Annual Report


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Annual Report

  1. 1. Spare Tyre Theatre Company Trustees / Directors Report for the year ended 31 March 2008 “A bold, haunting and intelligent performance” Audience member
  2. 2. Spare Tyre Theatre Company (Limited by Guarantee) The Board of Trustees Matt Clowes (Vice Chair) Rachel Elliott John Ellis Carolene Hinds (Chair) “People are heard and Enid Irving Anu Kumar taken seriously. Their life Jon Pettigrew (Treasurer) experiences are what Thomas Schildhammer is performed. Working Sue Stapely relationships are Secretary collaborative/cooperative.” Bonnie Mitchell Community Chaplain, Camden Patrons Baroness Elizabeth Barker Peter Bingle Registered Office Interchange Studios Hampstead Town Hall 213 Haverstock Hill London NW3 4QP 020 7419 7007 Registered number 1301049 Charity number 273418 Spare Tyre would like to extend Auditors sincere thanks to all those who Jon Catty and Company supported and engaged with the Chartered Accountants company during 2007/08. 12 Durham Road London N2 9DN report for the year 2007– 2008 3
  3. 3. Spare Tyre uses theatre with voiceless communities to Spare Tyre has been in existence for 30 years. It is a stable provide opportunities for people’s life stories to be shared and thriving arts organisation owing its stability to good and celebrated creating theatre that transforms lives and management and practice. Spare Tyre is revenue funded challenges social prejudice. by Arts Council England (London), London Councils and the London Borough of Camden. aims • To create high quality theatre • To respond to the changing needs of Spare Tyre currently has two principal Spare Tyre works intensively with people with non-professional performers communities and create models of areas of activity: who have a wide range of disabilities through a structured and good practice. such as dementia, autism, physical and supportive process. • Elders Theatre Community sensory impairments, mental health, • Assert Spare Tyre’s image as Creative work with elders 60+ downs syndrome, and seizures. • To offer training appropriate to the a leading and innovative • inc.Theatre community’s needs where participants’ theatre company. Spare Tyre supports two ensembles Creative work with adults with experiences are validated. HotPots (elders 60+) and inc.Theatre learning disabilities 18+ Ensemble (adults with learning • To involve agencies in partnership disabilities) which are recognised Spare that will ensure the necessary Tyre brands. Spare Tyre’s shows reach support for our work. audiences of 2,500 each year. The company actively trains, works with and manages artists, production staff, administrative staff and volunteers. On an annual basis this can be up to 70 individuals. 4 spare tyre theatre company report for the year 2007– 2008 5
  4. 4. Elders Theatre Community ETC taps the talents of older people (60+) who suffer prejudice, misunderstanding and isolation. ETC links with the older community in a number of ways. This includes HotPots who are an ensemble of skilled artists aged 60+ keen to tackle issues around old age and isolation positively, radically and inventively. Theatre tours HotPots toured Spare Tyre Documentary Spare Tyre Dangerous Games London-wide to had its first airing on television on the resource and community centres. The Community Channel throughout March show charted the “technology takeover” and April 2008 with the documentary in Britain from 1953 until 2007 and its film Look at Me. affects on older people. Dangerous Professional Training Camden Primary Games is available as a professional Care Trust and St Pancras Hospital video for resource centres. commissioned HotPots to develop Multi HotPots also devised and performed Disciplinary Training, and staff programme Alice at Theatro Technis in Camden and Dignity and Respect. Oxford House in Bethnal Green. In true Weekly Arts Workshops Spare Tyre HotPots style it was a comical piece held film, dance, drama and storytelling addressing retirement. Sample audiences sessions in the London Boroughs of included: ex-offenders, learning disabled Islington, Camden and Tower Hamlets with groups, residents of care homes and isolated elders based in resource centres. “FANTASTIC – it really brightened my day – but with an people from secure mental health units. underlying meaning. Gordon Brown needs a good talking to.” Audience member, Alice report for the year 2007– 2008 7
