more different people mixing an issue for landscape professionals. their two-cycle oil/fuel mixtures. This canLandscape Maintenance Page 2 07/06
  3. 3. INDUSTRY CONCERNS NotesEquipment Downtime number of times they have to service theirEquipment downtime is a big issue for golf equipment, saving money and allowing them Just like new SUVs andcourse and landscape maintenance service to use those saved dollars for other projects personal vehicles, enginesoperations. They cannot afford to have on the golf course. in landscape maintenanceequipment sitting in the shop waiting to be equipment are designed toserviced. Many outside influences determine Golf courses are always looking for ways to be more powerful and oper-whether equipment is serviced on a strict reduce fuel expenses, not only for the main- ate with smaller oil sumpsschedule. For example, a fairway mower tenance equipment, but for the golf carts as and increasing RPMs:may not have the oil changed on schedule well. Fuel savings in other landscape main-simply because another mower is already tenance operations is crucial as well, for both Powerful Engine (fromtemporarily out of use. During tournaments, the equipment they use and the vehicles they Toro)mowers are used on almost a continual basis need to get from job to job. The Kubota® 60 hp tur-and service maintenance intervals get sacri- bocharged liquid cooled, 4-ficed. In these situations, the benefits of Equipment Performance, Power and cylinder diesel engine pro-AMSOIL synthetic lubricants are significant. Durability vides an abundance ofEven if an oil change is missed, AMSOIL syn- Appearance is critical to many businesses’ power to handle the mostthetic lubricants provide an extra margin of success. People pay top dollar for landscape demanding mowing condi-protection and peace of mind that equipment services and expect contractors to show up tions. The models 4500-Dis protected. and perform the jobs as promised. If the con- and 4700-D are the most dition of a golf course does not meet expec- powerful mowers in theirThe issue of downtime is one that should be tations, the golf course superintendent hears class, with 117 ft-lbs ofaddressed by all AMSOIL Dealers when complaints from golfers. If an apartment torque at 58 hp net and nor-approaching golf course and landscape complex does not look well kept to a mal engine speeds of 2600maintenance operations. Remember, down- prospective tenant, they continue on to the rpm.time includes the amount of time a piece of next facility. Thus, the equipment used toequipment is in the shop for maintenance. manicure golf courses and apartment com- Toro Customer ServiceAMSOIL synthetic lubricants are proven to plexes must perform at the highest levels at Bulletinlast longer in service then conventional and all times. Nothing is more frustrating to these Engines equipped with tur-other synthetic lubricants. professionals than equipment that is continu- bochargers require precau- ally in the shop for repairs. Dependability is tions due to the nature ofFuel Consumption key, and unscheduled shop visits are not turbocharger operation.After labor, fuel is the largest expense for acceptable. AMSOIL synthetic lubricant Extreme heat is created inmost landscape maintenance and golf technology is the answer for performance, the turbocharger duringcourse operations. Increasing fuel efficiency power and durability. Cutting down on the normal loading. If theis critical for controlling costs. For example, frequency in which equipment requires serv- turbo-charger is nota 36-hole golf facility, with a four to five ice through extended oil changes and/or allowed to cool down aftermonth season, will spend approximately extended grease relubrication intervals will periods of operation, dam-$10,000 a year on fuel alone. By introducing be of significant interest to landscape mainte- age to the turbocharger isthem to the AMSOIL performance solution, nance operations. possible. The turbochargerthey reduce their fuel consumption and the bearings are supplied with oil only while the engine is TARGET MARKET BUSINESS PLAN running. Should the tur-Overview operates within such a wide temperature bocharger spin without theAMSOIL synthetic motor oils, 2-cycle oils and range, it is important to have the confidence engine running, damage tohydraulic oils effectively reduce friction and that comes with making the correct recom- the turbocharger can result.wear, extending the life of all landscape mendation for a particular application. Situations such as traileringmaintenance equipment. Golf course and a unit with the exhaustlandscape maintenance equipment function The Timing of the Sales Call heading into the wind canunder the most severe conditions possible The best time to call on golf course superin- also spin the turbocharger(dust, wet grass, dirt, rain, high tempera- tendents who experience an off-season is in without proper lubrication.tures, mud, rough