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A quick check on the pulse of Moodle at Peace Wapiti School Division #76

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Moodle Madness

  1. 1. Drive - by Moodling Checking the pulse of PWSDs hottest online technology
  2. 2. Where we were ... 2007 Started mostly to help AISI communicate ~ 20 Active Learning Communities.
  3. 3. Where we are ... 2009 eCommunity has eclipsed our staff collaboraiton site. > 500 Class areas Collaboration has grown too; ~ 50 online learning communities
  4. 4. We can't get enough! Last week we averaged 1200 logins a day on eCommunity! Peaked at 6800 site views last Wednesday Collaboration spikes around PD events, and we still average around 100 logins each day.
  5. 5. And they're not just logging in! 3000 page views 400 course posts ... on average each day Page views graph Course posts graph
  6. 6. Most popular activities? While most teachers start with links and information, it quickly grows into discussion areas, self-checks, and online assignments. It also make great web glue!
  7. 7. Who is most active? ... last two weeks
  8. 8. Extending the classroom 5% of all this traffic occurs after school hours; and this trend is increasing. That's an exciting direction. This can improve parent awareness of school activity and help create connections between the student home life and their work in the classroom It's not just on a computer either ... think P.O.D.
  9. 9. Promoting your school A place to share school news or achievements. Easily setup RSS news feeds, showcase media, or advertize events. Ties in to Sharepoint. - BRHS averages 2200 views a week!
  10. 10. What teachers are saying ... Thanks for the super day. Best inservice I've had in years! (Hythe Elementary May 2009) There was no pressure in doing this session, very hands on. Thank you! (PRSD PD Day Sept 2009) hey, would I have anything to share if it weren’t for your instruction one-community?? It’s all teamwork. (Penson May 2009)
  11. 11. What teachers are saying ... Thanks for all your work and patience this year (Moodle Year End Survey June 2009) I just wanted to say thanks for last week!! It was nice to have time to work and use your brain. Thanks for all those great ideas. (Harry Balfour Sept 2009) And thanks for your work this year on moodle. I wouldn’t have bothered trying to use it if there hadn’t been someone dedicated to helping us out – an inservice just isn’t that great – they can show it to you, but having you (and Jon) actually come out when we were working on stuff and helping us get going was really the key to getting us to use it. (PWA June 2009)
  12. 12. NRLC ATA Joint Needs Assessment (March 2009) Select three technology areas you would like to see NRLC concentrate on next year in Zone 1.        Smartboards (70%) 2.       Moodle (51.5%) 3.       Online resources (33.9%)
  13. 13. Moodle Dream Team • Technical o Mike Norton - Server work o Darcy Bromling - Everyting • Coordinators o Jen Clevette  Focused on school visits and Side-by-Side teacher help. o Jon Konrad  Focused on teacher setup support. • Supervisor o Brian Shields  Oversees budget and all meetings
  14. 14. What we offer the district • Group PD (School Improvement Days) • Side by Side help (Tu/Th, MWF rotating afternoon) • Support o personal communication through email, phone, skype o course or area setup o BITT o Moodle How-tos - from print to video • Mighty Peace Teachers Convention • Tech Fest