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Operable Shading Systems by Construction Specialties automatically track the movement of the sun 365 days a year. Shading blades adjust to maximize shading thus reducing Solar Heat Gain through glazing.

Highly flexible designs and aesthetics can be achieved.

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Construction Specialties Solarmotion / Warema 2010 Catalog

  1. 1. Stunningaestheticsmeet optimalperformance
  2. 2. C/S offers many ways Say goodbye to heat gain and solar glare forever. to control the sun New Controllable Sunshades Introducing C/S Solarmotion ™ Moves with the sun to reduce heat, glare and energy usage.USGBC LEED® Credits2009 Edition, Version 3(EnergyandAtmosphereSection)ImprovebuildingperformancebeyondbaselineinASHRAE/IESNAStandard90.1. Commercial buildings consume that save energy, let natural light in, overall air conditioning load New External Venetian Blinds Energy Atmosphere up to 35 points 39% of the energy and 74% of keep heat out, and allow occupants requirement and in lighting energy the electricity generated from oil, to look out their windows. By using usage. And several studies show that Reduces heat and glare 12% improvement 1 point inside the building. gas, nuclear and coal fired plants, C/S Solarmotion, architects can buildings that employ daylight 24% improvement 7 points C/Soffersacomplete Reduces energy, and which adversely impacts the accomplish all of these goals. management systems increase worker lineofFixedSun individually controllable. 36% improvement 13 points environment. Fossil based power productivity, lower absenteeism and Controlstomeetall For more than twenty-five years generation releases CO2 which improve educational performance. ofyourshading 48% improvement 19 points C/S has helped architects realize the requirements.Call contributes to global climate And our new Solarmotion line of aesthetic and functional benefits (888)895-8955for Indoor Environmental Quality Daylight 75% change, and coal fired stations Controllable Sunshades also offers See the C/S Sun Control brochure for of using controllable sunshades on afreebrochure. IEQ Credit 8.1 Daylight Views: of Spaces create acid rain! architects infinite architectural our fixed sunshade products their buildings. C/S Solarmotion™ freedom to create an exciting and Indoor Environmental Quality Daylight* 90% That’s why the USGBC’s LEED® not only reduces heat and Cantilevered Suspended Sunshades IEQ Credit 8.2 Daylight Views: of Spaces dynamic building facade. For details, program drives architects to glare, it can save the owner call (888) 895-8955. design sustainable buildings significant reductions on their Effective sun control*AchieveaminimumDaylightFactorof with a variety of 2%(excludingalldirectsunlightpenetration)in blade, outrigger 75%ofallspaceoccupiedforcriticalvisualtasks. and fascia styles. Vertical Fixed Sunshades The most effective exterior sunshade for east and west elevations. Select from dozens of blade styles. Skylight Shutters Allows diffused light into buildings while reducing solar heat gain. Lightshelves Reduce energy costs by bringing daylight deeper into the building’s interior. HoustonCommunityCollege Architect:HOK
  3. 3. C/S Solarmotion™ Controllable Sunshades Independent Energy Study Substantiates the results C/S hired an independent engineering firm to model the energy and Solarmotion creates a capital cost savings that an owner would achieve by using C/S Controllable Sunshades on a ten story building in Dallas and four other cities throughout dynamic facade and is the the U.S. and Canada. The test building’s facade includes standard double glazed low-E glass on all elevations. The results of the computer model in most effective way to reduce the chart below show the energy usage/savings with and without C/S Controllable Sunshades. The engineering firm utilized a recognized building energy consumption and modeling program. maximize occupant comfort. 700 Energy Cost Savings No Shading Exterior Controllable Shading 600 MoNTHLy CooLING DEMAND (MWHrS) Here’s how it works 500 C/S Solarmotion controllable sunshade system tracks the 400 sun to maximize the control of light and heat entering the building’s interior. By effectively controlling the sun on 300 all elevations, at all times of the day and throughout the year, Solarmotion can significantly reduce a building’s 200 energy and capital equipment costs. Solarmotion 100 sunshades prevent over or under shading so building occupants can always enjoy the benefits of natural daylight. 