and/or rocky terrain, etc.). the late fall or very early spring. This is whenOperators run their equipment at all temper- they make their buying decisions for the next Because landscape equip-atures and cannot afford downtime. season. For those golf courses in southern ment operates underEquipment commonly operates in the south climates, find out when their fiscal year severe conditions, AMSOILat temperatures hovering around 110° F, begins and ends. They should be very inter- synthetic motor oils are thewhile equipment in the north commonly oper- ested in scheduling a meeting after you best choice for superiorates when it is 45° F in the morning and 90° explain how they can save money on fuel protection and perform-F by mid-afternoon. Because equipment and labor and keep their equipment running ance.Landscape Maintenance Page 3 07/06
  4. 4. Notes smoother. of their particular seasons, which is winter for golf courses in southern parts of the countrySales Tip: Contact golf Golf course superintendents, landscape and summer for golf courses in northerncourse superintendents managers and their crews begin their work- parts of the country. Landscape operationsand landscape managers days very early, usually no later than 6 a.m. in the south run year round, while an opera-by phone before stopping Keep this in mind when making sales calls. It tion in the north has an off-season, which is aby their offices. During the is usually very difficult to catch prospects in good time to switch focus to snowplows andday, a golf course superin- their offices if calling in the afternoon, for snowmobiles. Not surprisingly, many land-tendent is usually out on example. They usually take lunch anywhere scape operators in the north operate compli-the golf course and the between 10 and 11 a.m., and this is an mentary type businesses in the winter, suchodds of catching him or her opportune time to treat them to a lunch and as snow removal the maintenance facility discuss business. These professionals areare extremely small. This extremely busy, especially during the heightwastes your valuable time. THE SALES APPROACHLandscape managers alsospend a great deal of time Job #1 in all sales presentations is to earn down on maintenance time for your equip-in the field. They are the right to ask for the order. ment, while providing better protection, lessextremely busy and usually wear and longer equipment life? Your timedont have time for some- The question foremost in the mind of the golf will not be wasted because your day-to-dayone who just "drops by" for course superintendent or landscape manag- challenges are very important. Would youa quick chat. They would er will be “Why should I do business with you please meet with me under these condi-more than likely view this and use your product, and whats in it for tions?"as an intrusion and a lack me?"of respect for their time. The prospective client will more than likely It is important to show this person how he or have questions at this point, which means ••• she will benefit by using AMSOIL products. you have effectively captured their attention. Get their attention and be capable of speak- Now the selling begins. For example, aSales Tip: When scripting ing their language when it comes to the prospect may say, “We already have a lubri-introductory calls, make it equipment they use on a daily basis. When cant supplier and are happy with the wayall about the prospect. Try setting up an appointment, grab their atten- things are currently maintained." The follow-to say "you or your" 7-10 tion by informing them that you understand ing are examples of how to respond:times and limit “I or me” to one of their biggest concerns is keeping their3-4 times. equipment running as smooth as possible “Thats okay. You still need to hear what we while adhering to a strict budget. The follow- have to tell you.” ing is an example of a planned approach for a golf course operation: “Regardless of your current practices, you need to know what your options are.” Step #1: Personal & Company Introductions “There are options available to you. Take a The key to an effective introduction is to "set few minutes and let me bring you up to speed the hook," to give the prospect a reason to with what we see occurring in the market- meet with you and make him or her think that place and what options are available to you.” if they dont talk to you, they may miss out. When speaking with a prospect, have an “Take a few minutes and hear what I have to introduction that effectively separates you say. If you decide you want to continue what from the competition. For example: you are doing, we can shake hands and move on. With the amount of money invest- "Hello Bob, my name is John Doe. I am an ed in the equipment you are responsible for, Independent AMSOIL Dealer with a demon- don’t you want to explore every available strated track record of analyzing equipment option?” applications and needs, while maximizing reliability and uptime. AMSOIL is the leader “I tell you what: How about donuts and cof- in synthetic lubricants for the demanding fee at 9 a.m. tomorrow?” operational challenges people just like you face everyday managing golf course equip- Rejection is where true salesmanship begins. ment. Your equipment works hard, and I Don’t expect everyone to accept you with know you do too. Would you meet for 15 open arms. The selling process truly begins minutes over a cup of coffee and see how the first time the targeted prospect raises an you can make some decisions that will cut objection. Professional and successfulLandscape Maintenance Page 4 07/06
