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Processing and Arduino
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Processing and Arduino



Processing and Arduino: Short introduction

Processing and Arduino: Short introduction



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Processing and Arduino Processing and Arduino Presentation Transcript

  • Processing.org: Programming and digital art, Arduino Juraj Bednár
  • Agenda
    • Introduction
    • Processing.org: project introduction
    • Language
    • Minimalistic approach
    • Community
    • What to use it for
    • Arduino.cc: short introduction
    • Similar projects
    • Demo
  • Introduction
    • Processing.org
      • Open envrionment for digital artists
      • Started in 2001 at MIT (Media Lab)
      • GNU GPL, libraries (core.jar) are GNU LGPL
      • Based on Java
      • Many libraries (for Processing directly, or you can use any java libraries)
    • Arduino.cc
      • Similar environment for programming single-chip computers based on Atmel proc & Arduino board
  • Processing.org
    • Environment
      • Used by a few projects (Processing and Arduino)
    • Language
    • Runtime
      • Possibility to export to Java Applets
      • Possibility to use in other Java applications (when prototype becomes application)
  • ,,Simplified” Java
    • You don't need to know about classes or object oriented programming (but if you want, you can use it)
    • You don't need to handle exceptions
    • Exportable to Java Applets, which can run on web pages
    • Portable environment, stable API
    • You don't need to learn new programming language (if you know Java, you already know most of Processing. If you know Processing, you can use it and earn lots of money as Java programmer, if you want to)
  • Minimalism
    • Idea of a sketch
      • A painter paints his idea to any paper he finds
      • A programmer who just got an idea should start programming it, not think about reading configuration files, creating main windows and handling events.
    • You can start by two methods (procedures): setup() and draw()
  • Demo
  • Community
    • Very vibrant community
    • Several books
    • openprocessing.org
    • processing.org/exhibition
    • processing.org/learn
      • Easy to read reference documentation
    • Forums
    • Libraries
  • Usage
    • 2D and 3D graphics
    • Audio
    • Video
    • Communication with devices (Arduino)
    • Networking
    • File and disk access
  • Arduino
    • Open hardware which
      • You can build using open source free schematics
      • You can buy a kit and assemble it
      • You can buy prebuilt
    • Environment for programming this HW
    • Many extensions
      • Bluetooth
      • Ethernet
      • Wifi
      • Sensors
  • Similar projects
    • Based on processing
      • Processing.js
      • Arduino
    • Other environments for digital artists
      • Pure Data
      • OpenFrameworks
      • Lily
      • Field
  • Let's do something!
    • Ask questions
    • Create any type of clock you want
    • Use reference documentation
    • Display (or make sounds, ...) time in any form you like
      • You can even interact with it