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Reaching targeted audiences across all screens in San Antonio and beyond. Advanced behavioral targeting, email marketing, video pre-roll and in-banner, mobile app and wap, database and contesting solutions, social integration, and more.

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  • HHI, Education, and all key demos skew higher for .com
  • This is a very important slide to understand: The realities of the Web’s audience exposed to display ads. The has significant reach and generates tremendous amount of banner impressions per month (180MM?).Research supports what we know with every online campaign with a .1% CTR. People are not clicking… 86% DO NOT CLICK. 99.9% of your impressions are generated with out a corresponding click!BUT- They are getting the message. Research shows that that banner impressions makes an impact on advertisers website traffic and trademark/brand search. Boston Herald know branding works; not every customer walks into a retailer with a cut out ad…And for the best results in display/banner advertising VIDEO is the best; 2 to 3 times more effective than banners
  • Kens 5 - Belo digital capabilities

    1. 1. KENS5 Digital Products Audience - Capabilities - Performance - Results S: Media Kit V.10.10
    2. 2. September: record breaking audience growth! • Monthly page views for September exceeded 14 million! • More than 1.8 million people visited in September! making us one of the top local destination websites in San Antonio! • mobile platform to include apps for tablets, phones and any mobile device continue to be the go to destination for breaking news, weather, sports, and events for the greater San Antonio DMA. • Our local digital audience is a sought after loyal consumer who enjoys news on the go, in home, and at work on any device they chose.
    3. 3. Reach & Frequency Reaching more than 45k people per day and averaging 1.1 million unique monthly visitors that generate 11 million page views on average is a consistent audience magnet, with a majority of the people visiting 3-4 times per day and 3-4 times per week on average. Daily Reach Adults 18+ 46,709 35,988 24,600 19,400 18,581 18,500 4,000 Top Radio Station WOAI 5a-2p KSAT "Katie" Spurs Game @ AT&T Center KABB 5-7am News CNN 6a-11p Sources: Ominiture Jan 1- Jan 17, 2013 daily unique visitors Nielsen San Antonio Nov ‘12, Wikipedia as of 1/16/13; Arbitron San Antonio Metro Area Dec 12 M-F 6a-10am weekly cume radio rank – average of KAJA-FM, KXXM FM, KCYY/KKYX, KQXT-FM, KCYY-FM daily average 3
    4. 4. Desired Audiences 14.2 Million! 6,400,000 Sources: Ominiture June, 2013 7,800,000 4
    5. 5. KENS 5 Complete Audience Age Breakdown KENS TV A18-34 29% 33% A18-49 52% A25-54 Occupation KENS TV White collar 32% 33% 59% Working woman 27% 29% 53% 60% Blue collar 9% 12% A35+ 70% 67% Clerical 9% 13% A50+ 47% 41% Retired 22% 19% HH Income KENS TV $50,000+ 47% 55% $75,000+ 28% 34% Women 55% Men 45% Education College 44% 52% Post Graduate Source: Marshall Marketing, TX 2012 KENS TV 18% 19% 5
    6. 6. Digital Display – reach extension available Extend Your Message Online Benefits • Large reach and desired frequency • Brand awareness across targeted audience • Drive consistent online traffic • Quantifiable results • Can include in-banner video to increase engagement Platforms • PC/Mac Internet Browser • iPad/Tablet • Mobile/Apps 6
    7. 7. Homepage/Section Ownership Exclusively Own Valuable Space on Premier Website ROAD BLOCK Benefits Exclusivity High Impact Sales/event marketing User based delivery Great awareness Reserve day(s) based on your needs ROAD BLOCK 7
    8. 8. Mobile Display – reach extension available Extend Your Message Everywhere Benefits • Brand awareness across devices • Drive consistent online traffic • Unique click to call – directions – form • Quantifiable results • Can include in-banner video to increase engagement • • • • Mobile Web & Apps • Silver & Black (Spurs) KENS5 HD News • SA Sports • Fiesta SA Weather Weather Caster Devices • iPad/Tablet • Mobile/Apps 8
    9. 9. Video Pre-Roll – reach extension available Feature Your TV Spot Online Placement • Plays prior to video stories • News, Entertainment, Weather, etc. • Can be targeted by content, behavior, etc. Benefits • Users must watch your spot to view the video • Companion banner • Online video increases brand recognition • High Impact–No Clutter Ad Units • Video pre-roll – :15 or :30 spot – 300 x 250 companion ad Platforms • PC/Mac Internet Browser • iPad/Tablet • Mobile 9
    10. 10. Email Marketing – reach extension available Communicate with Consumers Directly Benefits • 100% Opt-in permission based • 100% CAN-SPAM compliant • Whitelisted IP’s • Efficient - volume pricing options • Active database: scrubbed for inactivity • Target users base on specific criteria • Industry leading results • Enables follow up communication Targeting Filters • Age, Gender • Zip Code • Specified interest/affinity, persona, intent to buy, online and offline data, more 10