  5. 5. Dealers have learned to be prepared with a have asked the right questions, you will know Notesstoryline that will win an appointment and a which products to spend the most time with.face-to-face meeting. Welcome questions Motor oils for golf course mowers, for exam- Sales Tip: Give the G-and use this opportunity to ask questions of ple, are important for golf course superin- 1056 Lawn and Gardenyour own before moving to the next step in tendents. Be sure to point out that conven- Products Brochure to golfthe sales process. tional petroleum motor oils quickly experi- course superintendents ence oxidative and thermal breakdown, and ask them to take a lookStep #2: Set an Appointment resulting in premature engine wear. at the back cover. TheWhen setting appointments, develop and ask product pictured first and"yes questions," questions that must be Step #4: Asking the Right Questions foremost is AMSOILresponded to with a “yes.” This technique Included in the Landscape Maintenance Synthetic Water Resistantgets you and the prospect on the same page. Field Sales Tool appendix is an example of a Lithium Complex Grease, aDevelop “Attention Getting Devices” (AGD’s) questionnaire that may be used for asking product ideal for golfor “Attention Getting Statements” (AGS’s) questions of professionals in landscape course and lawn care oper-that provide information to help the sales industries. Use this questionnaire to your ations because it clingseffort. The following are some examples of advantage. Study the questions before the tenaciously to metal sur-questions that may be used to engage the meeting and be sure the questions you ask faces even when wet. Thisprospect and encourage him or her to agree are applicable to the particular prospect. Do is extremely important forto a meeting: not simply go down the list of questions and these types of operations, treat it as a laborious step in the sales and Water Resistant• What is the average life of your fairway process or your chances of making a sale will Grease is a great productmowers? be greatly diminished. to use when trying to get a foot in the door.• How often do you change the oil in your Step #5: Explain Pricing Differenceslawn mowers? If the prospect hasnt asked about price, now is the time to address it. Explaining lubricant• Do you have problems with hydraulic lines prices to a golf course superintendent orbreaking? lawn care professional is not unlike explain- ing them to the owner of an automobile.• Do you have problems with the mixture of Using the same approach with these profes-your two-cycle oils? sionals as with other business owners is a good way to find success.• Do you currently utilize any biodegradableproducts? For example, you may say something like the following:• Are you happy with the performance of thegrease you currently use on your mowers? “AMSOIL synthetic motor oils are highly resistant to the destructive effects of heat,• How often do you lose a trimmer or other and they do not break down like petroleumtwo-cycle piece of equipment? oils. This means that AMSOIL motor oils can provide much longer drain intervals than con-• Since you are a decision maker, we should ventional lubricants, and you can keep equip-meet and discuss how AMSOIL products can ment in the field longer. Synthetic oils arereduce your operational costs. Do you inves- made to protect and perform better thantigate legitimate avenues to reduce costs? petroleum oils at both high and low tempera- ture extremes. Thats why every jet engine in• Do you prefer early morning appointments the world is lubricated with synthetic oil.or would you like to meet in the afternoon? AMSOIL motor oils have extremely low pourWhat day works best for you? points and flow readily at extremely low tem- peratures for easier winter starting and signif-Step #3: Show and Discuss the Lawn and icantly reduced engine wear. At high temper-Garden Products Brochure (G-1056) atures, no conventional motor oil can com-Once the appointment is scheduled, it is time pare to the overall protection AMSOIL syn-to prepare for the meeting. Plan to present thetic motor oils provide. Less maintenance,the G-1056 Lawn and Garden Products better protection and extended drain inter-Brochure, and be sure to cover each of the vals add up to greater overall savings.”product sections within this brochure. If youLandscape Maintenance Page 5 07/06