  5. 5. inc.Theatre inc.Theatre encourages skilled artists with learning disabilities to tackle issues surrounding identity and social cohesion, engaging with the wider arts community through the inc.Theatre Ensemble and Outreach work. The inc.Theatre Ensemble tour London-wide to audiences within arts venues and educational settings. Schools and Theatre Tour The Theatre Skills Course Spare Tyre inc.Theatre Ensemble toured Pieces of offered the Level One (OCN) inc.Theatre Ourselves to schools and theatre venues. Course during 2007/08. The 2-year The live art installation was moving and course encourages students with learning challenging, involving mime, sound, disabilities to think and work as practicing dance, film, radio and theatre. artists, researching, developing, devising and producing individual/small group Residency Moving On took place shows/workshops. Spare Tyre also at Charlton School, a special school piloted a successful one day a week in Greenwich. The residency was an 20-week accredited short course (Entry exploration of change as experienced by Level OCN). school leavers producing film, soundtrack and live performance. Characters were Drama Sessions at Watermans created and performed by Charlton Arts Centre Spare Tyre ran drama “The characters were so strong and so much was conveyed School pupils. The residency also sessions for adults with learning with the smallest of sounds, speech or movement. Very, very produced thought provoking dialogue disabilities culminating in a sharing clever and quite surreal! Great timing and use of space with staff as to how to manage change entitled The Tale of the Palace by the River. too. There was a real warmth to the performance and great communication with members of the audience.” and expectation for young adults. Audience member report for the year 2007– 2008 9
  6. 6. thinking pink “As with racism in the 70s and 80s, homophobia is an issue that we cannot sweep under the carpet or deny that it exists in our schools. This brave production opened many eyes in our multicultural school attended by Hindus, Christians and Buddhists, with Muslims the biggest faith group. The play is not just about homophobia, but is about stereotypes, prejudice, honesty and integrity. Lastly, no – we didn’t have any pupil, parent or staff complaints!” Headteacher, Park Lane Primary School, Wembley Primary Schools Tour Pretend Families was a play for primary schools KS2 raising and exploring issues around same sex parents and homophobic language. The play deals with the wider issues of difference, acceptance, friends and family. Pretend Families toured to schools and venues, reaching an audience over 2,500 aged from 8–80 years old. report for the year 2007– 2008 11
  7. 7. Staff Artistic Director/CEO Arti Prashar General Manager Bonnie Mitchell Freelance Staff Musical Director Tayo Akinbode Tour Booker Sophie Austin what next? Administrator Vicky Tweedie Photographer Patrick Baldwin Support Worker Cynthia Bowling Funders Arts Council England Photographer Shelia Burnett • Devise, create, perform and produce, • Find a new home for the company Writer / Director Clair Chapwell a community show in July 2009 that that offers new opportunities and London Councils Lighting Designer Crin Claxton brings inc.Theatre Ensemble and partnerships City Bridge Trust Actor Olivette Cole Wilson HotPots together for the first time. John Lyons Foundation City Parochial Foundation Vocal Coach Rachel Coward • Develop Spare Tyre’s volunteer Abbey National Charitable Trust Choreographer Fergus Early Drama Worker Rosie Emanuel • Take Spare Tyre’s model of working placement scheme and offer bespoke Emmanuel Vincent Harris Trust beyond London and the UK intensive bursaries for 3/5 volunteers Book keeper John Googe for up to 3 months each. Volunteers / Placements Chris Bishop, Fiona Burgess, Designer Lucy Griffiths • Tour out of London Lap Kung Chan, Jessica Connell, Film Maker / Editor Mark Levermore Stage Manager Sara Kirkpatrick • Pilot, develop and promote the • Research and develop relationships Katherine Davies, Biljaha Dilevski, Actor / Dance Artist Danielle Krepka