    11. 11. Lead Generation – reach extension available Contesting/Data Capture Benefits • Consumer engagement • Brand awareness • Data collection • Lead generation Promotional Ad Units • Sliding billboard • Targeted emails • Online ads • Contest page • Mobile/Text campaign Microsite Benefits • Trusted Environment that allows consumers to explore your offerings and brand • Enhances current SEO campaign 11
    12. 12. Social Contesting – reach extension available Benefits • Consumer engagement • Brand awareness • Data collection • Lead generation Promotional Ad Units • FaceBook integration (station, client) • FaceBook display • Targeted emails • Online ads • Mobile/Text campaign 12
    14. 14. Successful campaigns do not revolve around a click Successful campaigns start with a goal – not a click! KENS5 provides proven digital advertising solutions to help clients become more profitable KENS5 connects with people that are more likely to want client products and services and helps push them to client established sales funnels KENS5 uses all available campaign elements within client budget to deliver an expected return and exceed business goals KENS5 has the ability to scale nationally and internationally reaching 96% of the US KENS5 delivers measurable results and proof beyond the typical click You don’t close clicks! Built for success: Proven Successful Strategies combining 1st and 3rd party data, with advanced data mining, RTB, and inclusive optimization Specifically designed for each client, ensuring the adequate reach, frequency, and targeting needed to provide a return and meet expected goals Campaign optimizing, and maximization provided by Belo Audience support team to help identify where your most profitable customers are coming from.
    15. 15. In-Banner Video Ads – reach extension available View, interact and share Benefits • High user engagement • Placing your TV spot online with interactive features drives more traffic • Social Media Integration • Geo Target different messages Enhanced Reporting: • Impressions/Clicks/Interactions • Views/Play-through profile • Engagement- Print/Share/Directions • Time Spent Automatic Video Play Overlay Links Click to Action 16
    16. 16. Retargeting – reach extension available Re-engage Users That Visit Your Site – Bring Them Back for the Sale Ads “re-engage” the consumer as they surf the web User visits Your website User leaves User visits other popular sites Click User clicks or searches for business and returns to advertiser’s website 17
    17. 17. Beyond the Click Reporting – View Through – reach extension available View through reporting enables you to better understand the impact and prove how your advertising is driving user behaviors User visits our website – notices Your ad User leaves without clicking User searches for your businessVisits your site that night, or next week Your Ad Reporting on post impression activity 18
    18. 18. Beyond the Click Reporting – Conversion Metrics – reach extension available Conversion reporting enables you to better understand the impact and prove how your advertising is driving user behaviors User visits our website – notices Your ad User clicks to sign up for newsletters User completes and submits your registration form. Sign up Now Reporting on post Conversion activity 19
    20. 20. Video Publishing: Ad Rotation Simplify trafficking of multiple ads Run multiple creative versions in any desired weight rotation - all under a single campaign tag Make instant changes to keep content fresh, or provide share-of-voice to different advertiser spots. Pull performance reporting for ads in accumulation or separately, as desired. Nike 1 Nike 2 Nike 3 Nike 4 Nike 5 Nike 6 Nike 7 Confidential – For Internal Use Only
    21. 21. Video Publishing: Optimization Boost Campaign Performance Setup automated performance testing, to compare different ad creatives and optimize based on key client success metric: View Rate, Clickthrough Rate, or Play-through (% Video Viewed) Setup optimization once and traffic just one tag. Belo’s video platform automatically determines the best performing ad and adjusts rotation (impression delivery) to that creative for the rest of the flight. Confidential – For Internal Use Only
    22. 22. Video Publishing: Day Parting Target Audience based on Time of Day Control which ads are run at specific times of day or days of the week. Setup a promotion schedule ahead of time to automatically switch videoads in relation to time-sensitive events. Confidential – For Internal Use Only Example: A fast food restaurant can run a video campaign all day – but advertise a breakfast special from midnight to 9am, a lunch special from 10am to 3pm, and a dinner menu link at night.
