Rugby World Cup - Promotional Concepts


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A range of promotional ideas and case studies for brands looking to leverage sales and awareness around the 2011 Rugby World Cup. Prize Insurer WorldWide Special Risks are experienced in providing insured promotions to enable customers to Kick, Throw, Scratch, Pick, Click or more for dream prizes, event a Million Pounds.

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Rugby World Cup - Promotional Concepts

  1. 1. Rugby World Cup 2011 – Cash Back IncentivesHow can your customers’ interest in the 2011 Rugby World Cup lead to increased sales?Major sporting events such as the Rugby World Cup in New Zealand (September & October 2011) provide a lucrative opportunity for brands andsponsors alike to receive increased media exposure and boost sales by using a topical, themed promotion.How can your brand benefit from the 2011 Rugby World Cup?Sales of certain products are strongly linked to major sporting events. The Rugby World Cup is a prime example of this with supporters purchasinghabits affected by their personal interest in the event. Products including televisions, replica shirts even beer and snack foods will peak in advanceof or during a tournament, especially if the home nation is present.Cash back incentives have been used to great effect in the past by brands looking to benefit from purchasing trends at such times. Offeringa full or partial cash-back on their purchase if the chosen nation achieves a specified goal is a great way to achieve this and ride the wave of thecountries expectation. Other options include the number of points your team or a nominated player might score.The cost of the fee is linked to the value of your cash back liability, itself determined by your sales in the period. The rate you pay, a percentage ofthis figure, is determined by the chance that your trigger will occur.Talk to us for a tailored proposal for your brand. + = WorldWide Special Risks Tel: 01727 843686 • • Abbey Chambers • 11-13 Verulam Road • St Albans • Herts • AL3 4DA • England
  2. 2. Rugby World Cup 2011 ‐ Predictor Competitions . Engage your customer base before and during the 2011 Rugby World Cup with a Predictor competition. Predictors can and have been used by a range of our clients to engage existing customers and attract new ones. A predictor works on the basis of offering entrants the chance to guess a series of results for a sports competition. If they guess the correct results they win! Online bookmaker ran a €1million Predictor during the Football World Cup in 2010, after the success of a previous competition during the 2008 European Football Championships. As a reward for placing a €10 minimum bet on the tournament, customers were invited to predict the results of the group stages to try and win a range of great prizes. The One Million Euro Jackpot created a fantastic headline and proved an appealing attraction that would have been awarded to anyone predicting most of the games correctly. There were also a range of lower prizes for the best performing contestants on a leader board that could be tracked during the tournament. The predictor, game was rolled out across over 30 countries in 26 different languages. Take up for the competition exceeded the overall campaign target after just a few weeks, creating a hugely successful promotion. Predictors can work on many different levels, with a large volume of players predicting numerous results, or outcomes from the matches, to fewer qualified finalists attempting far simpler predictions, as little as the score in the final. WorldWide Special Risks Tel: 01727 843686 • • Abbey Chambers • 11-13 Verulam Road • St Albans • Herts • AL3 4DA • England
  3. 3. Rugby World Cup 2011 ‐ Scratch Card PromotionsA range of instant win mechanics for retailers, publishers and brands…If you are looking for an incentive with some instant appeal, then maybe a scratch card promotion could ensure a winning promotion foryour business. Our prize insurance allows for companies to run competitions with a prize pool many times larger then their marketing budget.The mock example below right, shows how a scratch card competition could be created to offer your customers the chance to win a range ofgreat prizes and incentives.Score a try to win a Million!!!Each time a customer makes a purchase they will receive a scratch card. Each card will contain 15 scratch panels, denoted by playing balls,playing shirts of similar. To score a try and win a prize they scratch off three panels. Every card will contain three matching prize symbols,hidden randomly under the panels. If the customer finds three matching prize symbols, then they win the prize or reward.We will work with you to create a prize schedule with a range ofhigh value prizes on a few cards, plus a large number of offers andrewards on the bulk of the cards.In return for an insurance premium we then take on the risk of all theprizes, rewards and offers won or claimed during the promotion.Your promotional risk is therefore fixed and you can sit back and enjoythe success without having to count the pennies.Talk to us for a bespoke scratch card proposal. WorldWide Special Risks Tel: 01727 843686 • • Abbey Chambers • 11-13 Verulam Road • St Albans • Herts • AL3 4DA • England
