Easy Way to Split File in MS Outlook 2007


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Outlook users are advised to split PST file Outlook 2007 with third party software to overcome severe corruption and for smooth running of the outlook applications in future.

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  • Split your Outlook PST file according to date, year, size and email id basis. You can use of third party tool named as Kernel for PST Split software to split your large size Outlook PST file into small parts. The software is also well supported by all MS Outlook and Windows OS version. Download free trial version: http://www.splitpsttool.net
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Easy Way to Split File in MS Outlook 2007

  1. 1. Split PST file Outlook 2007http://www.splitpstfileoutlook2007.com
  2. 2. Split PST file Outlook 2007 Table Of Contents Split PST File Outlook 2007- An introduction Causes of Error in Outlook 2007 Error messages in PST file Outlook 2007 Solution- How to resolve Corruption in Outlook 2007 Split PST file Outlook 2007- Software Features User Guide
  3. 3. Split PST file Outlook 2007 IntroductionMS Outlook is an important email client applicationthat store personal data such as contacts, emails,calendar, notes, journals in pst file format.Sometimes Outlook 2007 users may face troublein smooth running of the application due tooversized PST files, although Outlook 2007 canstore pst files up to 20 GB. However, with storageof large data, the outlook becomes sluggish andhangs. It may also lead to severe corruption. Inorder to resolve such corruption, it is advised tosplit PST Outlook File 2007 with the help of thirdparty software.
  4. 4. Split PST file Outlook 2007Causes of Outlook 2007 PST Error oversized PST files System crash Improper Shut down of the System Virus attack Header file corruption Sharing of file over other network
  5. 5. Split PST file Outlook 2007PST File Outlook 2007 Error Messages“Scanpst.exe not responding”“Scanpst.exe fails with fatal error: 80040818”“File is not a valid personal folder”“Outlook Fatal Error 80040900”
  6. 6. Split PST file Outlook 2007Solution To resolve Over sized PST FileOutlook 2007So, in order to get rid of oversized PST files, it isimportant to split PST file Outlook 2007. Userscan accomplish this task easily with the help ofthird party PST splitter tool. It easily splitsoversized PST files into smaller files and avoidsPST file corruption.
  7. 7. Split PST file Outlook 2007Split PST File Outlook 2007- Software FeaturesIt easily splits oversized PST files.It safely divides oversized PST file into two smaller filesit can split multiple files at a timeIt is compatible with outlook 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007 and 2010
  8. 8. Split PST file Outlook 2007 User Guide How to Use Software Install and double click the icon on desktop run the application select the PST file to be repaired Specify the criteria of splitting PST file Click Start Split, to split the large PST files. The large sized PST files are now split and free from corruption.
  9. 9. Split PST file Outlook 2007 Thank You Please Visithttp://www.splitpstfileoutlook2007.com