  6. 6. Notes A CHECKLIST FOR SUCCESSThe use of engine oils In order to be prepared when calling on golf course superintendents or maintenance man-varies depending on the agers at landscape operations, make sure to have all of the following:preferences of the mechan-ic. Some prefer to use only Mandatory Sales Literatureone viscosity in all of their • G-52 Motor Oil and Engine Filter Information Brochureequipment because it cuts • G-290 Product Catalogdown on inventory and sim- • G-554 Synthetic Diesel Oils Brochureplifies their operation. • G-1056 Lawn & Garden Products BrochureOthers use two or three dif- • G-1207 Synthetic Greases Brochureferent viscosities. With • G-1988 2-Cycle Oil Recommendation ChartAMSOIL motor oil, opera-tors usually dont need to Miscellaneous Literaturehave more than one motor • G-1916 Triple Length API Sequence IIIF Testing Brochureoil. This is another way to • G-1059 Environmental Products Brochurehelp them control theircosts. In the past, many Product Sampleslandscape maintenance • Metal Protectorequipment manufacturers • Heavy Duty Metal Protectorrecommended a straight • Synthetic High Viscosity Lithium Complex GreaseSAE 30 oil. Today, they • Saber Professional Synthetic 100:1 Pre-Mix 2-Cycle Oiltypically allow for use of • Series 2000 Octane BoostSAE 5W-30, 10W-30 and LUBRICANTS AND THEIR APPLICATIONSeven 15W-40 in diesel trac-tor applications. Engine Oils Fairway and rough mowers, tractors, utility The correct lubricants for golf course mainte- carts/vehicles, tee/green mowers, lawnmow- ••• nance and landscape equipment vary ers, sweepers, sod cutters, side-cut mowers, depending upon the operating environment weed eaters, chainsaws, blowers, tree/limbSales Tip: Dont forget and specific pieces of equipment, but chippers, stubble choppers, trench cutters,about the engines used in AMSOIL carries synthetic lubricants to meet carts. For example, a all customer needs. Equipment used instandard E-Z Go golf cart these operations runs at extremely high tem- AMSOIL synthetic motor oils provide a wideoperates with a 9 horse peratures, especially air-cooled engines, and range of protection for four-cycle engines,power, 295 cc twin cylinder this presents a risk to the overall life of the avoiding oxidative and thermal breakdown inDHC 4-cycle engine with a maintenance equipment. In addition, con- high temperature, high RPM conditions andpressurized oil system and ventional petroleum motor oils become quite maintaining their lubricating and cooling abil-an automatic, continuously hot and swiftly experience oxidative and ther- ities. AMSOIL motor oils also contain specialvariable transmission. mal breakdown, resulting in premature rust and corrosion inhibitors to protectRemember to include the engine wear and shortened oil life. engines against condensation and watergolf carts when making even when theyre not in use.lubrication recommenda- AMSOIL Series 3000 SAE 5W-30 Synthetictions to golf course opera- Heavy Duty Diesel Oil is a heavy-duty motor Hydraulic Oilstors. oil that provides a wide range of protection. It Most equipment used by golf courses, as well is a fuel-efficient formula for both gasoline as most landscape equipment, utilize hydro- and diesel fleets and contains the beefiest static control systems. AMSOIL synthetic additive package of all AMSOIL motor oils. It hydraulic fluids are ideal for this market. Toro delivers better wear protection than other recommends Mobil EAL 224H hydraulic oil popular motor oils and effectively reduces for many of its mowers. However, the Mobil fuel consumption, a significant expense for web site says the following about this prod- golf course operations. Series 3000 resists uct: oil breakdown from heat, blow-by chemicals and oxygen up to 10 times longer than con- Mobil EAL 224H is a premium performance ventional oils. environmentally aware hydraulic fluid designed to provide outstanding performance AMSOIL motor oil, transmission oil, grease in hydraulic and circulation systems operat- and hydraulic oil are ideal for use in all land- ing at moderate conditions. It provides excel- scape maintenance equipment, including the lent anti-wear and film strength characteris- following: tics necessary for hydraulic systems operat- ing under high load and high pressures.Landscape Maintenance Page 6 07/06
