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Dream builder

  1. 1. DreamBuilder Maxim Podkolzine Stefan Edlich Еugеnе PеtrеnkоOAP for Venture Lab 2012
  2. 2. What are the game now?• You need to sit near computer (or use mobile device)• You play in the virtual worlds – That’s a good place to hide from reality – Nothing connects you to reality – Everybody play in the SAME small-world• We are here to make the game-world reacher
  3. 3. DreamBuilder• We plan to create a game where – You can play in the reality • All objects you like to visit day-to-day will be a part of the game – You can explore your area to find new places • Started a quest in one place (of augmented world) you move to another and so on. • The game adapts to your location to make it easy – You can share your scores with others
  4. 4. Gameplay• We introduce a parallel world connected to locations of real-world• In any house, in any cafe or cinema there could be parallel locations, inhabited by imaginary creatures.• The game for a player begins by entering a location connected to the current user site (the game thus requires Internet and GPS).• Locations type and internals can vary – it provides some sort of quest with artifact or score for success• Game process in general is: – players traverse the locations, finding something in each. – Each time the player checks in in a new place (site), a location is generated. – After some time the location expires and is replaced by a new one.
  5. 5. Reality-connected services• There are reality-connected games/services – foursquare.com – Positioning services in Twitter, FB, VK – My Town 2 by Booyah – Geocaching – Parallel_Kingdom
  6. 6. Survey feedback• Foursquare players may like it• We received negative feedback from 75% of responders: – People are lazy to run back and forth through the city – The idea is not enough well-described – You may have not enough virtual places, your players may pass then quick
  7. 7. Possible monetizations• Partner with local businesses to provide a – Their virtual levels in the game – Attract players to the locations with help of special quests in other locations• Extend player abilities – Sell • virtual money • Quest spoils – Game subscriptions
  8. 8. Critics• Research showed up there were may similar games available on the market – My Town 2 by Booyah Inc. – Parallel_Kingdom• The idea must be reworked to fit and compete with others• We need to have more creativity to create new locations before players complete all existing locations
  9. 9. Further work: prototype-research• We found out it’s quite complicated to explain the exact fun of the game in text-based surveys.• Now we are working on a prototype of the game – to gather more feedback – to define target users group – To adapt the idea to reality
  10. 10. Q/A• Thanks for your time