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Industrial Design Portfolio

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Adam Jonovski Design Portfolio

  1. 1. Adam JonovskiIndustrial Design Portfolio
  2. 2. Work Experience EducationMy name is Adam. CLIO DESIGNS UNIVERSITY OF CINCINNATI - Cincinnati,Ohio Watertown, Massachusetts Bachelor’s Degree, Industrial Design, September 2008-2013 Industrial Design COOP, March 2012-June 2012 Graduation Date: May 2013 Worked alongside Jordan Nollman as half the design department. University Honors Program Brainstormed, sketched, 3d modeled, and worked with project Cincinnatus Scholar managers and engineers. Deans List 3.73/4.0 GPAI like to design products. FISHER-PRICE - PowerWheels/Ride ons COLERAIN SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL - Cincinnati, Ohio East Auora, New York College Preparatory, August 2004-2008Products that you, me, or anyone else Industrial Design COOP, Sep 2011-Dec 2011 Graduation Date: June 2008 Designed a Ride on product from concept through engineering. Wind Symphony, Marching Band,can walk into a store and pick up off the Held weekly design critiques with my boss and other designers Winter Percussionshelf. The idea of taking something from along the way. 2004-2008 4.0 GPA 2004-2008 Top ten in classa concept all the way to a real, tangible SKILLSobject gets me giddy inside. FISHER-PRICE - Infant Team East Auora, New York Sketching Autodesk Alias Industrial Design COOP, March 2011-June 2011 Luxology Modo Adobe Illustrator Conducted design research and participated in group Autodesk Alias Adobe Photoshop brainstorming with designers/marketers/engineers in development SolidWorks Adobe InDesign of a new line of Infant Toys.Other interests include... ROCK-TENN MERCHANDISING DISPLAYSComputers, Polaroid Cameras, West Chester, OhioAntiques, Target shooting, Taking Design COOP, March 2010-June2010, Sept 2010-Dec 2010things apart, Attempting to put Aided in the design process with other designers, while also things back together. carrying out my own designs. Interacted with Designers, Sales staff, and 513.479.8678
  3. 3. Safety FirstThe Angle Grinder is a rough tool. It’s made for grinding andcutting metals, mostly on vehicles. Because of this it has assumed adangerous “maverick” identity, no need for safety. Let’s change that. Adam Jonovski -
  4. 4. How Does It Work?The Angle Grinder contains one simple gear interaction. This increases thelikelyhood that drive train adjustments can be succesful. The inner and outter halves of the motor take up the bulk of the grinder’s While keeping down the length of the tool itself, the cord ultimately limits body. This cannot be changed very much without sacrificing some power. the user more so because they are always tethered down and limited in their movements. Adam Jonovski -
  5. 5. Find The Problems...The switch dangerously rips the motor into high gear and will continuerunning even without any user interaction, causing gruesome accidents. The disc guard is such a hassle to adjust that most users will not take the Finally, the hand grip is not adjustable for either left handed users or to time to situate is correctly and safely. gain extra attacking positions. This limits the user. Adam Jonovski -
  6. 6. ...And Fix ThemDesign ideation was guided around these three main goals. Safe Easy Adjustable Adam Jonovski -
  7. 7. Because of the large motor and battery, the general shape of an angle Color studies were done to match Ryobi’s new friendly aesthetic. Green A base appearance model was created and tested once more with usersgrinder is already determined, but slight adjustments were made to is used to surround and signal user interaction throughout the product to validate the design. Now it’s time to make it sexy.maximize comfortability in various situations. line. Adam Jonovski -
  8. 8. Final ProductA Ryobie Angle Grinder with an emphasis or safety and clarity in use. Toencourage safe behavior the safest thing to do is also the easiest thing todo. Adam Jonovski -
  9. 9. Motor only runs if both safety and variabletrigger have been pressed Disc guard adjusts by hand when clamp is depressed Handle rotates along ring and locks to three positions once button on the end of the grip is engaged. Pressing both head buttons pivots the disc to two locations, increasing attacking options Adam Jonovski -
  10. 10. Adam Jonovski -
  11. 11. JuicingDespite the obvious benefits, the juicing of fruits is widelyignored because of the mess and difficulty associated with thetask. Simplifying the entire juicing-to-drinking process into asingle product with few pieces can ease users into healthier habits Adam Jonovski -
  12. 12. Discover Opportunity.Design ideation was guided around three different markets. Casual Sport Kids Adam Jonovski -
  13. 13. Tighten It UpHealthy habits are most succesful when started at a young age. As a result,three concepts were developed from the Kids direction. A lid with multiple rubber rings for grip facilitates juicing and drinking As an engaging activity for kids, slam the silicone lid on top to actively Through the use of simplified lids, juicing and drinking out of the same into the same container with only a flip. juice berries underneath. vessel can become a quick fix. Adam Jonovski -
  14. 14. Juicy CupFinal ProductBased on the first and third concepts, the Juicy Cup allows for juicing anddrinking out of the same vessel in a quick, easy, and safe way. Ages 6mos.+ Adam Jonovski -
  15. 15. First partially fill the vessel with water to dilute the juice for young kids. place the lid on the vessel and juice the orange. The lid actively filters Finally place the silicone cover on top of the lid. This seals the lid to the out pulp! vessel while keeping the pulp out of the child’s mouth. Adam Jonovski -
  16. 16. The entire product breaks down easily for cleaning and is entirely made out Injection molded HDPE Siliconeof durable and kid-safe materials. Adam Jonovski -
