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Chaosmap Social Media Marketing News Blog

  1. 1. September 11th, 2012 Published by: jrognerudChaosmap SearchMarketing News Blog Heres 3 facts about marketing your financial services 26 Low-Cost Ways to Attract More Clients business you must know. to Your Small BusinessChaosmap NewsSeptember 11th, 20129 September 2012 In today’s tough economy, small business owners must3 Facts About Marketing Your Own continuously attract new clients in order to ensure overallFinancial Services Business growth. Business owners who want to attract new clients without spending big bucks may be at a loss for creative, cost- effective marketing ideas. The following 26 ideas are designed to help you attract clients without breaking your advertising [...] Read moreSince 1933, the finance and banking system has been crippledby legislation and stringent guidelines. Add to this, the over 76 15 August 2012million Baby Boomers that will retire with an estimated $30trillion in accumulated assets in the next 20 years. However, If 90 Million Americans Do Not Trust Theirafter the serious economic events of 2008 and even including Leaders Enough To Vote – How Can acurrent day, the Boomer’s belief [...] Prospect Trust a Financial Advisory?Read more6 September 20126 Smart Social Media Solutions ForProfessional Services Businesses Trust is at an all-time low. And, we know that building trust in businesses in today’s financial market place is a MAJOR and ongoing challenge. But, it’s also an opportunity to re-think how you work, and create new and enhanced ways in which you approach prospects + deliver your services and products overall. The most [...]In light of the broad reach of social media today, many Read moreprofessional service businesses are seeking to engage in aprofessional manner in the online community for marketing 13 August 2012and informational purposes. While there are no hard ruleson how professional service businesses, such as financial 9 Reasons Why Should You Target Thisadvisors, attorneys, or realtors, must approach social media Hip Affluent Aging Demographic?marketing and [...]Read more25 August 2012 1
  2. 2. September 11th, 2012 Published by: jrognerudYes! Wyatt, the free-wheeling hippie in Easy Rider wouldagree. Enjoy the ride! And, as you age – don’t forget to applyyourself every day and work to make a difference in otherpeoples lives. BE the change that others look for. Create abrand and message that show what you stand for. And, as [...]Read more10 August 201210 Google+ Tips to Boost YourProfessional Services Business OnlineGoogle+ is destined to be a significant tool for smallbusiness management to use for strategic planning andcommunication purposes. As an affordable and competitivealternative to more expensive promotional methods, Google+ is embraced as a must-have marketing platform andtoolset. This powerful online presence provides marketingmanagement with relevant data that is provided by [...]Read more9 August 20124 Ways To Drive More Website TrafficUsing YouTubeYouTube is one of the most visited websites on the Web.Owned by Google, it is the 2nd largest search engine in theworld. Millions of people from all over the world use the site fora variety of reasons. Some hope to become the next big internetsensation while others are there to promote [...]Read more 2