with like minded artistic and assisted employment scheme for Kate Figgess, Finlay Hutchinson, Graphic Designer Julia Lloyd administrative collaborators artists with learning disabilities within Keridwen Jenkins, Heloise King, Designer Rosie Lunny Rosie Lunney, Carissa Lynch, Stage Manager Oli Melia the creative industries Antoinette Morris, Ellie Moss, Musician Dan Moriyama Spyros Papaioannou, Nathan Paul, Tour Manager Bid Mosaku Audrey Sanie. Kellie Smith, Tour Booker Ann-Sophie Morrisette Genny Vascotto, Huma Wilson Book keeper Terry Muzzell Actor Jamal Noland Drama Worker Isaac Ngugi Support Worker Chirag Patel Designer Jo Paul Actor Jo Russel Musical Director Julia Schauerman Film Maker Nicola Schauerman Designer Rajha Shakiry Tour Booker Mark Stevenson Support Worker / Drama Worker Claire Taylor Stage Manager Stephen Vearncombe Graphic Designer John Wallett 12 spare tyre theatre company report for the year 2007– 2008 13
  8. 8. STATEMENT OF FINANCIAL ACTIVITIES BALANCE SHEET for the year ended 31st March 2008 as at 31st March 2008 General Restricted Restricted Total Total Funds Funds (Capital 2008 2007 2008 2007 Funds) Incoming Resources Fixed Assets / Tangible Assets Incoming Resourses from general funds Equipment 1,742 2,291 Voluntary Income 118,225 64,987 183,212 255,699 Motor Vehicles 1 4,079 Investment Income (Interest) 2,811 2,811 2,499 1,743 6,370 From charitable activities 57,922 57,922 28,192 Other Incoming Resources 2,769 2,769 1,860 Current Assets Total incoming resources 181,727 64,987 246,714 288,250 Sundry Debtors and Prepayments 20,859 5,186 Cash in Hand 108 325 Resources Expended Bank Balance 36,054 73,899 Generating voluntary income 1,900 1,900 4,500 57,021 79,410 Charitable Activities 173,873 68,280 242,153 281,001 Governance 4,000 4,000 4,000 Current Liabilities Total resources expended 179,773 68,280 248,053 289,501 Sundry Creditors (20,349)) (46,026) Net Incoming / (Outgoing) Excess of Current Assets Over Current Liabilities 36,672 33,384 Resources 1,954 (3,293) (1,339) (1,251) Transfers between funds 3,671 (3,671) Excess of Assets Over Liabilities 38,415 39,754 Net incoming Resources after transfers 5,625 (3,293) (3,671) (1,339) (1,251) Income and Expenditure Account / General Fund 33,990 28,365 Fund Balances Restricted Funds Capital 3,671 at 31st March 2007 28,365 7,718 3,671 39,754 41,005 Grants 4,425 7,718 at 31st March 2008 33,990 4,425 38,415 39,754 38,415 39,754 14 spare tyre theatre company report for the year 2007– 2008 15
  9. 9. Spare Tyre Theatre Company “There wasn’t much going on in my Limited By Guarantee life before I joined Spare Tyre. That was then. Being with Spare Tyre Trustees Statement with regard to the Summary Accounts has changed my life completely for the year ended 31st March 2008 and I mean that sincerely. The first time I got involved we The attached summary accounts are not Auditors Statement did a show in a real theatre and statutory accounts but a summary of We confirm that we have audited the full I thought I’d never learn all my information relating to the Statement of accounts for the year to 31st March 2008. In lines. But I thought I’d go for it Financial Activities and the Balance Sheet. our opinion the attached summary accounts and now I have a new social life The full financial statements from which are consistent with the full annual accounts. and so much confidence I can go these summary accounts have been derived Jon Catty and Company anywhere and talk to anyone. I have been externally examined by audit. Registered Auditor could even speak comfortably to The audit report for the charitable company 12 Durham Road the Queen! is in accordance with section 235 of the London N2 9DN Companies Act, and is unqualified. We get so much support and help from Spare Tyre, so that we The full annual statutory accounts, including don’t feel vulnerable. It’s a safe the Auditor’s Report and the Trustee’s environment, we feel safe.” Report, can be obtained on application to the Member of HotPots Company Secretary of Spare Tyre Theatre Company. The statutory accounts have been submitted to the Charity Commission and the Registrar of Companies. The Board approved the full accounts on 17th November 2008. Carolene Hinds Chair of Trustees 16 spare tyre theatre company Design by Julia Lloyd