  7. 7. Notice the statement specifies use of Mobil Four-Cycle and Two-Cycle Applications NotesEAL 224H for equipment operating at “mod- Many four-cycle lawn equipment applicationserate conditions.” However, golf course and do not include oil filters, so motor oil disper- Most larger mowers used inlandscape equipment does not operate sant chemistry must keep contaminants and golf course operations areunder "moderate conditions." It operates wear particles "suspended and dispersed" hydrostatic machines.under heavy loads (hills and rough terrain), throughout the oil volume until it is drained.high RPMs and torques and wet and muddy Lack of good additive technology results in •••conditions. Furthermore, the Mobil EAL the buildup of sludge and deposits in the oil224H product is formulated with vegetable reservoir, resulting in heat retention and high- Sales Tip: AMSOILoil, which generally exhibits poor oxidation er operating temperatures. The net result is Synthetic Hydraulic Oilsresistance. If it is left in an application too shortened oil drain intervals and dramatically and Syntheticlong, which often happens with golf course shortened equipment service life. As petrole- Tractor/Hydraulicand landscape maintenance equipment, the um oil breaks down, cleaning additives are Transmission Oil allowsmell can become rancid and illicit sickness. quickly depleted, causing deposits that result equipment to operate all in premature engine wear. The thermal and day under the most gruel-Engineered to meet the tough demands of oxidative stability of AMSOIL synthetic motor ing conditions without expe-hydrostatic powered applications, AMSOIL oils make them ideal for the high heat and riencing "mid-day fade" orSynthetic Tractor/Hydraulic Transmission Oil RPMs of four-cycle engines. They safely "chatter" common withexceeds the performance requirements of hold contaminants in suspension, while their other hydraulic oils.virtually every piece of modern machinery. superior ability to reduce friction and wear AMSOIL Hydraulic Oils pro-Its unique blend of synthetic base stocks and keeps engines in top condition. AMSOIL tect against pump cavita-advanced additives effectively reduce wear, motor oils also contain advanced, rust-pre- tion in hydraulic pumps,resist heat and protect against rust and cor- vention additive packages that protect preventing air bubbles androsion. AMSOIL Synthetic Tractor/Hydraulic engines when they’re not in use. controlling heat.Transmission Oil operates over a wide tem-perature range, maintaining its lubricity at Recommend AMSOIL 10W-30/SAE 30high operating temperatures and flowing Formula 4-Stroke® Synthetic Small Enginereadily at low temperatures. Oil to replace manufacturer recommended SAE 30 oils.Synthetic Biodegradable Hydraulic OilBecause hydraulic spills can cause major Lawn Mowersheadaches for golf course superintendents A strict maintenance schedule can make theand landscape managers, biodegradable difference between reliable operation ofhydraulic oils will be of particular interest to mowing equipment or many costly problems,them. Hydraulic line breaks are not uncom- both in terms of time and money. For optimalmon, and when conventional and other syn- performance, a lawn mower engine requiresthetic hydraulic fluids are in service, the regular maintenance. That generally meansgrass in the affected area must be removed changing the oil once a week. If regularand sod planted in its place. This is labor maintenance is not performed, problems willintensive and time-consuming, and golf quickly arise. A mower thats not properlycourse superintendents and landscape man- cared for can have years taken off its life andagers would prefer their crews perform other experience more problems in the short run.maintenance functions. On a golf course, thesituation is far worse when it occurs on a Basic engine maintenance is essential, andgreen, versus in the rough or on a fairway. regular oil changes are an absolute necessi- ty. Equally important is ensuring the mowersWhen AMSOIL Synthetic Biodegradable air filter is clean. Air filters keep dust, dirt,Hydraulic Oil is spilled, the grass may die, sand and grass from being drawn into thebut not down to the root level. Biodegradable engine. If the air filter is dirty, tiny abrasiveoil does not affect the stoma of the grass, particles can enter the engine and wear itwhich is the part of the grass that breathes, out. The life of a lawn mower can be greatlysimilar to a human windpipe. As a result, increased with proper maintenance. Askrecuperation time is much less and opera- prospects how long their lawn mowers typi-tions do not have to spend valuable labor cally last and how much they could save byhours replacing turf. AMSOIL Synthetic extending the life of their equipment.Biodegradable Hydraulic Oil cannot be usedin hydrostatic applications. Trimmers, Blowers, Chain Saws and Blower Vacs Although casual users sometimes overlook the maintenance of this equipment, golfLandscape Maintenance Page 7 07/06