0 Perfect for all sustainable buildings, Solarmotioncanhelp JAN FEB MAr APr MAy JUNE JULy AUG SEP oCT NoV DEC architectsgainsignificantLEED®credits. TheC/Sexternalcontrollablesolarshadingsystemsubstantiallyreducesboth thecapitalcostofplantandtheassociatedrunningcostsforairconditioning. A21.1%reductionintheannualcoolingenergydemand(MWhrs)isachieved, Total design freedom translatingintoasavingsof$137,160perannumonthebuildingmodeled. With Solarmotion your building can look exactly the way you want your exterior to look. Whether you prefer a horizontal or vertical system, C/S can offer dozens of Solarmotion External Venetian Blinds mullion, blade and finish options, or we can supply you The low-profile way to eliminate unwanted heat and glare. with a complete custom system. A 25 year track record C/S Operating Sun Controls have been hard at work reducing energy costs on numerous buildings Throughout the day, worldwide since 1985. And most Solarmotion gradually of our operating systems are still adjusts to the precise angle of the sun. our in service reducing heat, glare and system even takes energy costs. C/S Operating Sun atmospheric conditions Controls were installed in 1997 over the gallery skylights into account. of the J. Paul Getty Art Museum to provide filtered sunlight to each of the galleries and to prevent the sun’s U.V. rays from damaging valuable artwork.4 5
  4. 4. C/S Solarmotion™ Controllable Sunshades (Non-Retractable) Lots of blade options Solarmotion’s aesthetic options can help your means you don’t have to sacrifice aesthetics building make a dramatic statement. for performance. Looks and works great both day and night red Cedar Solarmotion controllable sunshades become an integral part of any building facade and are the single most important exterior design element. That’s why C/S Airfoil offers specifiers a limitless selection of blades, mullions and finish options. The Solarmotion controllable sunshade system is completely flexible: blades or mullions All Solarmotion blades are shown can be oriented vertically or horizontally; Laminated in 12 widths. the system can be mounted flush or Glass Blades are available extended off the fascia, and we can even from 6 to whatever light the system. And C/S has the proven your design calls for. engineering expertise to provide you with exactly what you want; call (888) 895-8955 and speak to a Solarmotion expert. Perforated Solarmotionbladescanbe backlitusingourexclusive LEDlightingsystem. Clear Acrylic Mullion options Selectfroma varietyofmullion stylesshown,or letC/Sassistyou Airfoil with withdesigning LED Lights yourown configuration. The six standard blades shown are only the beginning. Contact us to Bull Nose Flat LED Colored discuss custom designs Lights Insert at (888) 895-8955.6 PatentsPending 7
  5. 5. C/S Solarmotion™ External Venetian Blinds (Retractable) The low profile way Warema by C/S to eliminate unwanted heat and glare. Warema Industries is the leading manufacturer of the finest and most extensive line of External Venetian Blinds. Warema blinds External Venetian Blinds (EVBs) are a simple yet are used on thousands of effective solution to controlling heat and glare, buildings worldwide. Warema while allowing filtered daylight to enter a and C/S recently entered into building’s interior. And EVBs are the perfect an agreement to provide the shading solution for retrofit application. North American market with a Awideselection C/SRetractable ofbladestyles Sunshadeslet How EVBs Work complete line of external areavailable. filteredlightin Mounted in front of the window, external venetian blinds and control Letsnaturallightin, andprovidea systems. For complete details venetian blinds reduce the sun’s heat and glare butkeepsheatand clearviewto glareout. call (888) 895-8955. theoutside. before it enters the building. This operable shading system tilts and moves up and down to control the sun as required. The slats of these System Components: blinds can be tilted up to 90 degrees to provide 1 Cover Panel Available in a variety of 3 Lifting and Tilting Tape shade from the sun no matter what position the styles and finishes to meet building Allows blinds to open and sun is currently at. The blinds are manufactured architecture close and move up and down C/SWind from recycled aluminum, finished with powder 2 Blades Available in 4 or 6 widths in 4 Guide rail Keeps blinds RetractingSystem a variety of styles including curved aligned and attached to coat finishes and are cycle tested for reliability. automaticallylifts or flat, with and without perforations building fascia A variety of individual and building controls blindswhenwind reaches30mph. are available to operate the blinds. 1 2 3 48 9