  17. 17. Look BackTrends seem to be revisited every 15 or so years in the name of “Retro.” Asa fashion accesory, glasses show this very clearly. However, looking fartherback for artistic inspiration can lead to more unique and inspiring designs. Adam Jonovski -
  18. 18. Analyzing Trends While conducting research on fashion and trends, I noticed a distinct pattern over the past few decades.Trendy RetroWhen an original trend is started, it’s Years later a sense of nostalgia canpopularity is always limited timewise. bring back a trend through a more modern interpretation Kitsch Once the market has been saturated with it, the style become overdone and unwanted. Adam Jonovski -
  19. 19. Reinventing RetroArt Nouveau is a movement based on the notion of creating somethingthat was truly new. A fitting and slightly ironic inspiration to give newmeaning to Retro. Adam Jonovski -
  20. 20. Make It Real3D printed models through allowed real world fit andaesthetic refintement. Adam Jonovski -
  21. 21. Final ProductNouveau: A brand that takes inspiration from the Art Nouveau movementwith a modern twist, appealing to fashion forward women today. Adam Jonovski -
  22. 22. Noire: Injection molded plastic frames and copper tinted transition lenses. Jolie: Gold trim around the lenses and acetate temples give these Vigne: Designed to fit lower nose-bridges, as seen on asian faces, toThe are glasses worn with importance, not to be just thrown in a purse sunglasses an extravagant yet delicate feel. Temples fold closed at bring an international element. Hingless design emphasizes it’s organicwhen not needed. material transition for storage. nature. Adam Jonovski -
  23. 23. Gallerie: This is an understated leather case for any of the glasses. It’san elegant solution to to present and protect the hingless glasses whenthey are not being used. Adam Jonovski -
  24. 24. Adam Jonovski -
  25. 25. IntermissionThe following pages contain smaller examples of my work. These weredone either for class or just during my free time, like this guy to the left.Ask to see my sketchbook for more examples of spontaneous work. Adam Jonovski -
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  29. 29. Adam Jonovski -
  30. 30. Heads up!The Hard Hat is one of the most well known pieces of workplace protection.However when asking those who actually rely on them it’s easy to see thatthey do more to get in the way of work than help it. How can we makea Hard Hat that actually works with the user instead of hindering them? Adam Jonovski -
  31. 31. User InputThe vast majority of users were unhappy with the perfomance of Hard Hats “the strapping “They just give it to usin their line of work. It even lead some to feel as if their safety was being system was always and we wear it, there’sneglected. uncomfortable” no real input from us” “the hats need to be “No one cares sticker friendly” about us consruction workers” “You go to work“Visibility is crucial User feedback echoed the initial impression on the effectiveness of how anytime of the day” and try to make it Hard Hats are currently handled. The equipment’s usability is completely ignored in it’s design, and is constantly working against the user. home safe” Adam Jonovski -
  32. 32. Sketch Through ItFour directions were chosen and developed based on the multiple needsand environments that the Hard Hat could be used in. Adam Jonovski -
  33. 33. Second Opinions “Keeping yourFeedback was given by actual users on the different directions. A specifically “A hot head “...prefer a full head warm “Some sort oftargeted hard hat will be much more successful. is bad!! Need brim when i is easier than vent system ventilation!!” have to wear keeping it would seem one” nice” cool” 4% 29% 59% 8% Adam Jonovski -
  34. 34. Models Form DetailsRefinementUsing models and sketches to nail down both functional and aestheticaspects of the helmet. Adam Jonovski -
  35. 35. Final ProductA Hard Hat specialized for summer use. It addresses issues such asbreathability, personalization, storage, and comfort. Adam Jonovski -
  36. 36. Removable sticker-friendly protectionpiece allows for personalization and Elastic band on bill holds small tools oridentification. Also keeps rain out of the pens/pencils.ventsAluminum vents allow for breathability Hole in the rear of the helmet allowsin summer heat while also serving as a for hands-free carrying when using areflective strip for safety. keychain carabiner. Redesigned suspension system givesRemoveable light stays in position when room for pony tails and simplifies it’sneeded via rare earth magnets. installation and adjustments. Adam Jonovski -
  37. 37. Adam Jonovski -
  38. 38. Speed Test!With the Internet becoming acessable to more people, the router is on it’sway to having a place in every house. Usually tucked away behind a desk,it’s time to design a router that isn’t afraid to be seen. Oh, and I have 1 day. Adam Jonovski -
  39. 39. Adam Jonovski -
  40. 40. Final ProductA WiFi router with attitude, style, and antennae that allow it to adjust to anyenvironment. Adam Jonovski -
  41. 41. Surface changes allow for proper ventilation regardless of antenna LED icons on the top surface are visible only when active, except for the The antennae can move independently from on another to assume theposition. power button, which is always visible. The power is toggled by simply optimal position for the environment. The rear panel includes one input touching the icon, no physical buttons. and four outputs along with a power input. Adam Jonovski -
  42. 42. In ProgessFor most of us as designers, the urge to build and create startedat a very young age. Personally I had quite an interest in balsawood dinosaur puzzles. This quarter I am designing and buildingthe chair that 8 year old me would expect me to own by now. Adam Jonovski -
  43. 43. Thanks for looking!Adam Jonovskijonovsaa@mail.uc.edu513.479.8678