  8. 8. Notes course and landscape operations cannot two-cycle engine, so preventing that is usual- afford to take chances. Equipment manufac- ly worth the higher price of the synthetic lubri-Proper two-cycle engine turers and motor builders have redesigned cants."maintenance will become two-cycle motors to reduce emissions andincreasingly important in increase fuel economy. These changes have Because it comes from someone in their fieldthe years ahead as pollu- increased operating temperatures, reduced of expertise, this is the kind of third party rec-tion-control laws force oil consumption and incorporated direct fuel ommendation that is very valuable whenchanges in the design of injection and exhaust power valves. These speaking with industry professionals.two-cycle engines. Newer two-cycle engines require proper lubricationengine designs typically to guarantee the life of the equipment. Greasesqueeze more power from Golf course superintendents do not like toeach cubic centimeter due AMSOIL Saber™ Professional Synthetic hear complaints from golfers about gettingto a leaner fuel mixture and 100:1 Pre-Mix 2-Cycle Oil is specifically for- grease on their new golf shoes. Grease drip-higher engine speed, mulated for lean mix ratios in two-cycle small ping off maintenance equipment, and ontoresulting in higher engine engines. It has excellent lubricity and clean- the greens, is not acceptable. Golf courseheat loads. Carburetor liness properties to control friction and pre- superintendents typically require water resist-passages are physically vent wear, plug fouling, ring sticking and ant grease that will not wash off when equip-smaller, with higher preci- exhaust port blocking, and its high tempera- ment is cleaned at the end of each shift.sion needles. They are ture detergent additives prevent hard carbonless tolerant of particles deposits from forming in hot operating Fairway and rough mower bearings getcoming in with the fuel, so motors. Saber Professional is “smokeless” greased on a weekly basis. Make sure tothe filters are more effi - and delivers fewer emissions at 100:1 mix recommend the proper AMSOIL grease forcient. Partial blockage of a ratios than oils mixed at 50:1. Equipment an operation’s particular applications.fuel passage can over-lean operators subjected to smoke and fumes AMSOIL Synthetic Water Resistant Lithiuman already lean-burning benefit from these low emission properties, Complex Grease is an extreme pressureengine, causing destruction and because one mix ratio satisfies multiple (EP) multi-purpose grease formulated spe-through under-lubrication pieces of equipment, Saber Professional cially for wet-duty performance. Its waterand excess heat. eliminates mix ratio confusion. washout and spray-off resistance ideally suit it for use in the wheel bearings and all chas- ••• The following excerpt from the home page of sis points of landscape maintenance equip- Tru Mark Athletic Field, a manufacturer of ment. Because the grease holds togetherSales Tip: Most golf tools for painting sports turf lines, endorses when exposed to water and clings tenacious-course maintenance occurs the use of synthetic lubricants in two-cycle ly to metal surfaces when wet, AMSOILvery early in the morning, engines: Synthetic Water Resistant Lithium Complexand they must mow Grease provides tough protection in applica-whether the grass is wet or It may be worth considering switching to syn- tions exposed to water. Components remainnot. AMSOIL offers a supe- thetic lubricants for two-cycle engines. Many protected during prolonged exposure torior quality water resistant users have experienced extended engine life standing or pressurized water, making it idealgrease ideal for landscape with these products. A significant advantage for golf course operations. Furthermore,operations. is that a single batch of synthetic fuel-oil because competitors will likely lead their blend can serve a wide range of different two sales calls with motor oil, it is doubtful many cycle engines, which may call for fuel-oil cover the operation’s grease needs. Set blends ranging from 16:1 up to 100:1. Beside yourself apart from the crowd and ask golf simplifying inventory, the synthetics seem to course superintendents and landscape main- leave fewer deposits in the critical piston ring tenance operations about their grease area. A seized piston ring is often fatal to a requirements. FILTER PRODUCTS AMSOIL Ea Oil Filters best possible filtration protection against AMSOIL Ea Oil Filters are the highest effi- wear and oil degradation. Working in con- ciency oil filters on the market. Featuring junction with the engines full-flow oil filter, the advanced full synthetic nanofiber technology, AMSOIL Ea By-Pass Filter operates by filter- Ea Oil Filters provide greater efficiency, ing oil on a "partial-flow" basis. It draws capacity and durability than cellulose filters, approximately 10 percent of the oil at any one extending engine and filter life and reducing time and traps the extremely small, wear- engine wear. causing contaminants that full-flow filters cant remove. The AMSOIL Ea By-Pass Filter AMSOIL Ea By-Pass Oil Filters typically filters all the oil in the system sever- AMSOIL Ea By-Pass Oil Filters provide the al times an hour, so the engine continuouslyLandscape Maintenance Page 8 07/06