  6. 6. C/S Solarmotion™ Technology Solarmotion Mullion C/S Solarmotion is engineered to provide the Structurally designed to span floor to floor. Mounting a ultimate in appearance and performance. Solarmotion System Blade Linkage Allows blade to pivot freely within the Concrete mullion housing. 3 Dimensional C/S Solarmotion mullions are designed for Adjustment Wall Between 1’ - 3’ Stand-off typical spans. These sunshades are generally Adjustable attached to the building face with extruded Mullion Between Stand-Off 1 - 3 stand-offs to provide distance between the Allows windows to sunshade and the building. The mullions be cleaned and can be adjusted to meet feature a clean, streamline design with no Solarmotion’s operating building tolerances. Plan View Airfoil Blade exposed fasteners. C/S’ 3-dimensional system is so quiet you can’t hear it inside the adjustable stand-off accommodates building, even if the Concealed Solarmotion sunshades are attached to the construction tolerances in the building. windows are open. Drive Arms building with extruded stand-offs that have no Operates blades exposed fasteners. This unique attachment system See mullion design on right. in unison and is incorporates 3 dimensional adjustments to allow not affected by for construction tolerance on the building’s face. C/S offers several types of blade actuating Mullion Cover the elements. systems for our Controllable Sunshades. Aesthetically covers the systems internal Designers can select from simple blade working parts. Several positioning vs. time of day controls to styles available. sophisticated control systems that receive High Efficiency Motor Our patented pinion system inputs from the building management Controls individual or assures perfect blade alignment system. We can even provide a control multiple sunshade units. and has been extensively tested system designed for different building to work flawlessly for decades. zones. Independent zones can be controlled Mullion Cap depending on their exact location and Finishes off mullion. Prevents elements Solarmotion sunshades can attach to all conditions. See Solarmotion controls below. from affecting the building facades including masonry and all types working panels. of curtain wall construction. All attachments are engineered to meet specific wind, snow and building loads. Solarmotion Control Options Building Management Solar Tracking Universal Remote Control System Controller Using radio Programmed by a PC this This control system technology, one Solarmotion’s motor can be system receives climatic tracks the sun and remote control can housed inside or outside of the data from a weather positions the sunshade control Solarmotion mullion. The motor can also be Solarmotion sunshades are designed to let station to provide user to block direct glare shades individually located at the front or rear of building occupants see out, so our attachment comfort and energy savings while allowing natural or collectively. mullion for easy access. system projects off the building to allow depending on occupancy. daylight into the interior. window washers easy access to the windows.10 11
  7. 7. 49 Meeker Avenue, Cranford, New Jersey 07016 U.S.A., 908-272-5200895 Lakefront Promenade, Mississauga, Ontario L5E 2C2 Canada, 905-274-3611 www.c-sgroup.comThe C/S Family of ProductsFor 60 years, Construction Specialties has been a leader inarchitectural specialty products, including: Acrovyn® Walland Door Protection, Pedisystems® Entrance Flooring,Expansion Joint Covers, Cubicle Track and Curtains,Smoke and Explosion Venting Systems, Architectural Grilles,Architectural Louvers and Sun Controls.We have operations throughout the world and can provideC/S Products virtually anywhere. For a complete list of ourinternational locations, visit,orliteratureandsamples,calltollfree800-631-7379 inU.S.A.and888-895-8955inCanada,©Copyright2009ConstructionSpecialties,Inc. 10%ConstructionSpecialties,Inc.reservestherighttomakedesignchangesortowithdrawanydesignwithoutnotice.PrintedinU.S.A.Series10