    23. 23. Video Publishing: Ad Sequencing Extend the Conversation Offer additional video experiences from the same advertiser based on ads that a viewer has encountered before (from either impressions or video views). Setup sequencing in subsequent ads in the series to provide a longer lifecycle experience. There is no limit to the number of sequences you can set up. Traffic just one tag and make instant changes to sequenced creatives. Access detailed performance reporting for each ad in the chain. Confidential – For Internal Use Only
    24. 24. Video Publishing: 3rd Party Tracking Track via 3rd Party Reporting Tools Belo’s Video Publishing UI allows up to three tags to be entered each for tracking impressions, video views, and/or clicks from an ad unit. Advertisers can track campaign delivery and performance through their own reporting systems (such as Atlas, DART, Omniture, ComScore) in addition to video metrics from the dashboard. Google Analytics Tracking Enabling the Google Analytics UTM Parameters to URLs option, advertisers can track, in their Google Analytics accounts, the number of visits to pages on their websites that originate from video ads. These parameters can be customized in each ad setup: “Source”, “Medium”, and “Campaign Name”. Confidential – For Internal Use Only Kens Video_ad Q-2
    25. 25. TV/Digital Integrated Products Community Involvement Mi Casa Makeover & Mini Mi Casa Food Drive St Jude – Dream Home Giveaway SA Faves – best of voting platform School Supply Drive Weather Bug - Weather Caster - Weather Cam Traffic Sponsor School Bus (morning weather) Mobile App (2 available) Not all projects are listed Sample Promotional Ad Units (products and amounts will vary) • :10 :15 :30 sec promo spots • On air mentions • Display promotion: PC, mobile, email, video • Sliding Billboard • Social Integration 26
    26. 26. Community Involvement The 9th year of Mi Casa Makeover. KENS5 and the supporting sponsors have completed 24 deserving makeovers. Each Mi Casa Makeover will include a minimum of six (6) category-exclusive sponsors. Elements:  Mi Casa Makeover Splash Page with company logo on  Interactive Video Banner Campaign that will feature your commercial spot and various other interactive options within the ad (such as lead capture, social media links, coupon, survey/poll, etc.)  Minimum of 100,000 run-of-site impressions on  Great Day SA: Multiple segments are included in KENS5’s #1 live, local, informative morning program that airs Mon-Fri 9-10a! • Interview Segment in “BEFORE” Show – hour-long program featuring all sponsors • Interview Segment in “AFTER” Show – hour-long program featuring all sponsors • Individual segment on Great Day SA *The individual GDSA interview segment includes a 4 week featured guest listing on the Great Day SA page on which will include: Description of your business, contact information and video posting of your Great Day SA interview.  TV Commercial Campaign: KENS5 will produce a :30 sec spot highlighting your business. Your commercial will run on KENS5 throughout various times of day to reach your target audience. Added Value:  News: Multiple Mi Casa Makeover “Updates” will be featured on KENS5 5p News and weekend morning news programs. • All sponsor logos are included on the billboard that runs with the Updates in News (6x per house). • Sample: “This KENS5 CPS Energy Mi Casa Makeover Update is brought to you by these proud sponsors” with all sponsor logos on-screen.  Promotional Announcements: KENS5 will air two extensive promotional campaigns with all sponsor logos rotating on the various versions of the promos:  Interim Promo Campaign  Results Promo Campaign
    27. 27. Community Involvement Sponsor to provide:  Multiple drop-off locations for viewers to donate their food items to the KENS5 Food Drive  Visual display/set-up for live hits within News and Great Day SA San Antonio Food Bank to provide:  Containers for donations  Delivery and pick-up of containers  Designated point person for coordination purposes Sponsor to receive on KENS 5 and         Minimum of 10x shared full-screen mentions in News encouraging donations 1x Live hit from drop–off location during Mon-Fri 4p and 5p Newscasts (date TBD based on availability) 1x Live hit from drop–off location during Saturday 730-9a morning news (date TBD based on availability) 2x Live Remotes on Great Day SA M-F 9-10a from sponsor location Minimum of 40x :30 and :15 promotional announcements airing on KENS 5 from 5a – 459a.  Sample tag on :30 spots : “KENS5 Food Drive brought to you by these proud sponsors” with all logos on-screen.  :15 spots may air as book-ends Sponsor Logo on KENS Cares page on linking to client website Minimum of 200,000 Shared Promotional ROS impressions including leaderboard, skyscraper, and display ads Shared E-mail blast to database encouraging donations to the KENS Cares Food Drive Flight dates from May 27 – June 30, 2013 Category exclusivity…Limit 4 Sponsors