  4. 4. Rugby World Cup 2011  ‐ On‐Pack / Online Retail PromotionNobo Europe, part of the Acco Brands group, got into the football spirit during thesummer of 2010. Running a promotion alongside the World Cup in South Africa to takeadvantage of the media coverage and worldwide interest in the event.As a reward for purchasing a Video Projector consumers received a game card, theirticket to play, inside the packaging. On the game card was a scratch panel with aunique game code. For the chance to win consumers went online to play spot theball, a skill based mechanic for the chance to win prizes up to €100,000!Once consumers had registered to play the game they were given one opportunity tospot the position of the football on the football image (bottom right). At the end of thepromotion any player who had matched the exact winning ball position as selected byan independent judge would have won a share of the €100,000! The closest 20 runners-up received a selection of ancillary prizes.The promotion was run in several European markets and displayed in nine languages. Itprovided a great opportunity to increase sales, consumer data capture and drivewebsite traffic. WSR provided insurance to pay for the €100,000 main prize if it was wonin addition to the fully branded spot the ball application.Want to run a Rugby “Spot The Rugby Ball” competition?Talk to us for a tailored proposal to run a spot the rugby ball promotion for your brand inthe lead up to this years tournament. WSR will build and host the spot the rugby ballgame and provide insurance to limit the cost your prize offer. WorldWide Special Risks Tel: 01727 843686 • • Abbey Chambers • 11-13 Verulam Road • St Albans • Herts • AL3 4DA • England
  5. 5. Rugby World Cup 2011 ‐ Kick to Win Promotions Kick Your Mortgage Into Touch. Sponsors of the Six Nation’s in Ireland Ulster Bank were looking for a national campaign to leverage their association with the tournament. Working with WorldWide, a national competition was launched to find four finalists that would be given the chance to win prizes including a €250,000 mortgage. Qualifying contests were run across radio, press, online and in-branch channels creating huge levels of public awareness and valuable data capture from thousands of entrants. The finale was staged during half-time at the RBS Six Nations match between Ireland and France. The four finalists had one chance each to kick a rugby ball towards a branded target with an Ulster Bank House in the middle. A ball landing in the top of the house would have won the finalist €250,000. As it happened nobody won the top prize on this occasion, but the fourth contestant walked away with €15,000 Euros after striking the side of the house! In all the campaign created tremendous levels of PR prior to the event and a memorable, exciting attraction before a capacity crowd during the game. Skill based contests such as Kick To Win are a great way to engage customers in the build up to the 2011 Rugby World Cup. How you leverage the promotion depends on your aims but customers can be encouraged to register via various methods including text and web. The contest can be promoted on-pack, in your publication, on-air, online, wherever your customer interaction occurs. Finalists will then be qualified and invited to a grand final event where the skill based contest will occur. A couple of example mechanics include; The Target Kick. Contestants have to kick the ball through a hole or holes in a target board. Those successful could win prize up to One Million Pounds. The Cross Bar Kick. If the finalist hits the cross bar they win! Various formats include two out of three strikes from the 18-yard line or one kick, one chance from halfway. WorldWide Special Risks Tel: 01727 843686 • • Abbey Chambers • 11-13 Verulam Road • St Albans • Herts • AL3 4DA • England
  6. 6. Rugby World Cup 2011 – Promotional Incentives Contact us for more information on +44 01727 843686 or email Jon Wilkinson on Chris Westwood on Sam Skelton on Or find us at WorldWide Special Risks Abbey Chambers, 11-13 Verulam Road, St Albans, Herts, AL3 4DA Online @ WorldWide Special Risks Tel: 01727 843686 • • Abbey Chambers • 11-13 Verulam Road • St Albans • Herts • AL3 4DA • England