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Presentation on shoes

  1. 1. CONTENTS<br />Introduction<br />Products<br />Swot<br />Marketing mix<br />Stp<br />Mission<br />Vission<br />Launch in india<br />Marketing strategy<br />Conclusion<br />boblography<br />
  2. 2. Gideon Shoes are the Australian company set to give the fashion industry a kick, with their handmade, anti-sweatshop sneakers. <br />All of their profits go to The Street University, a converted warehouse space in Sydney’s Southwest that allows marginalized youth of the area to engage in short courses and counseling.<br />The Street University was founded by the Noffs Family and launched by Public Enemy in 2007.<br />Made from premium materials including kangaroo leather and cane toad hide, Gideon Shoes are available in a variety of colours and styles, and will be available directly through the main Gideon Shoes website from December 9th 2010 and select retail outlets across Australia in a matter of weeks; closely followed by a launch in the U.S. and Europe.<br />At the front of the queue for these handmade sneakers are a whole heap of musical peeps… including Bag Raiders, the Channel V crew and Jamiroquai. Also the shoes fucking rock and are fiercely anti-sweat shop – isn’t that music to your ears?<br />
  3. 3. Gideon are currently running a competition to give away a pair of the new release Gideon all Australian leather sneakers RRP $299. All you need to do is guess the four best things about Gideon from the picture above and email the answers to with Gideon Blog Comp in the subject<br />On a side note, while Gideon are in the US next week they’ll be catching up with MosDef’s dad, who happens to be an awesome dude and wants to start a Street University in New Orleans!<br />
  4. 4. INTRODUCTION<br />In 2007 Matt and Naomi Noffs started The Street University – a retreat for marginalised kids in Western Sydney. Two years later Matt and his brother Rupert came up with the idea of a shoe company whose profits would sustain it, and GIDEON SHOES was born.<br />Their first step was to head to Asia in early 2010 to find a manufacturer, but this research trip led them down a dark, unwelcoming path.<br />After visiting factories filled with both adults and children working in unacceptable conditions it soon became obvious that having GIDEON SHOES manufactured overseas simply wasn’t an option. We’re in an age where supporting sweat-shops and outsourced fashion is unforgiveable.<br />Today, production takes place in Australia under ethical, safe and monitored conditons – a feat for any shoe manufacturer. Even better, the shoes are handmade almost entirely from Australian materials, including cane toad hide and kangaroo leather.<br />GIDEON SHOES are hand-crafted and anti-sweatshop, meaning you can wear them with pride, and with your beliefs on your feet.<br />Support Australia. Support Young People. Support the ethics you believe in. Buy GIDEON SHOES. cane<br />
  5. 5. The Noffs Foundation<br />GIDEON SHOES is a social enterprise of the Noffs Foundation.<br />The Noffs Foundation was founded by the great Australian humanitarian, Reverend Ted Noffs, in 1970. During his remarkable career of pioneering initiatives for young people, Ted Noffs established Sydney’s first 24 hour crisis centre in 1968, set up the first Drug Referral Centre in Sydney in 1967, co-founded the Aboriginal Affairs Foundation in 1962 and was the co-founder of Lifeline in 1963.<br />The Noffs Foundation today continues the legacy of Ted Noffs by providing essential services for young people and their families who are experiencing drug and alcohol problems and related trauma. Its range of programs for young people are all based on leading research, continually evaluated and government endorsed.<br />The Noffs Foundation’s programs are not band-aid solutions. They are comprehensive life management programs, designed to equip youth in need with the skills to better manage their own lives. In essence – to help them help themselves.<br />The Noffs Foundation is a secular organisation, and is not affiliated with any religious group or organisation.<br />
  6. 6. Our ethics<br />Vision<br />OrbisTerrarumAbeoVestriUtor – Change the world, enjoy your shoes.<br />To create the world’s most enjoyable pair of ethical and high quality shoes.<br />To change the way the world looks at fashion production<br />To create funds and resources for local and global community projects<br />To create employment opportunities for marginalised young people<br />Purpose<br />GIDEON Shoes is a social enterprise operated by the Ted Noffs Foundation to fund its projects and provide more resources for the community. One of these projects is the Street University: an  educational facility based in South West Sydney that empowers disadvantaged youth through early intervention education, mentoring, narrative therapy and public health tools.<br />
  7. 7. Production<br />All of our shoes are made in Australia under fair working conditions. The way we see it, there’s no point creating a pair of shoes in the third world under unjust conditions and then turn around and give back to the community.<br />It is just as pointless donating a pair of shoes to a person in need, whether a child or adult in the third world, if you’re creating suffering during the process of production. We believe that countries such as China, India and Africa are used as slave nations for the developed world. It’s something we, as the developed world, are largely ignorant about. It’s harsh but it’s true.<br />Our vision is to create sneakers of the highest quality, with integrity in mind. It may mock other sneaker companies but we couldn’t care less. We challenge the idea that sweatshops are a natural part of the modern world, just as William Wilberforce rejected the notion that slavery was a part of the 18th century economy.<br />
  8. 8. Vogue Living Large<br />In a fashion world that is full of brands that are “anti” anything and everything, we’ve decided to be “for” something. Not only are we gathering momentum but also some strong support. <br />
  9. 9. GRACIE OTTO ♥ GIDEON<br />Sydney Director, Model, Actress and Producer, Gracie Otto, is the latest celebrity to come by the GIDEON HQ and pick up her pair of kicks. Ms Otto picked up a pair of Turquoise & Mustard High Tops – available through … Continue reading -><br />
