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School Visit
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  • 1. School Visit
    By: Johnny Soto
  • 2. What was the school like?
    EscuelaIntermedia Barrio Piletas
    Mr. Colon the principal, Mrs. Montalvo the teacher and the secretery, (no security guard).
    It is a new school.
    Class rooms looked dull and boring
    Not much decorations
  • 3. Technology in the school
    The school has 22 computers
    20 in the computer class and 2 in the library.
    No internet except in the library
    There's one printer in the computer classroom and one in the library.
    Student have to bring a pen-drive to class
  • 4. Good thing about the school
    The school showed sing’s of improvement since teacher told me that since the school was open recently it didn’t have enough stuff but they were expecting to have more technology for next year like TV, projectors, etc… and even internet in the rest of the school
  • 5. Bad thing about the school
    First of all the principal wasn’t there when I arrived, he was at the pharmacy getting his medicine.
    Second it was a bit hectic since the superintendent of the region had given the school a surprised visit to see if they had improved on changes that were needed.
  • 6. How to improve?
    Well since the teacher told me that they were supposed to have better technology for next year I suppose that I should make another visit next year to see what improvements they've made. Since the school is brand new I think it deserve a chance to improve.
  • 7. Thank for listening !!!!!!
    Ps its better than Roy’s