Vodafone internal social media smc040


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Vodafone en internal social media presentatie tijdens smc040 30 maar

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Vodafone internal social media smc040

  1. 1. Vodafone &Internal social media SMC040 Joost Verbiesen1
  2. 2. Contents• Intro• The internal online landscape• The Vodafone Way program• The Vodafone Way café• Integration• Q&A SMC040 Joost Verbiesen 30 March 2011 2
  3. 3. Introductie• Internal communications (Corporate Affairs) – Internal web/channel manager – O.a. Intranet | Digital Signage | Interne social media platform – O.a myRhythm | Social media working group | Intranet working group (Global)• Voorheen – Online services unit – ECRM/Online Marketing/User experience @joostverbiesen SMC040 Joost Verbiesen 30 March 2011 3
  4. 4. Vodafone worldwide... 31 countries, 5 continents 72,000 employees 343 million customers Partner networks in 40 countries SMC040 Joost Verbiesen 30 March 2011 4
  5. 5. Vodafone in the Netherlands... 2,500 employees 4,8 million customers 86 Vodafone Shops Offices in Maastricht, Amsterdam, Zaltbommel, Son SMC040 Joost Verbiesen 30 March 2011 5
  6. 6. Welke fase? No internal tools/platforms Pilots Centralized Integrated with other platforms Networks inside & outside connected SMC040 Joost Verbiesen 30 March 2011 6
  7. 7. The internal online landscapeLocal Global Informal/unsupportedIntranet Intranet YammerDigital Signage Sharepoint JivesThe Vodafone Way café Wiki’s/blogs ….Portals & applications SAP/other….. …. SMC040 Joost Verbiesen 30 March 2011 7
  8. 8. Waar we zijnPhase Pre- ESM Experiment Growth Integrate Connected company No internal Pilots Centralized Integrated with Networks inside tools/platforms other platforms & outside connectedEmployees Individual use of Early adopters 50% uses tools, 90% can be found Employees & social media tools internal social management & shares stakeholders from web media starts knowledge connectedOrganization/com explore Monitor behavior Community Part of KPI’s Everybodymunication management participates in NPSManagement realization Buy-in Management Management by Success participation inspiration dependant on visible position in networksTechnology IT Policy In- or externally Integration of Integrated Open networked hosted tools, multi environment for platform platform communication & knowledgeCustomers WebCare Follow Experiment with Follow & Brand, conversations internal & participate customers, fans external social based on and employees media internal tools are 1 Simplified Maturity Model Internal social media (based on Rapid Circle model) SMC040 Joost Verbiesen 30 March 2011
  9. 9. The Vodafone Way Joost Verbiesen
  10. 10. The Vodafone Way – Engagement and participationThe Vodafone Way Hero Programme:• Belonen en erkennen van Vodafone Way gedrag• Delen van ‘Speed, Simplicity & Trust’ voorbeelden• Nominatie van en door collega’s• Ambassadors• Create admirationWaarom the Vodafone Way Café?• Plek om gedachten te delen, verbeteringen en oplossingen aan te dragen.• Communicatie platform voor alle Vodafone Way gerelateerde onderwerpen• Informeel netwerk (onafhankelijk van tijd, plaats, locatie)• Snel, direct, ‘plat’, buiten bestaande team/afdelingstructuren om• Gewenste functionalititeiten niet beschikbaar op (globale) intranet• Snelle implementatie SMC040 Joost Verbiesen
  11. 11. Admiration• Tros Radar Warme Douche• 15 jaar Vodafone Joost Verbiesen
  12. 12. Customer obsessed• Meet the Customer program• Out of the box processen Joost Verbiesen
  13. 13. Innovation hungry• Thoughts & discussion on sustainable success• Sharing knowledge & thoughts regarding information Joost Verbiesen
  14. 14. Ambitious &Competitive• Zeepkist sessies Joost Verbiesen
  15. 15. One company,local roots• The Vodafone Way in andere landen• Vodafone global network• Taalkeuze Joost Verbiesen
  16. 16. Speed• Vinden van collega’s/experts/ informatie• Snel delen van informatie Joost Verbiesen
  17. 17. Simplicity• Interne processen en faciliteiten verbeteren Joost Verbiesen
  18. 18. Trust• Empowerment /bottom-up• Naming competition• Hero award• Medewerkers initiatieven Joost Verbiesen
  19. 19. Integratie van kanalen SMC040 Joost Verbiesen 30 March 2011
  20. 20. Q&ASMC040 Joost Verbiesen 30 March 2011 Twitter: @joostverbiesen