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Belbin Team Inventory
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Belbin Team Inventory


Belbin Team Inventory is used to gain insight into an …

Belbin Team Inventory is used to gain insight into an
individual\'s behavioral type. It assesses how an individual behaves in a team environment.

Published in Economy & Finance , Education
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  • 1. Belbin Team Inventory
  • 2. Belbin Self-Perception Inventory • Used to gain insight into an individual's behavioral type. • Assesses how an individual behaves in a team environment. • Behavioral tool, subject to change. • Developed by Dr. Meredith Belbin
  • 3. How it works • 360-degree feedback from observers • Individual’s own assessment of their behavior • Compare and contrast both views.
  • 4. Belbin Self-Inventory • Scores people on how strongly they express traits from 9 different Team Roles. • 1 Person may exhibit multiple Roles. • Team Roles are NOT equivalent to Personality Types
  • 5. Role #1 : Plant • Creative, unorthodox, and a generator of ideas. • Bright and free-thinking.
  • 6. Popular caricature of absentminded professor-inventor that often has a hard time communicating ideas to others.
  • 7. Role #2 : Resource Investigator
  • 8. Role #2 : Resource Investigator • Gives team rush of enthusiasm at the start of the project – Vigorously pursuing contacts and opportunities – Focused outside the team • Plant comes up with innovative ideas, Resource Investigator steals ideas from others. • A maker of possibilities and excellent networker • Tendency to lose momentum towards the end and forgets small details.
  • 9. Role #3 : Coordinator
  • 10. Role #3 : Coordinator • Often default Chairperson of a team • Confident, stable and mature • Very good at delegating tasks to the right person • Clarifies decisions, brings team to focus on task • Perceived as manipulative, tends to delegate all work, leaving nothing but the delegating for them to do.
  • 11. Role #4 : Shaper
  • 12. Role #4 : Shaper • Task focused leader who abounds in nervous energy • High motivation to achieve • Winning is the name of the game • Committed and “shapes” team to achieve • Challenge, argue, or disagree and show aggression in pursuit to achieve goals. • 2-3 Shapers in a team leads to conflict.
  • 13. Role #5 : Monitor Evaluator
  • 14. Role #5 : Monitor Evaluator • Fair and logical observers and judges what goes on • Good at detaching themselves from bias – See all available options with great clarity • Take everything into account, move slowly and analytically • Almost always come to the right decision • Become aggressively cynical, damp enthusiasm for anything without logical grounds • Have hard time inspiring themselves and others to be passionate about their work.
  • 15. Role #6 : Team Worker
  • 16. Role #6 : Team Worker The oil that keeps the machine going. • Good listeners and diplomats • Talented at soothing over conflict • Help parties understand each other without • becoming confrontational • Beneficial effect not noticed until absent • Unwilling to take sides – May not be able to take decisive action when needed
  • 17. Role #7 : Implementer • Turns ideas into positive action • Efficient and self-disciplined – Always relied on to deliver on time • Motivated by their loyalty to team – Often take on jobs everyone avoids/dislikes • Close-minded and inflexible – Since they have difficulty deviating from their own well- thought-out plans.
  • 18. Role #8 : Completer Finisher
  • 19. Role #8 : Completer Finisher • Perfectionist. – Goes that extra-mile to make sure everything is RIGHT. • Strong inward sense for accuracy • Rarely needs encouragement – Tries to live up to own high standards • Frustrate their team mates – Worry excessively over small details – Refuse to delegate tasks that they don’t trust others to do.
  • 20. Role #9 : Specialist
  • 21. Role #9 : Specialist • Passionate about their own field – Greatest Depth of knowledge – Enjoy importing it to others – Constantly improving their wisdom • Find answers to anything they don’t know. • High level of concentration ability • Skill in their discipline to the team • Only contribute on narrow front – Uninterested in anything outside its narrow confines.
  • 22. Team Roles Plant Resource Investigator Shaper Coordinator Monitor Evaluator Team Worker Implementer Completer Finisher Specialist
  • 23. Recommended Reads • Official Website: • Belbin Leadership Role to Improve team Effectiveness – • Belbin Leadership Role to Improve team Effectiveness: An Empirical Investigation – L&_udi=B6V0N-3VHWGKR- J&_user=10&_coverDate=01%2F31%2F1999&_rdoc=1 &_fmt=&_orig=
  • 24. Credits •, some photos •, resource