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Basic Whole Basic Whole Presentation Transcript

  • Moodle at PWSD Collaboration, Online Education and Classroom Extension.
  • Outline
    • What is Moodle
    • How Moodle came to PWSD
    • Needs Moodle can fill
    • Who is using Moodle now?
    • What is it Jon Does?
    • What’s coming up next?
  • How Moodle came to PWSD
  • The Need The Promise AISI projects needed a way to share and work when they were not together. PREP was on schedule to deliver document sharing and other collaboration tools. The Failure After many attempts, PREP under IBM was laid to rest.
  • The Solution
    • December 2006 Jon was approached to build a place for AISI to work using Moodle
    • With Jon building and Joan Coy training and promoting collaboration finally got off the ground. By
  • Needs Moodle can fill
  • Collaboration Deliver full courses online for credit. Classroom extension Support brick and mortar schools with learning objects, online testing, extra help, discussion groups and more. Online education
    • Bring professional learning communities together
    • Share documents
    • Discuss ideas
    • Co-author materials
    • ePortfolios
  • What Moodle is not ….
    • An Asian noodle dish
    • A Portal
    • A “good” file repository
    • Dreamweaver replacement
    • A for-print exam bank
    • An ePortfolio solution,
      • but more on that later.
  • Who is using Moodle now
    • 282 real users, who have accessed the site since September 2007.
    • 19 Active professional learning committees
    • Site visits are nearly doubling each month since July 2007 and we are currently receiving an average of 126 visits and almost 5000 hits per day!
  • Stats
    • 3 full-time core science courses (BCP)
    • 4 course supplements (blended learning)
    • 2 school websites
    • 6 trial courses (just playing in the sand)
    This site just got started and has not been promoted yet around the district. It was build to host the BCP courses.
  • Teacher comments
    • “ Collaboration such as we have done is great! In small schools, we often work in isolation. The Moodle site overcomes this problem to some extent”
    • “ Meeting, working and sharing ideas with a large number of math teachers is beneficial in test development. Moodle is an excellent tool for communication. The shared resources allow options within the classroom.”
    • These are teacher comments from the qualitative questionaire completed in June 2007. The population is the16 teachers from Numeracy Division 4
  • What exactly does Jon do? What it takes to keep Moodle running.
  • Technical
    • Install and support
      • Machine setup – virtualization
      • Server OS
      • Moodle packages
      • Database backend: mysql
      • Add-ons: scripting languages, feature extensions
    • Security
      • Anti-virus
      • Backup
      • Access rights
    • Troubleshoot
      • Network bandwidth / or speed of access
  • Communications
    • Help desk
      • Email and call support for users
      • Support AISI coordinators as they build their areas.
      • Create starting areas or templates for schools or PLCs
    • Presentations or in-service work
      • Present at AISI meetings
      • Visit schools
      • Meet with any group wishing to start a PLC
  • Author
    • Site Design
      • Create constant navigation across all areas
      • Create and update front page
      • Maintain site-wide theme
    • Course and Content Author
      • Create training materials
      • Publishing BCP courses (with help from Joan and Wanda)
      • Create science professional learning communities
      • Create science course extensions
  • Other
    • Predict and prepare for future needs
    • Research how others are using Moodle
    • Test out new add-ons or extensions
      • Trial installs of new additions of moodle
    • Gather data for presentations
      • Did not work for today 
    • Promote online collaboration
  • Moving Forward
    • The current Moodle role should be divided.
    • For me, I’d like to decrease in technical.
    • Increase in authorship, seminars, in-services, and team building.
  • What’s coming up next
  • Short Term
    • Collaboration
      • Complete the in-servicing of all AISI
      • Establish science learning communities
    • Online Education
      • Complete the hosting of BCP courses
      • Establish several new offerings with PAVE
    • Classroom Extension
      • Complete the hosting of online assessments for Science 10, 14, 24, and Biology 30
      • Find and work with one or two teachers who would like their students to blog or discuss online.
  • Technical: oodle meets mahara The time has come for ePortfolios Athabasca is using ELGG We’re looking at
  • Long Term
    • Collaboration
      • All groups comfortable and active
    • Online Education
      • Full course offerings available
    • Classroom Enhancement
      • All schools with a presence
      • Classes that want have robust online activites
    • Technical
      • Separate file repository
      • Bring online several physical servers
      • Tie into new Portal