  9. 9. receives analytically clean oil. Air Filters are "full-depth" filters that trap and Notes hold much more dirt than conventional "sur-AMSOIL POD Air Filter face-type" filters. The polyurethane foam Sales Tip: WhenDesigned specifically for small engines, the used in AMSOIL POD Air Filters is much approaching prospects whoAMSOIL POD Air Filter features an oil-wetted thicker than the thin layer of paper used in are good candidates forfoam filter element and an inner spring that conventional filters, allowing more filtering both AMSOIL syntheticshakes dirt off the air filter, moving it harm- area and more capacity to trap dirt over a lubricants and AGGRANDlessly away from the engine. AMSOIL POD longer period of time. fertilizers, choose one or the other product with the CONVENIENCE PRODUCTS intention of getting a foot inOther AMSOIL products can also be benefi- a wax-like film. the door. After establishingcial to golf course operations. For instance, yourself as a professionalmaking sure the decks are clean on lawn AMSOIL Series 2000 Octane Boost resource, set up anothermowers is a very important part of lawn AMSOIL Series 2000 Octane Boost improves meeting to discuss themower maintenance. the performance of all two-cycle and four- other product line. cycle gasoline-fueled engines. Just oneAMSOIL Metal Protector and Heavy Duty treatment significantly increases engineMetal Protector response and power. Octane Boost reducesAMSOIL Metal Protector protects lawn engine knock, improves ignition, helps fuelmower decks and assists in quick cleanup. It burn cleaner and inhibits fortified with special rust and corrosioninhibitors that penetrate and adhere to metal AMSOIL Semi-Synthetic Bar & Chain Oilsurfaces, leaving a long lasting protective oil AMSOIL Semi-Synthetic Bar & Chain Oil iscoating. ideal for chainsaws. Its semi-synthetic base stocks effectively reduce drag, optimizingApply Heavy Duty Metal Protector to any efficiency and extending chain life. Its tackymetal surface that requires a heavy-duty formula clings to metal surfaces better thanlubricant or is exposed to the damaging other oils, delivering unparalleled lubricationeffects of salt, moisture or chemical corro- and protection.sion. It also works as an undercoat, leaving LOOKING FOR LEADSWhere are the best places to find prospects who would benefit from the performance advan-tages and money savings offered by AMSOIL synthetic lubricants?• Ask family and friends if they know people working in landscape industries.• If you play golf, talk with golf professionals or golf course superintendents about the chal-lenges they face in maintaining the golf course grounds.• Pay attention to trucks hauling landscape equipment around town between jobs.• Find out who performs the maintenance of the local highways and interstates. Many statesoutsource this labor, and it could be a local landscaping company.• If you live in or near an apartment complex, find out who maintains the grounds.• Check the Yellow Pages for local landscape operations.• Talk to park rangers and get the name of the maintenance superintendent.• Call local two-cycle and lawn mower repair facilities. They make great retail on the shelfaccounts and can serve as sources of leads for new commercial accounts.• Call on retail shops who sell and service chain saws.Any of the above "gold mines" could serve as a new account. Once they’re established ascustomers or accounts (or even if they arent), ask for a referral. Many companies could ben-efit by using AMSOIL, and there are many ways to find qualified leads.Landscape Maintenance Page 9 07/06
  10. 10. EIGHT YEARS OLD, NINE OIL CHANGES, NO WEAR Section of broken camshaft from a B&S commercial lawn mowerDirect Jobber Jimmy Brown is the maintenance manager for a large lawn care and landscaping company in Charlotte, N.C.When he started with the company in 1995, he discovered the trucks were using AMSOIL 15W-40 Synthetic Heavy DutyDiesel and Marine Motor Oil (AME) for 20,000 mile drain intervals. Although Brown was worried the trucks would havemaintenance problems, he quickly became convinced of the quality of AMSOIL products after seeing the oil at change time.He promptly called AMSOIL and inquired about other products he could use in the company equipment.After converting more of the company’s trucks to AMSOIL and running AMSOIL Synthetic 2-Cycle Oil in the company’s lawnequipment, Brown became interested in using AMSOIL in his personal vehicles. He changed his truck and his wifes SUVto AMSOIL with impressive results, particularly in fuel economy. He then called Direct Jobber Gerry Reid, who was serv-icing the landscaping company, and asked how he could get involved in promoting and selling AMSOIL. He became aDealer and has built a successful business.Brown relates a story about having to repair a commercial 16 hp lawnmower with a Briggs & Stratton engine. The camshaftbroke in half, a common problem with this model. The Briggs & Stratton representative was surprised to see an eight yearold mower still in service. After examining the block and camshaft he said, " This must be a new engine. How manyengines have been put on this mower?" When Brown replied that it was the original engine, the representative thought hewas kidding.Landscape Maintenance Page 10 07/06