    28. 28. Community Involvement Presenting Sponsor provides: One Presenting Sponsorship available; prize donated is valued at minimum of $1,000 Presenting Sponsor receives: • Company logo/link on Dream Home story page • Company logo included on St. Jude Dream Home promotional banner ads on network • Company logo included on St. Jude Dream Home e-mail blasts to database (5x) • First Day tickets on sale, Early Bird, Bonus Prize, Open House, Giveaway Day • Company name or logo included on Sliding Billboards on Homepage throughout the campaign (5x) • First Day tickets on sale, Early Bird, Bonus Prize, Open House, Giveaway Day • Tag on the St. Jude Dream Home Text messages • Viewers will be prompted to text “HOME” to KENS5 (5-3-6-7-5) • Bounceback message with phone number to call to purchase a ticket will include tag from sponsor • Sample tag: “Presented by Company Name” with link to sponsor’s mobile website (character limit may apply) 29
    29. 29. Community Involvement Presenting Sponsor receives, cont’d: • Audio/visual tag on promotional announcements airing on KENS5: • Sample tag: “KENS5 St. Jude Dream Home presented by Company Name” with logo on-screen • Minimum of 75x :30 promotional spots airing on KENS5 and Estrella (Mon-Sun 430a-429a) • Presenting Sponsor will receive visual presence on all KENS5 St. Jude promotional spots (min. of 175x additional promos) • One (1) Interview on Great Day SA during the Dream Home Giveaway Show LIVE from the home on Nov. 7 FROM ST. JUDE: • Company logo on print material, newspaper, and direct mail campaigns (valued at $10,000) • Company logo on signage at the Dream Home and on • Opportunity to display a banner or promotional item in the Dream Home • Note: St. Jude will consider the KENS5 “Presenting Sponsor” as a “Ticket Outlet/Major Sponsor” PLUS: • Half of your investment goes back into your own advertising schedule “time bank” • $44,000 advertising time bank on KENS5 and/or • Based on going rates and availability during preferred flight weeks (March – Nov. 7, 2013) • Includes production of your television spot and online elements 30
    30. 30. Community Involvement SA Faves: Presenting Sponsorship for 52 weeks: 2 available Premium Sponsor positions on SA Faves pages Logo inclusion within all printed and digital promotional materials (email, winner plaques, posters, POP material, more) GDSA segments TV promo spots with audio and logo Banner promotions to include mobile website and SA Faves app Multiple different social promotions to include Twitter, FaceBook, blogs , video pages, and more) Organic mentions and on air voting tips (Tell us about your favorite local spa…)
    31. 31. RESULTS
    32. 32. Display works in ways well beyond the click WHAT’S DRIVING ADVERTISING RESULTS FROM THE WEB? • 86% of internet users exposed to display ads do NOT click** • 8% of those users deliver 84% of all clicks* Online audiences are not clicking • 99.9% of ad impressions are served without a click** • Case study shows that users who don’t click, spend more time and consume more pages on client site post-event, than the users who actually click on the ad. But they are “getting the message” • 46% lift in visits to an advertiser’s website from those exposed to a display ad** • 38% lift in searches to an advertiser’s trademark/brand from those exposed to a display ad** • 14% reach and 18% frequency increase when adding video to TV buy^ Video hits that message home • Brand recall up 22% and message recall up 31%^ • Rich media with video is 2.8x more effective than static banners for purchase intent*** *Source: comScore and Starcom USA study ‘Natural Born Clickers’, October 2009. **Source: comScore’s ‘Whither the Click’ white paper, June 2009. Measured display ad impact across vertical categories from 139 campaigns. ***Source: ‘The Brand Value of Rich Media and Video Ads’: by DoubleClick, a division of Google, and Dynamic Logic, June 2009 ^Nielsen Yume 2012
    33. 33. Proof: Client analytics Increased online leads by 19% in the first 30 days Increased website traffic by 800% 34
    34. 34. Proof: Case studies Case studies Local Toyota dealer Increased online leads by 19% in the first 30 days Increased website traffic by 800% Increased service customers to 80 from 36 per day! KENS 5 is ranked in the top 3 domains Consistently over delivering Local research company Target people with certain ailments taking a specific drug – limited budget Tripled the client goal and came in under budget Adding to the success, they also gained quality leads and signed up future patients National, QSR – TX based Goal: increase individual store sales and introduce new products – non traditional advertising Result: sent more than 9,000 people their business in only 2 weeks Is the most successful product launch in company history In store sales increases above all expectations Client secured annual commitment with an increased budget 35
    35. 35. Proof: thank you letter Testimonials Local, auto group – Tucson, AZ Campaign # 1 Objective: sell 100 cars in 1day Results: sold 135 cars; the most cars sold in one day for the year The only change in advertising was the addition of Belo Tucson targeted email Campaign #2 Sale Event Objective: Sell 700 cars in 3 days Result: sold 884 cars, the most since 2006 The only change in advertising was the addition of Belo Tucson targeted email and display Increased closing rate to 50% from 30% Increased margins on sold vehicles to the highest in 4 years 36
    36. 36. Proof: Reporting - raw data Results: reporting impressions - clicks 37
    37. 37. Proof: Reporting – Beyond the click raw data Results: reporting view through 38
    38. 38. Thank you