Creando un mundo mejor con Joomla, por Paul Orwig


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Think Bigger es una iniciativa que llevan a cabo varios entusiastas y profesionales del mundo Joomla, y la cual busca fortalecer y ayudar a las instituciones y organizaciones sin ánimos de lucro. Paul Orwig nos explica sobre la iniciativa.

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  • Introduction (~5 minutes) A recent theme within OSM (August 2012 minutes): Think bigger in 2013 An opportunity: Late JDay DK meeting space changes allowed more sessions to be added to the program A collaboration: Started with a previous JCM big idea , then brainstormed about some ways to improve on it based on lessons learned Emphasize that this is still in the idea stage (light bulb)... this presentation is to test reactions and build on ideas
  • The idea is to support local, regional, national, or worldwide charities or worthy causes by creating and/or managing Joomla websites
  • Encourage all JUGs (currently 152) to choose local, regional, national, or worldwide charities or worthy causes
  • Provide project support and recognition for those efforts
  • List or link to these websites from the home page of like for our big companies and government websites
  • JCM articles - website case studies, interviews...
  • Joomla and Joomla team accounts on Twitter, Google+, Facebook...
  • Press releases through the communications team, Voxus, news articles
  • Recruit sponsors/partners/supporters Hosting services Extension developers Template developers Training providers Recruit volunteer support team Develop and publish announcements and promotional activities Review any incoming inquiries and forward to JUG contacts Receive, update and manage listings content Coordinate efforts with sponsors/partners/supporters
  • So what are some of the benefits we can imagine from thinking bigger?
  • Strengthen connections between existing JUG members Increase growth of JUGs (membership and # of groups) Strengthen connections between JUG members and their local communities
  • Become a source of pride for the entire Joomla community Positive recognition for charities, community members, JUGs, sponsors/partners, and Joomla Increase contributions of new extensions and templates (perhaps with an emphasis on charities and accessibility) and lead to better multi-language documentation Program can be expanded to encourage and recognize similar good work from individuals, agencies, extension developers, service providers, sponsors, and others Help make the world a better place
  • Still in imagination mode, what are the next steps?
  • Announce and promote the program Contact JUGs Blogs JCM articles Social media channels JoomlaDays
  • Recruit a support team - any volunteers? Send an email to Be ready to accept listing submissions - any current ones? Send an email to Anyone here know of some good worthy causes to contact? Send an email to
  • Joomla has become one of the world’s most popular FOSS CMS because of the spirit of our worldwide community that has always been committed to help and share and work together. Let’s think bigger In 2013, and show the world that same spirit we have is also just as committed to helping make the world a better place! Questions/comments/suggestions/other big ideas
  • Creando un mundo mejor con Joomla, por Paul Orwig

    1. 1. Think BiggerWith
    2. 2. How a Small Idea Becomes Bigger
    3. 3. Websites for Worthy Causes
    4. 4. JUGs Do It
    5. 5. How Will We Support This Idea?
    6. 6. Home Page
    7. 7. Leadership Blogs
    8. 8. Joomla! Community Magazine
    9. 9. Social Networks
    10. 10. Mass Media
    11. 11. Joomla Event Announcements
    12. 12. Recruit Teams and Resources
    13. 13. Benefits
    14. 14. Stronger JUGs
    15. 15. J Pride
    16. 16. Next Steps
    17. 17. Announce It
    18. 18. Get
    19. 19. Lets Think Bigger!?