  11. 11. THE SALES CYCLE AND CLOSING THE SALEThe sales cycle with landscape maintenance businesses should be extremely short. Golf course superintendents oftenchoose to test one product first, before changing to AMSOIL in all of their equipment. Some will make the switch to AMSOILall at once when they realize the performance and cost savings benefits they will receive.Closing the sale can sometimes be as easy as asking for it. Once youve laid the foundation by qualifying the prospect,discovering their needs and showing how AMSOIL products meet those needs, its time to ask for the order. Make sureyou are speaking with the person who makes the buying decisions. Sometimes a prospect wont say "yes" to a salebecause theyre not authorized to do so. If that is the case, find out if there is anybody else involved in the decision-mak-ing process for lubricant purchases. CONCLUSIONUsing AMSOIL synthetic lubricants rather than petroleum-based lubricants provides better protection for landscape equip-ment, while saving labor hours and allowing operators to use the savings for other important projects. Remember, budg-ets are always a concern, and the best way to win loyal accounts is showing them how they can save money. Be creative.Join a professional association that focuses on these professions. Find out what their biggest lubrication needs are andfind a way to fill those needs. Remember, prospects are very busy and cant afford to waste time. Show them how to savetime and money, and you will be their AMSOIL Dealer for many years to come. Make sure that when customers ask them-selves why they should buy from you, it is clear that you have a product that will reduce their costs and increase their prof-it margins and that no one can offer them the service you can. Always remember, be persistent and you will succeed!Landscape Maintenance Page 11 07/06
  12. 12. LANDSCAPE / GOLF COURSE MAINTENANCE QUESTIONNAIREAccount Prospect: __________________________________ Date: ____________ __________________________________ __________________________________ __________________________________AMSOIL Dealer: __________________________________ ZO#: __________________________________ Telephone: __________________________________ Cell: __________________________________ Email: __________________________________Region: __________________________________RSM Involved: __________________________________Dealer QuestionsWho have you spoken with at the account, and what was discussed?Did you present any of the following AMSOIL sales support materials?• G-52 Motor Oil and Engine Filter Information Brochure• G-290 Product Catalog• G-554 Synthetic Diesel Oils Brochure• G-1056 Lawn & Garden Products Brochure• G-1207 Synthetic Greases Brochure• G-1988 2-Cycle Oil Recommendation ChartOther Material Presented?Have you explained the AMSOIL Commercial Account Program, and what is the status of registering them?Customer QuestionsDo you lease or purchase your equipment?What types of vehicles do you own?Type of Engines and Total # Of Each:• Diesel engines:• Gasoline engines:• Other:Do you use one grade of engine oil in all of your equipment (Fairway mowers, rough mowers, standard vehicles)? If not,how many different types of oils do you use?Landscape Maintenance Page 12 07/06
  13. 13. Fleet Specific QuestionsDescribe fleet particulars: Make Model Year Current Oil Desired Oil Change Interval Change Interval Engine Hydrostatic Equipment Two-CycleHow often do you change your oils?• Engine oil· • Small equipment • Diesel engine • Gas engine• Hydrostatic oil• Hydraulic oil• Gear oils• Greasing intervalsLandscape Maintenance Page 13 07/06
  14. 14. What products are you currently using? Application Current Supplier Product Name Viscosity Price Engine Oils Two-Cycle Oil Hydraulic Oil forHydrostatic Equipment GreasesDo you use any food grade or biodegradable products?What are the biggest challenges/issues you face?• Unnecessary equipment downtime• Need for enhanced equipment reliability and uptime• Reducing labor costs• Minimizing equipment shop time• Grease related issues• OtherWhat piece of equipment requires the most maintenance?After labor, what is your biggest cost? (Gas, parts, etc.)What type of grease (tacky or smooth) do you prefer?How many mix ratios (and who mixes) do you have for your two-cycle equipment?Do you adhere to a strict maintenance program?Are there other additive products utilized? (i.e.-octane boost, metal protector, silicone lubricant spray)Do you pick up your lubricants or are they delivered?Landscape Maintenance Page 14 07/06