Regional Higher Education Summit 2013 Committees (Revised)
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Regional Higher Education Summit 2013 Committees (Revised)

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Regional Higher Education Summit 2013 Committees (Revised) focal point persons for the Regional Summit.

Regional Higher Education Summit 2013 Committees (Revised) focal point persons for the Regional Summit.

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  • 1. 1STREGIONAL HIGHER EDUCATION SUMMIT REGION V Working Committees Steering Committee Chair: Co-Chairs: Dr. Freddie T. Bernal, Director IV, CHED RO V Atty. Romeo C. Escandor, Regional Director, NEDA Dr. Fay Lea Patria M. Lauraya, President, BFHE Topic Committee Chair: Atty. Romeo C. Escandor , NEDA Members: Dir. Freddie T. Bernal, CHEDROV Dir. Blandino M. Maceda, DILG V Dir. Conrado G. Bares, TESDA V Dir. Ramon Fiel G. Abcede, DepEd V Administrative Committee 1. Committee on Program and Invitation Chair: Dr. Belen D. Azul, CEPS, CHEDROV Co-Chair: Dr. Ma. Teresa G. de Alban, SEPS, CHEDV Members: Dr. Jean Paullete S. Go, ESII, CHEDROV Mrs. Lenie R. Penetrante, CHEDROV Miss Krista Barbara Gueriña, CHEDROV Lay-out: BFHE and AMA Funding Dr. Marilissa J. Ampuan, BFHE 2. Committee on Documentation Chair: NEDA - Atty. Romeo C. Escandor Members: RCDI & CODGE – Dr. Nora L. Licup Dr. Rebecca C. Torres, Dr. Arlene O. Monsalve, Dr. Asuncion A. Orbeso, Dr. Josephine B. Alba, Dr. Josefina A. Borromeo Mrs. Gwen Bitare & NEDA Staff AMA – Mr. Jonathan Sadueste-Ng CHED – Dr. Ma. Teresa G. de Alban Dr. Jean Paullete S. Go 3. Promotion/Advertisement/Website Development BFHE – Mr. Jonathan Sadueste-Ng - AMA Dr. Dulce F. Atian (PIO) Atty. Remelisa A. Moraleda CHED - Dr. Jean Paullete S. Go Engr. Elma E. Naz 4. Solicitation for Sponsorship & Kit Dr. Maria Concepcion T. Aslor - NCF Dr. Belen D. Azul, CHED 5. Registration Chair: BFHE- Dr. Marilissa J. Ampuan (Treasurer) Co-Chair: BFHE – Dr. Mariel Estrella Members CHED Staff:Miss Cyril V. Badiola Mrs. Marilou B. Llorando AMA Staff Chair: Members: 6. Awards / Certificates Dr. Cely Binoya with BFHE Staff Dr. Belen D. Azul Mrs. Lenie R. Penetrante Chair: Members: BFHE – Dr. Binoya and Dr. Ampuan CHED – Mr. Salvador M. Mediavillo 7. Food and Venue Day 1 Day 2 8. Intermission Numbers Bicol University Fellowship Night –Aquinas University of Legazpi Divine Word College of Legazpi 9. Newsletter Preparation Bicol University Journalism Students 10.Usherettes and Band Mariners’ Polytechnic Colleges and Mariners’ Polytechnic College Foundation 11. Transportation from Oriental Hotel to Albay Astrodome Shuttle Buses provided by HEIs in Legazpi City