  10. 10. Because everybody looks better in tan…<br />Origins Classic Hi Kangaroo AU$445.00 – In Chocolate & Tan. Limited stock left… Shop GIDEON<br />
  11. 11. SWEATSHOPS IN ASIA…watch & learn.<br />Posted on 3 February 2011 by Gideon Shoes Leave a comment1 Comment<br />Click here to view a video that will take you inside sweatshops across Asia…<br />
  12. 12. Don’t blend in.<br />Posted on 3 February 2011 by Gideon Shoes Leave a commentNo comments yet<br />You’ve seen them in press features all over Australia – now it’s time to wear them. These high-top GIDEON’s featuring tan leather & smooth coffee brown cane toad leather are the perfect shoe for kicking back after work at a … Continue reading -><br />
  13. 13. PART 6: Stokie The Apocalypse Kid<br />
  14. 14. Gideon’s home and one of Sydney’s most stunning heritage-listed venues is available for hire.<br />An expansive open plan floor, complete with 50 foot ceilings and bountiful stain-glass windows gives an atmosphere of effortless elegance and space. cane toad shoes<br />
  15. 15. The Street University<br />Just a few years ago the Street University was a dead pigeon strewn warehouse. Now it’s equipped with recording and dance studios, a library, computer rooms, a basketball court, a cafe and a whole lot more. 10,000 young people come through it’s doors every year to use the facilities.<br />It was opened by Chuck D from Public Enemy, and has since hosted Jurassic 5, The Wailers and Dead Pres to name a few. Built by the streets for the streets, The Street University is one of a kind and puts on events in a style no-one else can match. Keep checking into our blog for new event dates, or simply head to 1 Speed Street, Liverpool in South-Western Sydney, and say hello.<br />
  16. 16. Welcome To Gideon<br />Come in, take a look around and discover the difference a handmade shoe makes. Premium materials and true craftsmanship mean this is not disposable fashion - this is long lasting luxury. You'll feel the difference as soon as you put on your pair of Gideon Shoes.<br />
  17. 17. All profits from the brainchild of Matt and Rupert Noffs from the Ted Noffs Foundation will go to the charity's Street University - Australia's largest youth drop-in centre - in southwestern Sydney.<br />To ensure the shoes are ethically produced without using sweat shop labour, they are all handmade in southwest Sydney.<br />"It is more expensive to make but the difference in price for the public doesn't change,<br />The shoes are already getting attention in US fashion circles, with television personality and fashion PR powerhouse Kelly Cutrone signing up to the label yesterday.<br />
  18. 18. ‘Soles for your Souls' by Gideon Shoes are not only among the most unique, well-designed and reasonably-priced on offer, but you can rest assured knowing they take their business ethics as seriously as their fashion (a rare thing in the footwear industry). Not only does the company adhere to strict ethical manufacturing standards (so no nightmarish sweatshop scenes here), but nearly 10% of each $39.95 pair sold also goes to "Hiphoperations" - a charity project creating hip hop music with indigenous communities (and there's actually a great example of this on the site - definitely worth a listen).<br />But really, it's about the shoes. "Making a great product is our first priority," says Gideon. "Our style and innovation is what differentiates us from other shoe brands. However, being ethical is important too, but we believe it should more and more become an assumption behind all good brands, not a point of difference." <br />
  19. 19. Gideon Shoes cofounders and artistic directors Rupert, left<br />, and Matt Noffs launch shoes made from cane toads, left, and kangaroo hide<br />, right, in Sydney on Dec. 9.Dec 19, 2010<br />New and funky, Gideon Shoes by brothers, Rupert and Matt Noffs (of the Noffs Foundation - pictured above) just launched today at their heritage-listed, church, with a luncheon!<br />
  20. 20. We all love a good pair of shoes. Nothing beats that fresh out of the box smell! The only problem with shoes is spending the money. But what if you knew that every dollar you spent on a pair of shoes is going back into your local community?Get ready to welcome to the world Gideon & The Family of Humanity. They create non-sweat shop shoes made in Australia that not only look rad but all their coin goes back into the not-for-profit charity. Their most famous project is The Street University which is the countries largest and most successful drop in centre for marginalised kids in South West Sydney. You can find out more about the Street University HERE.<br />They’ll be producing two different types of shoes. The canvas range, which you may have already seen around the place, and the Gideon ‘Origin’ range which is based on the 1970’s hi-top basketball shoe and will be made from sustainable leathers such as kangaroo! They’re just about to kick off a new website and in the meantime Philly Jays have filmed a wee video. Head to the WEBSITE to check it all out.<br />
  21. 21. GIDEON SHOES (CANE TOAD)<br /> <br />We're no stranger here at Sneaker Freaker to flossin' the world's fiercest fauna on our feet. From Jaws to Skippy, we've worn the lot... or so we'd thought. Gideon Shoes are a new brand on the block that are using rich cow hide, buttery roo and, in a world first, crispy cane toad skin to create a line of lux fashion sneakers with a twist. In the wild these guys may not be pretty, but on a shoe cane toad comes across quite elegantly... kind of like a mini croc skin. Gideon's simple silhouettes let their premium materials do all the talking, while the handmade construction, pouron insole and microsuede lining<br /> <br />ensure a comfortable ride. If you're looking get your paws on something a little unique then check out the Gideon website for more animal crackers.<br />
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  24. 24. GIDEON&THEFAMILYOFHUMANITY GIDEON is a shoe business which was developed on the Eastern seaboard of Oz. More specifically, Bondi Beach. GIDEON is run by a family full of Heretics who don't want people 2 suffer for fashion. They want lives improved by it. When u wear a pair, u become something else. U are transformed. U no longer waste time worrying. U feel light and ready 2 begin again. U no longer feel excluded. U become part of the family.<br />