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Yireo Mage Bridge - Joomla!Days NL 2009 #jd09nl
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Yireo Mage Bridge - Joomla!Days NL 2009 #jd09nl


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Presentation on Joomla!Days Netherlands by Jisse Reitsma

Presentation on Joomla!Days Netherlands by Jisse Reitsma

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  • 1. Yireo – MageBridge for Joomla! A bridge between Joomla! and Magento
  • 2.
      • International initiative to provide integration between Magento and Joomla!
      • 3. Home to MageBridge, SimpleLists and more ....
      • 4. Memberships for video-tutorials, text-tutorials and code samples
    Jira ICT
      • Company in the Netherlands focused on Joomla! and Magento
      • 5. Magento Industry Partner
      • 6. Providing trainings, events / bootcamps, extensions, (video)tutorials
    Me – Jisse Reitsma
      • Co-founder of Jira ICT
      • 7. Writer of Dutch book “Joomla! Templates ontwerpen”
      • 8. Programming Magento, Joomla! and Drupal extensions
    Yireo, Jira ICT and me
  • 9. Bringing Magento to the Joomla! community
      • Integrate the number 1 e-commerce application into Joomla!
      • 10. Alternative for VirtueMart
    Bringing Joomla! to the Magento community
      • Giving e-commerce sites a real CMS-alternative
      • 11. Alternative for WordPress / Drupal / typo3
    Introducing MageBridge
  • 12. Stand alone e-commerce application Developed by Varien Community Edition vs. Enterprise Edition Includes all features of osCommerce and VirtueMart … and more
      • Customizable product features
      • 13. One Page Checkout
      • 14. Google Tools integration (Sitemap, Analytics, Optimizer)
      • 15. iDEAL integration
      • 16. SEO, SEM
      • 17. Multi-lingual, multi-site, multi-currency, multi-everything
      • 18. API for SOAP and XML-RPC
    Magento e-Commerce
  • 19.
    • One-man show
      • If Soren dies, VirtueMart dies
    • Code architecture is outdated
      • Ugly mix of PHP-logic and HTML-output
      • 20. VirtueMart makes little use of Joomla! 1.5 Framework features
      • 21. Problems with menu-items, routing, breadcrumbs, etcetera
    • Slow development
      • One-man struggles to keep the software working
    • Magento is just much better
      • All features of VirtueMart are in Magento as well
      • 22. But there are just more and more features in Magento
    Downsides of VirtueMart
  • 23. Downsides of Magento
      • Good performance requires dedicated hosting, not shared hosting
      • 24. The more features an application has, the more difficult it is to use
      • 25. Theming is only for the experts
      • 26. Direct database interaction is too complicated because of EAV
    Downsides of the bridge-solution
      • You have to pay to obtain a license
      • 27. The bridge brings also the downsides of Magento to Joomla!
      • 28. Theming of both Joomla! as Magento is required
      • 29. Because the Magento API is not sufficient, it uses its own API
      • 30. Performance is slow, caching is needed but not always possible
    Downsides of Magento / MageBridge
  • 31. Features
      • Display Magento content inside the Joomla! CMS
      • 32. User synchronization / authentication / Single Sign On
      • 33. Magento blocks inside Joomla! component / modules
      • 34. Magento events inside Joomla! CMS
      • 35. Joomla! events inside Magento shop
      • 36. Install Joomla! and Magento on the same webserver or seperate webservers
      • 37. One-click upgrades
    Requirements Joomla! 1.5 / Magento 1.3 Joomla! backend-component checks all requirements Bridge functionality
  • 38. Joomla! component Magento content-block within Joomla! component area MageBridge proxy and connection handling Joomla! modules Joomla! menu-items pointing to Joomla! component Magento blocks (example: cart, wishlist, cross-selling) Custom modules using Magento content (example: catalog browser) Joomla! plugins Authentication, user synchronization, Single Sign On Category and product search Related articles and related products Architecture (Joomla!-side)
  • 39. MageBridge module Acts like a proxy between Joomla! and Magento Joomla! requests a page, the bridge fetches it A bit more complicated than just a IFRAME wrapper
      • Caching; Turn on/off SEF; Single request for multiple blocks;
      • 40. URL rewriting from Magento {{baseurl}} to Joomla! component URL
      • 41. Single Sign On / session tracking; data encryption
    Architecture (Magento-side)
  • 42. Joomla! - JFusion
      • Magento in Joomla!
      • 43. Only user authentication (and not SSO)
    Joomla! - J! Mint (Google Summer of Code)
      • Magento in Joomla!
      • 44. Uptill now only a focus on the backend (hmmm)
      • Magento in Typogento
      • 45. Problems with check-in / check-out
      • WordPress in Magento
  • 46. Magento
      • OSL (Open Software License)
      • 47. Possibilities for other licensing schemes
      • GPL (GNU General Public License)
      • 48. No options for other licensing schemes
    MageBridge suite
      • Joomla! extensions: GPL
      • 49. Magento extensions: commercial and EULA
    Licensing of MageBridge
  • 50. Buy a Magento/Joomla! theme ready-to-go JoomlArt (combined themes) YooThemes, RocketThemes, itemplater (seperate themes) Build your own Full Joomla! theme Stripped Magento theme Theming solutions
  • 51. Yireo Club Membership On-line education platform Video-tutorials Text-tutorials Tutorials-on-request Expert-discussions Yireo Open Source SimpleLists component Google Optimizer plugin & other plugins Woopra for Magento Upcoming with Yireo
  • 52. MageBridge for Drupal MageBridge offers a generic API (besides the Magento API) Other clients than Joomla! are possible VirtueMart-to-Magento Exodus Tool Migrate all database records from VirtueMart to Magento Migrate all images from VirtueMart to Magento through AJAX Braindumps of Yireo
  • 53. Information & pricing Demo Blog Company More information
  • 54. Questions?