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Nice Nice Presentation Transcript

  • Welcome Holidays Jon Cockerill
  • The Castlemaine Questions
    • Who the XXXX are Welcome Holidays?
    • What XXXX relevance do cottage holidays have to my business?
  • The Case Study
    • The Welcome story, and why we do things differently
    • The challenge that the web posed to us
    • The mistakes we made
    • The principles we believe in
    • Why you should obsess about virgins!
  • Our Burning Issues
    • Where has all the response to on-the-page advertising gone?
    • In May 2001, 31% of those who responded to our advertising called direct, while 69% went to our web site
    • How do we persuade more people visiting the web site to hand over their money?
    • By studying the effectiveness of 100’s of changes
  • Welcome Holidays
    • A direct marketing company, which specialises in travel
    • A direct marketing laboratory designed to test and retest the fundamentals of the buying process for holidays
    • From 8 to 260 staff in 7 years
    • All organic growth, selling 240,000 holidays, turnover £25m,always profitable
  • A Favourable Sector?
    • “ Letting of UK holiday properties was adversely affected by poor weather”
    • “ Continuing poor weather and strong pound adversely affected domestic tourism including our UK Holiday Cottages Business”
    • Thomson Travel Group Annual Reports 1998 & 1999
  • Software Development
    • Administering bookings is important . . .
    • Recording all the demand data for those who “tried to buy but failed” is vital
    • We obsess about the people who look but don’t buy
    • Developed our own res sytem - MARS
  • Prospect Relationship Management - PRM
    • What were they looking for?
      • Where? Party size? Date? Price point?
    • Why?
    • We can track exactly where the buying process broke down
    • We can recruit bed stock and price it to match unfulfilled demand
    • We know that in 2001 over 64,000 households have already “tried to buy from us but failed”
  • Then came the Web . . .
    • It’s going to change commercial life . . .
    • But we’re doing alright already . . .
    • And we are intermediaries . . .
    • So we must be doomed - right?
  • Our conclusion . . .
    • In the age of disintermediation, the intermediary who adds most value
    • - at no extra cost to the consumer -
    • gets to rule the market
  • The Challenge
    • To add value at no cost to the consumer and lowest possible cost to us
    • To open new markets by making the buying process easier
    • To achieve 100% trackability of all responses from advertising and direct mailing
    • To replace the prospect data lost by moving to a self-service on-line model
  • Web Sites - Sales Prevention Tools!
    • On design, everyone has an opinion
    • Everyone is always wrong!
    • Obsess about virgins
    • Remember More information = more reasons not to buy
    • Only the customer’s behaviour while inside your website counts
  • Our Scar Tissue
    • Traffic on your site is like people window shopping
    • Give them benefits to keep them there - anticipate every question. Offer data capture as a benefit, not a penalty
    • Only offering a “book-on-line” option (without a “call our call centre” option) reduces holidays sold by over 50%. Keep offering the phone number!
    • 1 in 3 changes to our web-site actually reduced the number of holidays being sold
  • Our Strategy
    • Keep changing the web site to get more and more people using it to call
    • Constantly monitor new user reactions
    • Track individual user behaviour on- and off- line
    • Collect information on what they are looking for – especially those who don’t buy
    • Use the information to refine product and pricing – which gets ever more people to buy (currently 52% of all households who call us buy a holiday)
  • The Future
    • Over 50,000 parties will buy through our web platform this year (70% of total holidays sold)
    • Every 1% improvement in our call centre call handling brings 1,500 extra holiday sales. (Improvement year 2000 versus 2001 = +6% or 9,000 extra sales for same marketing expenditure)
    • Direct sell holiday companies that do not have 100% trackability for both on-line and off-line will become paralysed because they can only track the 31% of households (and declining) who respond by phoning for a brochure
  • Think Virgins and Nets Success is Inevitable