Game Workshop


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Game Workshop

  1. 1. Game workshop
  2. 2. Program • Hunting in the Netherlands • Game control units • Hunting dogs • Hunting License • Recognition of game species
  3. 3. Hunting in The Netherlands Season from 15th of August till 31th of January About 30.000 Hunters in Holland
  4. 4. Animals that inhabit open Game reserves in which they may be hunted in accordance with legislation. The hunting season depends on the animal species. Legislation is established within each country
  5. 5. While one country may forbid the hunting of a certain species, it’s neighboring country may permit it. Trade is then generally permitted provided that the country of origin can be proven.
  6. 6. Some game species are also raised for their meat. These animals are raised within enclosures that usually closely mimic the game’s “ natural habitat.”
  7. 7. Some people are against Hunting !! But if hunting happens regulated it’s more natural than for example:
  8. 8. Animals in the wild
  9. 9. Game control Units • Hunters co-operate • Game counting • Game control plan • Biotopical improvement • KNJV
  10. 10. Hunting Licence • Exam – Theory – Practical gun • (buckshot and bullet) – Gun safety • Own hunting ground (min. 40 acre’s) • Hunting Ensurance
  11. 11. Hunting Seasons Rabbit 15 August - 31 January Hare 15 October - 31 December Pheasant (cock) 15 October – 31 January Pheasant (Hen) 15 October – 31 December Wild duck 15 Augus – 31 January Pigeon 15 October – 31 January Partridge Closed
  12. 12. Hunting Dogs Capabilities of the dogs • Retrieve game • Swimming • “Pointing” the game • Good listeners
  13. 13. Game and Gastronomy
  14. 14. Does game have a strong flavour ? No, but due to these animals’ other living habits and food, it does taste different.... Game meat has a distinctive flavour in comparison to similar cuts of beef or pork. Game animals have lived in a natural environment, found their own sources of food, and have had a great deal of physical exercise.
  15. 15. Exercise provides their muscles with better blood circulation than their domestic counterparts and also gives their meat a different flavour. Meat prepared on the bone has even more flavour than a filet or steak cut from the same animal; and for the traditional lover of game, this is still the point of departure in preparing these meats.
  16. 16. When eating game for the first time, what kind would be a good choice? If this is the first time you are eating game, it might be best to start with a venison steak. These products are easy to prepare, do not have a highly distinctive flavour, but are definitely recognisable as game. Sauté some wild mushrooms along with the venison and add salt and pepper
  17. 17. Game and wine Combining wine with dishes is always a matter of what kind of main ingredients are used and what kind of preparation method is applied. Traditional combinations for game dishes are wines that are described as full bodied, for example: Rhône, France Languedoc Roussillon, France Barolo, Piemonte, Italy St. Emilion, Bordeaux, France Pomerol, Bordeaux, France
  18. 18. A very important element of a dish is sauce! The flavor of the sauce can make or break the combination. Here are some safe combinations:
  19. 19. Pigeon: Full bodied Burgundy wines, ripe Bordeaux, Saint Joseph (Rhône) or elegant Rioja (Spain) Pheasant: Dry, full bodied white wines like Australian or Californian Chardonnay. All white Burgundy or white Rhône like Hermitage. Soft red Burgundy like Volnay, Pommard
  20. 20. Woodcock: Red Rhône like: Cornas, Saint-Joseph and Gigondas. Shiraz from Australia, Chili and Argentina Wild duck: Wines from Bordeaux with a lot of Cabernet Sauvignon in them or the slightly rounder wines from the Saint- Emilion area with more Merlot grapes in it
  21. 21. Recognition of Game Which animal is this? week 1
  22. 22. Fallow Deer
  23. 23. Woodcock
  24. 24. Ferret for hunting rabbit
  25. 25. Moufflon
  26. 26. Wild Pigeon
  27. 27. 7.
  28. 28. Fallow Deer
  29. 29. Wild Duck
  30. 30. 9b.
  31. 31. Pheasant Hen
  32. 32. Pheasant Cock
  33. 33. Wild Goose
  34. 34. Hare
  35. 35. Rabbit
  36. 36. Fox
  37. 37. 15.
  38. 38. Red deer
  39. 39. 17.
  40. 40. Roe Deer
  41. 41. Wild Boar
  42. 42. Thanks for your attention To see this presentation again look on: